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San Francisco, Calif.,

Monday, Sept. 12, 1966.


Ivan Allen, Jr.,
City Hall,
Atlanta, Ga.

Mayor Allen:

Just what are you trying to
prove by dashing into the forefront of each
riot in Atlanta?

Are you reaching for personal
publicity or are you trying to create an im-
pression of being a "Fearless Fosdick?". A one
man riot stopper?

Whatever you have in mind is
doing terrific damage to the white people of
our country and most especially to the Souther
whites! With your theatrical clowning and
silly attempts at heroism you are subjecting
white people to every type of ridicule imagin-

You should do one of two things:
Stick your head into the sand like an ostrich or
continue your love play with your beloved niggers!

White people know you for what
you are! No use of you trying to change your
spots. Even the niggers recognize you for what
you are.


Yet: oe

520 Jones &t,
San Francisco,
Calif. 94102.

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