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@ Furniture and Decorative Accessories

Los Angeles Furnishings Mart
1933 So. Broadway, Los Angeles, Calif. 90007
Richmond 9-7911—Ext. 399

Mayor Irving AllenJr;
Atlanta City Hall Sept .9,1966
Atlandta Ga.

Dear Mayor Allen,

May we Congratulate you on your Pro-American
Constitutional Stand on the SNNC mess ? You are the only City
Offichal in this 'sick' Nation, who had the courage to speak
up,and take a definite American Stand on the ‘civil rights’
atrocities that are happening in this nation -wherein ANARCHY
is permitted, along with looting, burning, assasination,rape
and Mugging, by the Communist led Minority and their ‘white ?)
followers !

Why the Administration hasnt stepped in to put
and end to this abomination, - is obvious. Such a show of
weakness in high places 1s disgraceful.

You,sir, are to be cheered and congratulated for
not standing by and meakly submitting to the Anarchy that is en-
couraged in this Once Great Nation, now known as The Great Society!

I feel that it is safe to say that the majority
of the American people -those who bother to both*Fare with you
One Hundred per cent!!! We are proud of you. Hold the Line!!


F B McDona ;
1933 S Braedway
Los Angeles,7, Cal

Represented by Goodee Montgomery, Inc., 520 West 7th Street, Los Angeles, California 90014 + Phone MA 2-2809

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