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Furniture and Decorative Accessories
Los Angeles Furnishings Ma rt
1933 So. Broadway, Los Angeles , Calif. 90007
Richmond 9-7911- Ext. 399
Mayor Irving AllemJr;
Atlanta City Hall
Atlantta Ga.
Dear Mayor Allen,
May we Congratulate you on your Pro-American
Constitut l onal Stand on the SNNC mess'? You are the only City
Officmal in this 'sick' Nation, who had the courage to speak
up,and take a definite American Stand on the ' civil rights'
atrocities that are happening in this nation -wherein ANARCHY
is permitted, along with looting, burning, assasination,rape
and Mu gging, by t h e Communist led Minority and their 'white'?)
followers !
•rlhy the Administration hasnt stepped in to put
and end to this abomination, - is obvious. Such a show of
weakness in hi gh places is dis graceful.
You,sir, are to be cheered and congratulated for
not standing by and meakly submitting to the Anarchy that is encouraged in this Once Great Nation, now known as The Great Society!
I feel that it is safe to say that the majority
of the American people -those who bother to both~ are with you
One Hundred per cent ltl We are proud of y ou. Hold the Linell
F B McDonal
1933 S Br aadway
Los Angeles,?, Ca l
Represented by Goodee Montgomery, Inc., 520 West 7th Street, Los Angeles, California

Phone MA 2-2809

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