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a candidate in the Vietnamese election addresses them in

Pleiku, S. Viet Nam. The election takes place Sunday.

Says He will Stay in Jail

Carmichael ‘Political Prisoner’

| ATLANTA (UPI), —Asso-
‘ciates of jailed “black power’
‘advocate Stokely Carmichael
lsaid Friday he would remain
behind bars as a ‘“‘political

prisoner” while they go into
sop 2 court with efforts to

mittee (SNCC)

Earlier in the
chael was bound over


top arrests of. racial~demion-|

| “Mr. Carmichael is a politi-
cal prisoner captured by
tlanta police and chooses to

about 1,000 Negroes

acting chairman of the Student
Coordinating Com-
a news

day Carmi-
to a
grand jury under $10,000 bond
on_charges_of-ineitingthe” riot]
that broke out in the Summer-
hill Negro district of Atlanta
Tuesday. During the outburst
police with rocks and bottles
and toppled Mayor Ivan Allen

from a car when he tried to
reason with them.

Carmichael was arrested
about midnight Thursday at the
SNCC headquarters.

Takes Commands

‘Forman, who came a
from Philadelphia to take
command in Carmichael’s ab-
sence, and other SNCC leaders
issued a barrage of _ bitter
statements against Atlanta

stay in Baas James Forman,

UPI Telephoto

so close to a tiny high-flying target drone that it would
have destroyed a full-sized aircraft,

Mayor Ivan Allen, the police
department and the U.S. war
effopt-ig Vi 4
Forman said Atlanta can
count on intensified demonstra-
tions in the near future but
gave no details.

eporters covering the news
conference were ushered into a
large upstairs room of the
SNCC headquarters and_ staff
|members, some wearing “black
power” lapel buttons, took
down names of those present.


It was explained by Forman
that “we are afraid somebody
will dynamite’ us.’


member went downstairs and
unlocked a heavy door wired
with an alarm system to
permit reporters to leave.
Denounced by many otf his

Wilentz to Appear

as for A-Test..

~ weaponry Fran-|Research Minister Alain Peyre-
e goal, left for ee a
toll proving aviee

~outheast of



‘halloon hovering 1,700
‘ve the atoll lagoon. _
French are attempting to

‘he components that

“s their hydrogen

was to


expected to contain less
than a megaton (one million
‘10 p.m.|pounds of TNT) of punch, was

to be detonated as it swung
‘fifrom a cable beneath a huge

"on another

At Dinner Here

|. Warren W._ Wilentz,. Demo-
cratic organization
for U.S. Senator, will be fea-
tured speaker tonight at the
Ewing Township Democratic
Club dinner, scheduled for 7:30
p.m. in the Geneva Inn,

Rumors are that David Frost
Democratic ‘“‘peace’’ candidate
for senator, also will show up
for the affair.

Other honored guests will in-
clude all area Democratic can-
didates for public office and
Neil Sarvat, a long-time work-
er and former corresponding
secretary of the Ewing party

own people, Carmichael re-
turned to the riot-scarred
district Thursday and went
from door-to-door telling res-
idents he was _not responsible»

|forsthe riot.

But his troubles eonuinued to
mount during the day. First, he
was denounced on the floor of
Congress as an ‘‘anarchist,”’
then his onetime associate
Julian Bond, the Negro repre-
sentative-elect the Georgia
House refused to seat, an-.
nounced he was pulling out of
SNCC, and finally he was taken
into custody.

No one was allowed to leave

candidte ed

Viet Police

Halt March

On Embassy

SAIGON (UPI) —Vietnamese
olice Friday broke up an
ttempted march by Buddhist
onks on the U.S. Embassy to
protest against the American-
backed general elections Sun-
day. Hundreds of other monks
and nuns staged hunger strikes.

The monks were members of
the unified Buddhist church
which has called on all
followers to boycott the elec-
tions for a constitutional
assembly to pave the way for a
return of civilian government. |

Police intercepted and ar
about a dozen
carrying anti-American and
anti-government banners, about
one-quarter of a mile from the
embassy in downtown Saigon.
Other police and American
MP.s threw a tight cordon.
about the embassy which was
ringed with rolls of barbed
wire. :

The government police hus-
tled the monks into their jeeps
and seized such posters as one
reading: “The U.S. and South
Vietnamese governments are
responsible for the death of Tri


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