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September 12, 1966

Mayor Ivan Allen, Jr.
City Hall
Atlanta, Georgia

Dear Mr, Allen,

At long last, we have a Mayor of a principle city who has
chosen to stand up to the onslaught of a militant negro leader.

New Yorkers have heard this evil rabble-rouser, Stokely
Carmichael, on the radio many times, spilling his communist
oriented diatribe on "black power." It would appear that wherever
he has operated in his instigation of riots, he has been above
the law - until now,

Of all the costly negro riots in northern cities to date, not

one perpetrator of these riots has been justly punished for
breaking the law. They all have gone 'Scott free' up here because
the negro vote is in the hands of certain nefarious negro
politicians to whom white politicians have bent their knee.

The 'civil rights' of white people have been quite forgotten in
this mad rush to give the negro everything he demands, The crime
incidence in this city has risen to outrageous figures and the
coddling of negro criminals whom the police arrest at the possible
cost of their own jobs is now a national disgrace, Our Courts

turn these muggers, burglars, hold-up men, arsonists, et cetera,
loose to prey again on the whites as fast as the police apprehend

In the beginning, many good people extended their sympathy and
help to the betterment of the negro but now that these Civil Rights

‘bills have allowed negroes to riot at will, burn other people's

preperty,loot stores, murder and cause millions of dollars damage
and then be held up justifiably by politicians who covet the vote,
the white people are not going to stand for it.

The tremendous costs to tax payers of trying to satisfy the negro
demands has become a reality we cannot afford and unless the law
is recognized AND APPLIED to these rabble-rousing negro leaders,
the white population can be overcome, politically. Untold numbers
of decent, lawabiding people have great admiration for your sing-
ular courage to have this Carmichael apprehended and charged. We
can now hope that the law against causing riots in Atlanta will
be carried out. If it is, it will be the first time a Mayor of a
leading city has had the courage to stand up to the evilness of
negro power, It could also lend strength and backbone to other
Mayors who have sold out to the threatening negro leaders ana who.
have been frightened by the "black power! theory. In admiration,

Yours sfneerely, —~—~

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