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September 9, 1966

Mayor Alien of Atlanta, Georgia
Honorable Sirs:

We saw the Black Power raid on your city, etce Enclose somexdat
data sent to me so I pass it on to your, Know the truth end the t
truth shall set us free. It would be the patriotic thing to
do to celebrate Constitution Day, the 17th, by a big march of
white and also the colored people with strong band music with
a ery of "Back to our Constitution under God," and we'll be
set free. Uited Nations under the world gangsters have
taken us over, therefore we must get out of the United Nations
and stop this vicious take-over now. United we stand, divided we f
we fall. God help us all}


A patriot and friends.

P.S.) Make an appeal to Congress to repeal the Federal Banking Law
i 13, then we would have our economic freedom back again.
(Men we would beat the enemies at their own

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