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l(ing Gets
Clarion-Ledger Staff Writer
that contributions fell significantly after a CORE officer at
Mount Vernon, N. Y., denounced
Jews in general at a public
meeting in February.
Lynch says that about 80 per
cent of ·his group's financial
support has crune from the
white community "and y o u
could say th a t Jewish contributions have been predominant."
U. S. Sen. James 0. Eastland
appearing at the Neshoba County Fair here a few days ago,
told a large audience that the
Negro leader, Martin Luther King, "has not gone over in
the North and they are shunting him back South."
The statement came on the
heels of announcements t h a t
King is bringing his annual convention of the Southern Chris- Former high - ranking natian Leadership Conforence to tional officers of CORE recently resigned but sill in close
JaC'kson, Aug. 7 - 8.
Sen. Eastland, considered the touch with the situation, say
leading anti - liberal in the Con- that contributions to it this
gress, cautioned the citizens of year are running only little betthis area to pay as little atten- ter than half of the $810,000 totion to the rabble - rousings tal of the previous fiscal year.
Lynch denies such a severe
of King as possible.
It ,has ,been noted that every- drop but does not disclose the
where that the "non - violent" figures. He concedes that the _
King goes up north, death and deficit is bet\yeen $200,000 and
$250.000. Former CORE leaders
destruction have sprouted.
Sen. Eastland told the Nesho- put it as high as $350,000.
ba audience that even liberal Ivanhoe Donaldson, new disolons in Washington "s aw rector of the New Yor,k office of
through" the shooting incident Snick, which operates primariof James Meredith several ly in the South but has frankly
,weeks ago, and the result was depended on white northern fi.
a break-through for the conserv- nancjal help, says ".our contributions are 40 to 45 per cent
ative cause.
less than we normally have at
"The man with the rifle, an this
time of year."
expert marksman according to
says that the Student Comhis military record, called three
times for attention of Meredith mittee is no longer supported
in order that the cameramen "by those liberal whites who e
could focus," Eastland noted, 1believe in integration in th ·e
"Yes, the North even sa w South but not New York or Chithrough that, when an expert cago."
marksman used birdshot to Today the organization has
the help of.the radicals, he says.
So much for the Eastland The Student Committee talks
statement ... we are attracted of about $650,000 in ineome in
to the Ne~ York Times via the the fiscal year 1965.
St. Louis Post Dispatch th i s The S t u d e n t Committee
c~arg~s the Northern press with
d1stort10ns about the meaning
of "black power," causing libThe Post Dispatch, quoting erals to worry about "racism"
the New York paper, reprints and "black nationalism."
the following which should The Rev. Dr. King's confer- ·•
.how a tw-n of affairs up ence says that 70 per cent of ~
North . . .
its financial help has c O m e 1
'The Northern Liberals, fear- from white liberals but that
fill of extremism, are cutting contributions dropped from $1,·
llack sharply on icontributions to 500,000 in the fiscal year 1965
the more militant civil rights to less than $1,000,000 in 1966.
There are indications that
The big orop in donations much money from whites is
from the liberal community is being shifted from ·CORE and
verified by top officers a n d Snick to m o r e conservative
former leaders of the Congress rights groups or to -educational
of Racial Equality, the Stu- and legal defense organizations
dent nonviolent co-ordinating benefiting the Negro.
committee, popularly called
Snick, and the Rev. Dr. Martin SLACKENING INTER~T
Luther King Jr.'s Southern Civil Rights leaders and doChristian Leadership Confer- ~ors. report a general slackenence. Money from white persons mg m Northern interest after ,
in the past has been the life- ~e enactment of the C i vi I
blood of their campaigns.
nigh~s Ac~ of . 1964 and last
In a series of interviews, of- ye~r s votm~ rights law. .
ficers of those organizations and A lo~g • time CORE nat10nal
civil rights donors gave three ~ecutive, who wants his name
.lV.ithheld. um un that. atti.
�.- .a:1,,--rn57'~ c omer-
snow a,- ,,--.--;-;o"'....,........
North . . .
The Northern Liberals, fearful of extremism, are cutting
lback sharply on ,contributions to
the more militant civil rights
The big fuop in donations
from the liberal community is
verified by top officers a n d
former leaders of the Congr ess
of Racial Equality, the Student nonviolent co-ordinating
committee, popularly called
Snick, and the Rev. Dr. Martin
Luther King Jr.'s Southern
Christian Leadership - Conference. Money from white persons
in the past has been the lifeiblood of their campaigns.
In a series of interviews, officers of those organizations and
civil rights donors gave three

main reasons for the drop in

financial support:
(1) Concern over CORE and
Snick attitudes that are degcrtbed by m n a y persons as
" black r acist," _anti-Semitic or
(2) Worry or disgust about
bitter attacks , primarily by
CORE and Snick, on United
States intentions and on "morality" in Viet Nam and on the
m ilitary draft.
(3) A decline of enthusiasm
now that the Nort erner is beIng jostled by civil r ights militancy in his own backyard.
Both CORE and the Student
Committee have recently emphasi'zed demands for "black
power" in political and economic life. The Rev. Dr. King
d emands a "militant thrust
forward lby Negr oes but deplores use of the term "black
power" as implying black nationalist ideas. His organization
r eports contributions down by
more than one third in the fiscal year ending, June 30.
The Rev. Ralph D. Abernathy,
vice pr esident and treasurer of
the Leadership Conference,
says that " black power " dem ands and allegedly racist attitudes of CORE and Snick have
seriously affected the King or ganization because many whites
do not differentiate among the
organizations .
Lincoln Lynch, associate national director of CORE, says


ence says that 70 per cent of
its financial help has c om e
from white liberals but that
contributions dropped from $1,·
500,000 in the fiscal year 1965
to less than $1,000,000 in 1966.
There are indications that
much money from whites is
being shifted from CORE and
Snick to m o r e conservative
rights groups or to educational
and legal defense organizations
benefiting the Negro.
Civil Rights leaders and donors report a general slackening in Northern interest after
th e enactment of the C i v i I
Rights Act of 1964 and last ,
year's voting rights law.
A long · time CORE national 1
executive, who wants his name ~
wi thh eld, sums up that attitude : · " Bull Connor and his police dogs were such easy targets to hate a few years ago."
He referred to Eugene Connor, who used dogs to check Ji
demonstrators when he w a s 31
Birminghan police commission- tli
er .
Many observer s and leaders ·
of th e civil rights struggle he- 1
lieve that it is too early to as- c
sess the full impact of the new
" black power" slogan. But they ~
point to other related fa ctors
described as " racist" or "ex~ fo
tremi st ," attitudes as having a
depressing effect for many ci
Kivie Kaplan, the retired 1~
white industrialist who is presi- t<
dent of the National Association
for the Adva ncement of Colored a
People, said r ecently: "I know t
o~e big contributor who tore up
his check when Snick started
that 'Black Panter ' political
party in Alabama ."
He r eferred to a new a ff,black
party in one Alabama county.
Another, Joseph Willen, executive director of the Federation
of Jewish Philanthropies has
switched his support to th~ National Urban League and to the
scholarship, education and de- ,
fense fund for racial equality i
set up friends and staff peopl~ 1
of CORE in 1962, but separate I
in operation .
COR~ , he says, has appar ently decided not to be an interracial group any longer, " and
the opposite of that is racist." 1
He speaks of a Negro attack
"on their neighbors, the Jews."

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