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1) Mh. Luther Copeland

_ 733 Diginia Prenue I,

Y Knoxville, Tenn. $7924
‘SEPTEMBER. I2th, 1966.

I wrote you a letter. But just hope you

for give me for writing you so soon again. But I was in
SAVANNAH, GA. and this HOSEA WILLIAMS, you now have
was giving the*@P POLICE lots of trouhle.-- And was in
Jail several times.- And has been going around over the
Country getting in to all the RIOTS and disturhance he
could.-- And some of the ones you now have under arrest
are ones that are going over the COUNTRY getting all the
Disturbance going they could.-— I have wrote several of
the CONGRESSMAN about these kind of people going over our
great NATION and tearing it to PIECES,- This great NATION
is fighting a WAX,- IF these men want to fight why dont
they get into the war.-- THE sooner they are put behind
the (BARS) the better our great NATION is going to bee--
They are nothing bub Out laws and CRIMINALS, And would
Destroy this great NATION if they could.-- BUT I hope to
see our CONGRESSMAN do some thing about it.-- And not let

a HAND full of tks tipe DESTROY our Great NATION.

MAYOR. ALLEN. I would appresiate a letter from you. AND
hope you put these men behind (BARS) I am your FRIEND,

Luther Copeland.

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