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September 10 , 1966
Hon . Ivan All en , J r .. , Mayor
Cit y of t lant a
.tlant a , Georgia
Dear Sir:
Please permit me t o congratulate you on your
courage in or dering the insti t ution of a c ti on agains t the
per s ons r e spons i bl e f or inciting the r e c ent r i o ting in
you r cit y. You r a cti on is a v ery wel c ome cont r ast to the
p oliti c al cowards in o ther stat es and ci t ies in our country.
There are many millions of your countrymen who we re
as thrilled as I was when I read about your a ction . I do
hope that you will c arry this matter through and not be de flected f r am your cou r s e by pressure f ram Wasi1ington and
other pussyfooting areas .. The de cent Americans of ou r
country are fed up wi th the disrespec t shown f or law and
ord er t h roughout our country , not only by t~e violators
but by courts and offi c ials who are supposed to uphold the
I would suggest you i gnor e the stupid item in The
Wall Street J ournal of Septemb er 9th. Because of your action
the City of Atlanta , Georgia has gained in stature and respect what too many Ameri can citi es have f orfeited due to
lack of law enf orcerr1ent by political minded offi cials . Let
us h ope your courageous action will. be a turning point and
caus e other responsible off ic.ials to f 0110\v in t he course
you have blazed .
I am an old man and perhaps I may again some day be
proud of my country rather than the present opposite. With
resl)ect and best wishes , I am
Very sincerely yours,
Theodore P . Tonne

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