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September 9th, 1966
Honorabl e Ivan AJ en
}1ayor of the City of Atlant a
At la nta , Geor gi a
Dear Si r:
Keep t he fai th Mr . Mayor and l et your great city l ead the way i n expo ing
those misguided i ndivid als who operate under the guise of freedom
free dom to commit a cts of civil disobedience t hat would ultimately destroy
our way of life.
We lmow t hat millions of i nnocent peopl e have f llen prey to t his infamous
cons piracy . Ci vil disobedience has been toler ated and even encouraged by
ma ny of our l eaders on t he 11 polit ical 11 s cene i n both major p rties.
I have already hea r d many f avor abl e comments about your s trong stand for
Al-IERI CANISM this week. You have done yourself proud . You have set an
example t hat all Americans might well f ollow. I believe, a s I am certain
you must, t hat i f we spent more t ime promoting our ·way of life ~,a would neecl
to s pPnd l ess time defendi ng it. The t i me has come for us t n put down t hos e
who woul d destroy our preci ous heritage.
I believe t ha t you a r e LF'.ADING THE WAY there in Atlanta, and I als be i eve
I speak fo r millions of red-bl oodied Americans when I urge you t o FORGE
AHEAD . Pleas e a ccept my best wishes and Gos eed to you from 11 ·ust an average
ci t i zen" in Fayettevi lle, N. C.
Res ectfull y yo 1rs1
l e.......,'-->'a-...:,,o..-'-_..,,-l
80 5 Emeline Avenue
Fa etteville, N. C.

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