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1007 Si xt h Street
Santa Monica , Calif'ornia
Telephone :
395- 2727
September 17, 1966
Honorable I van Allen, Jr.
Mayor of Atlanta
City Hall
Atlanta , Geor gia
Dear Mayor Allen:
TIME Ma gaz ine of September 9, 1966 reports that General Electric has cr eated
a new division for the pur pose of "crea ting new cities from the sidewa l ks up."
Yvher e the G. E. concep t consists of purchasing a l arge amount of a creage (a
r athe r dif fic u lt t a s k ) nea r our manufac tur i ng cente r s , I have presented t o
t hem my concept (see enclosed paper "Housing for Minority Groups " ) which suggests use of l and within urban a rea s, and G. E. ha s expressed i nt erest in my
concept. *
My concept begins by crea ting muc h-needed new "ghe t t os" which., in addit i on to
pr ov i di ng new, decent housing, wi ll als o provide work, t hu s r emov i ng the
negroes' rea son f or marching and c reating unres t.~ i s conc ept is a dapt able
t o any c ity. Where today t he land ad j a cent to a ghett o ha s a poor market
value., in the future it would become very valuabl e, becau se it would become
a :rmnufacturing area . If you are favorably impressed with this concept, it
would lend weight t oward c ons i de r ation of my idea by G. E.
Los Angeles Channel (KTTV ) on September 24 will tape a program featuring an
interview and my drawings. If an Atlanta TV station were t o ask Channel 11
for a tape of the show., I am sure KTTV would be pleased t o pr ovide it.
If the same Atlanta TV stat ion were willing for me to appear on TV, I would
be glad to tell of my experienc e s as a rember of a minority group (Ital ian).
I landed in New York with 25¢ in my pocket, not knowing either the language
or anyone. I could tell how I l i ved and starved., but never once asked for a
handout. How many times I envied negroes that could get jobs as train porters
(I wanted to see America ) while I could not. I would like to tell of the
many advantages that the U.S. negro has over the new white immigrant - yet
no whites march and yel l "We want power?"
Power has to be
for dictators.
EARNED . Only dictators grab power--and the U.S. is no land
9?:;r:;; 4
Guy Bossini deVall

As background material for the paper on minority housing., I enclose copy of

paper on road building which I trust you will find of interest.
P. S. If you are willing# and would have the time., to appear on TV in Los Ange l es .,
please let me knowa I am sure your comments would be of interest to Angelenos.

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