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Box 19, Folder 1, Document 49

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September 9 1 1966
Mayor Allen of Atlanta , Georgia
Honorable Sir :
We saw the Black Power raid on your city, etc .
Enclose somexwtt
data s ent to me so I pass it on to you~ ,
Know the truth and the t
truth shall set us free .
It would be the patriotic thing to
do to c.e lebrate Constitution Day ., the 17th, by a big march of
white and also the colored people with strong band music wi th
a cry of "Back to our Constitution under God , " and we'll b e
set free .
United Nations under the world gangsters have
taken us over , therefore we must get out of the United Nations
and stop this vicious take-over now . United we stand, divided we f
we fall .
God help us a11,
A patri
to Congress to repeal the
Banking Law

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