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June 30, 1969

Mr. Lester H. Persells

Executive Director

Housing Authority of the City of Atlanta
824 Hurt Building

Atlanta, Georgia 30303 —

Dear Les:

From time to time the Housing Authority requests the Planning
Department to check on Community Facilities and report on the feasibility
of proposed Public Housing developments in certain locations.

Frequently this office is not aware that these locations are
under consideration until after the report back to the Housing Authority
by the Planning Department on such locations and sometime not even then.

In order to accomplish the duties and functions with which I
am charged, as Housing Coordinator, it is essential that I be timely
informed when such locations are under consideration.

I understand well the objections to premature publicity and in
the event the Housing Authority desires that certain proposals be kept

quiet until certain events have materialized, if so informed, I will
be happy to honor same.

Request that in regard to future proposals of locations for
Public Housing that this office be provided the same information at the
same time as is furnished the Planning Department.

I am also requesting the Planning Department to similarly advise
me as to requests received and its postion and or action it takes on
proposed locations for Public Housing.


Malcolm D. Jones
Housing Coordinator

bec: Mayor Ivan Allen, a

Dan E. Sweat, Jr.
Cecil A. Alexander

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