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September 9th, 1966

Honorable Ivan Allen
Mayor of the City of Atlanta
Atlanta, Georgia

Dear Sir:

Keep the faith Mr. Mayor and let your great city lead the way in exposing
those misguided individuals who operate under the guise of freedom...
freedom to commit acts of civil disobedience that would ultimately destroy
our way of life.

We know that millions of innocent people have fallen prey to this infamous
conspiracy. Civil disobedience has been tolerated and even encouraged by
meny of our leaders on the "political" scene in both major parties.

I have already heard many favorable comments about your strong stand for
AMERICANISM this week. You have done yourself proud. You have set an
example that all Americans might well follow. I believe, as I am certain
you must, that if we spent more time promoting our wey of life we would need
to spend less time defending it. The time has come for us to put down those
who would destroy our precious heritage.

I believe that you are LEADING THE WAY there in Atlanta, and I also believe

I speak for millions of red—bloodied Americans when I urge you to FORGE

AHEAD, Please accept my best wishes and Godspeed to you from "just an average
citizen" in Fayetteville, N. C.

Resvectfully yours,

ke W. Cox i

805 Emeline Avenue
Fayetteville, N. C. 28303

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