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Pirates Lose



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Bay Area: Fair except for
overcast extending inland
night and early morning.
High Wednesday, 62 to 74;
low, 48 to 55. Westerly wind
10 to 20 m.p.h. See Page 34.

102nd Year No. 250 4 CCCCAAA

Bt? CPM Fe AY? ae

Atlanta Riot

Marin Cops
Quiz Marine»

In Killings |


A young Marine who! sa el
was a friend of Everett! ai Beatie Se
and Margaret Zimmer-,
man and an odd-job work- |
er on their Marin county |
a was questioned yes- |

about the couple’s’
cal er a week ago.

He was identified as.
16-year-old Robert D. Sid-
beck, who was on leave
after boot camp training
and visiting his family’s)
San Anselmo home at the| cyan og
time of the killing. | i

Police said he left the day ri
te pone were found and re-

h ‘or duty two days lat-
“ga Bett ar ine base in

Spears Long | Assassination
Trip Back


San Francisco Chronicle

Cp ee

To School

ent 5 retiring

nig school Students, g0

By Maitland Zane ©

pr. Harold Spears, San
erintendent of sctitis|
swept local preblems un.

aa the rug yesterday in|
4 haek- -to-schoo] address
jo more than 3000 public


pol teachers,

some 10,000 cae

children, plus Sapaghia

hack t0 school today, with | |

some Private school stu-|
yerm tomorrow.

| Bll schools .bave a shawl

beginning the fall,


10 CENTS <a» GArfield 1-1111

Verwoerd Slain
In South Africa

Fanatic White Man
Knifes Prime Minister

At Parliament Session


Capetown, South Africa
“erase wv La

Vsion Day.-a legal holiday cel-
ebrating California's admis-'



Ue yy Pa |) Sele ret gat

ce een] hay ee

by a white man. ‘ he we

ae Y HENDRIK VERWOERD The 64-year-old Prime Minister died soon after

| sion to the union. ‘li ; ; SEG Meee sk
Woitis His policy—apartheid 4 Parliamentary messenger walked up to him and

5 ‘plunged a knife four —

Spears. 64, who retires|

. [PHIS : maa ee j n wr 7
ws pe ee Te Aaa oe is uh . 4
0 inspectors dispatched art tee 0 ii Og i J
_ fanos arrived in Memphis} ai a .
_ last Sunday and have since Beet as Gal . !
_ been questioning the youth 4 oe hee





on the base.

Meanwhile, Mountanos and

conferred with District Attor-

I Undersheriff Sidney Stinson

ney Bruce Bales for three
hours. yesterday afternoon on
new ‘evidence’? about the

The sheriff said a decision
in the case will be made af-
ter State criminal laboratory

_ experts finish inspecting the

_ risked jail and scorn to pro-

Japan, three to India and

ear used by the murderer to
leave the scene.

Sidbeck’s 9-year-old sister,
Elsie Kay, was a house guest
of the Zimmermans the night
the murderer entered, the se-
cluded ranch house and
bludgeoned the sleeping cou-
ple to death in bed.

The Sidbeck and Zimmer-

See Page 17, Col. 2

Mrs. Sange r, | Atlant

Birth Control
Pioneer, Dies

United Press }

Tueson, Ariz.
Margaret Sanger, who

mote the birth control move-
ment throughout the world.
died yesterday of hardening
of the arteries. She was 83,

Death came to the mother
of planned parenthood at the
Valley House Convalescent
Center. A family spokesman
said she had been ill for the
past five years.

Twice married and a moth-
er of three herself, Mrs.
Sanger traveled the globe
campaigning for birth con-
trol. She made nine trips to

_ many to England.


“To take a subject like |
eontraception and make it|
understood: to separate it!
from an abortion and have |
the masses of people agree to!
if is quite an accomplish- |
ment,”’ Mrs. Sanger said in a)

_ 1963 interview.

Fired still by her cause |

L See Page 17, Col. 1


_ Atlanta police fired tear gas into a Negro home from which bottles were thrown
——then a policeman dashed in to rescue the children inside.

US. Action
Against Big



Negro Mob Knocks
Off Cartop

SH ‘zee ee res _c F- 7


Rioting Negroes fought police with bricks and
bottles yesterday and toppled the city’s mayor from


a car top onto the street when he attempted to calm

Police brought the violence under control by
tossing tear gas canisters and repeatedly firing pis-

tols and riot’-guns above |
| the heads of the rioters.

_A sniper opened fire from
a building in the riot-torn
district shortly after dark,
hut police rushed in before
anyone was hit. Seven sus-
pects were taken into cus-
tody. ,

Twelve persons, including
four policemen, were in-

Arrests mounted fo 53 in
the area.

A policeman was cut on the
face and had a possible jaw
fracture, and a police detec-
tive and at least séven others
persons were’treated for tear
gas effects.


Windows were smashed in
two patrol cars parked on a
Street. Negroes bombarded a
white motorist’s car with
rocks. Another police ear
was turned on its side, with
all its windows shattered.

Governor Carl HE, Sanders
ordered state troopers into

See Page 4, Col. | |


‘known wherever psychia-

Is Dead

Associated Press

Topeka, Kansas

Dr. William C, Menninger,
president of the Menninger
Foundation psychiatric clinic
and an internationally known
psychiatrist, died last night
of cancer.

The 66-year-old physician
had been confined to bed for
most of the summer. The
malignant tumor was detect-
ed in his chest last December
during exploratory surgery
at the Mayo Clinie in Roches-
ter, Minn,

“Dr. Will,” as he was

See Page 17, Col. 6

UPI Telephete

Drug Firm
Times-Post Service
The Government has
started criminal proceed:
ings against the Upjohn

' Co., a giant pharmaceuti-

cal manufacturer, which
are based in part on a
failure to publish a warn:
ing to physicians con-
cerning the safety of a
prescription drug if used
by pregnant women.

The drug — Upjohn’s
biggest seller—is Orinase,
an oral antidiabetes

Marketed in 1957, it, is said
by the company to have been
used by more than 750,000

atients. It has been reported

at in tests on animals,
massive doses of the drug
can kill or deform the fetus.

The charges involve the en-
try about Orinase that
Upjohn supplied for publica-
tion in the 1965 edition of
Physician's Desk Reference,
the single most important
source of prescription infor-
mation for more than 200,000

' See Page 8, Col. 1

The maximum penalty the

‘next June 30, did not men-
tion, in his Teachers’ Insti-
jtute speech at Masonic Audi-
torium such festering dis-
‘putes as de-facto racial
Segregation or the choice of

| his snecessor.

Instead, he cracked a joke
or two about his own small-
town Indiana schooldays and
then launched into a long de-
scription of his recent world

Here were a few of Spears’

The United States is a sort
of benevolent colonial power,
he said, and this is how it
should be. “We tend other
nations’ crops and double as
scarecrows to scare off those
who would come in and plun-
de~ these fields.”

“Every child has the right
to be treated as an individu-
al. You protect that right.
But this right is not protected
in India, The Hindu can kill a
Moslem but not a cow or a
rat which éats up their limit-
ed store of grain.”

“India is an exceedingly

exciting and puzzling coun-


Two great problems struck
him during his tour of South
East Asia, the. ‘‘wretched-
ness and abject poverty” and
the “threat of Chinese power
undermining the integrity of
developing nations.

Spears talked about the
Ta} Mahal — “Its beauty is
blemished by its price, the
gaP between the ruler and

See Page 17, Col. 3


One Town's

Somes Bar, Siskiyou County
The 30 children in this log-
ging hamlet couldn't start
classes on schedule yester-
day: ;
Not a single applicant has

Los Angeles

They also urged that

Farm Vote

By Earl C,. Behrens
Political Editar —


Governor Edmund G.
Brown tramped through
the hostile farmlands of
the San Joaquin Valley
yesterday, packing a pro-
gram designed to win
him the agricultural vote.

“The fact that I have
not been able to get
across to the farmers of
the State has disturbed
me more than anything
else,’ the shirt-sleeved

See Page 7, Col. 4


Crisis-- No Teacher

From Gur Correspondent

sought a teaching post in the
community’s two-room

“The children just aren't
going to school, and there’s

See Page 17. Col, §

Reagan Issues His
Tax Reform Plan

The top of the Republican state ticket, Ronald)
Reagan and Robert Finch, issued a campaign state-
ment yesterday outlining their plans to change prop-
erty taxes if elected governor and lieutenant goy-

‘|to come from Southern


the State Board of Equal-
(ization be expanded from
four members to six, with
the additional members


Reagan, the GOP guberna-
torial candidate, and Finch,
his running mate, released
the seven-point statement.

The seven proposals:

® “Abolish personal prop-
erty tax on household fur-

-e “Eliminate double taxa-
tion on subsidiary dividends
of corporations.

e “Bstablish a system of
credits permitting a partial
write-off. of inventory tax
payments against State fran-
chise taxes and eliminating
inventory taxes as rapidly as

© “Assessment of State and
Federal land holdings in Cal-
ifornia with an in lieu pay-
ment returned to the coun-

e ‘Conform State income
tax laws to those of the Fed-
eral Government and support
the ballot measure this year
to accomplish this end.

e“Create a State Tax
Court to hear the tax appeals
from the rulings of the State
Board of Equalization and
State Franchise Tax Board. —

e “Add two members to
the State Board of Equaliza-
tion, so that a truly repre-
sentative statewide board is

Amsociated Press


Te Peas Ls +

‘times into his neck and


The assassifation took

place in full view of mem-

bers of Parliament as the
bells rang for the start of the —

As blood spurted onto the
carpet, members fell on the
assailant and pinned him,

struggling, to the floor. He
ve then taken into custody,- »
= 7

The assassin was Dimitri
Stafendas, a 45-year-old —
South African of Greek and -
Portuguese origin. He report-
edly had complained to co-
workers that the government
was doing too much for
non-whites and not enough
for poor whites.

Verwoerd slumped at his
desk with his head down.
Four medical members of
parliament rushed to help
him and one, Dr. C. V, Van ©
Der Merwe, gave him
mouth-to-mouth resuscitation
in an attempt to revive him.

Stretcher bearers pushed
through the crowd of legisla-
tors and officials and carried

See Page 12, Col, 1

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