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P.O. Box 432

Alexander City, Ala. 35010

Septenber 9, 1966.


Honorable ivan Allen, Jr.,
Atlanta, Georgia.

Dear Mayor:

I have been reading of your difficulties with the
negroes in your city in recent days. Perhaps now you will be
able to understand what other cities have had to coatend with
not only in the South but the entire United States.

Since you were elected to the office of Mayor, I
have read many statements you made to the press regarding the
racial situation in Atlanta and, of course, they were liberal
in line with your personal viewpoint.

It is regrettable that many officials holding high
offices have condoned the wanton acts of negro demonstrators
and professional agigators during the past few years. I feel
confident that your receat riots in Atlanta has showa you that
the negro cannot be satisfied. The more you give him, the more
he wants or will try to take with no consideration of the laws
ef our cities or States.

Although I have differed with you on many of your
statements to the press, I do sincerely hope that you will not

"pack down" in your present stand against the SIICK outfit who
shout "Black Power" and "White Devil" so often.

Yours very truly,

JAD/s. John A. Darden, Jr.,

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