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Ministers Make
Calls for Peace
egro minister s and civil
ghts leaders began a door-door appeal Wednesday
1ght fo r calmness to Ne' oes in the a rea of Tuesday
[ght' s r ioti ng which shat~red Atlanta's image of raial ha rmony.
" We a re a sking all r esient s not to allow others to
se them a s pawns ," sa id
ev. Samuel Willia ms , presllent of the Atlanta chapter
the National Associa tion
New 'll
or the Advancement of ColFOR1
r ed People.
"Atla nta is not by fa r a a rmy !
erfect city but it is too t ial WE
Tea t to be destroyed by P vt. D
imple-minded bigotr y, " he York 1
"d, in a sum m ation sta te- pr ison ;
nent of a two-h our m eeting dishono
t civil r ights leaders.
er findi
Area. Tense
fusin g
Several m ini ters then left Viet N.
o go di rectly to visit homes
the six-block area near
e new sports stadium in a n
fort t o ease the tense situa - senten~
hard la
Earlier in the m eeting, ten ce J
eve r a 1 Negro leaders vilia n
harged Stokely Car michael,
i na l cha irman of the stuoent nonv10 ent coor dinati ng
ommittee, with r esponsibiliy for t he r ioting.
The fir t t hing we've go t
o do is stop the in surrecion ," sai d R ev. William
Borders, a grey-ha ired , longtime civil r ights leader.
" One man is giving u s hell.
We've got to s top him before
he stops us."
on a
Carmichael Replies
"Our main concern here is Tuesd
Stoke ly Carmicha el, whether
or not we have a riot is up to ey, b
him," said Rev . Otis Smith , have i
wh o s uggested t he group
contact t he SNCC leader.
"Stokely Carmichael is an
albatross around our necks
and a parasite to the comm unity, but he i meeting
some of the needs of our
people, " said Dr. 0. W. DaAu(
vis, a physician .
Carmichael told a
egro into 1
radio station
(WAOK) Oklah ,
Wedne day night:
"It i. clear to me that thund
SNCC did not and could not ised.
start a rebellion. This one The
was started by an acl. a t11und

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