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Myrtle Beach, S . fil .
September 7, 1966
Hon. Ivan Allen, Jr.
Atlanta , Ge orgia.
ayor All en :
After what you and Atlanta had just be en throu _h at t he
h ands of Stokel y Carmichael and what a Northern mayor,
Robert Sabon jian of Wa ukegan , Illino is, so aptly des cr ibed
as his 11 s cum 11 , "ani mals", "hoodlums ", et c etera i t was
s h ocking to listen to y ou as y ou joined Kat zenba ch , J ohnson,
Humphrey , Romney and the Ke nnedy s in your post- riot
statement bef ore t he TV cameras ex cus ing if not j ustifying the actions of the mob because of the f rustrati ons of the mob ' s members - - t hey having onl y r e c ently
moved into the city, - and th e ir being unable to co pe
with its "compl exities" .
Your fa il ing to order the City police t o make liberal
use of bl ack owder i n overcoming the exhi bition of
black power w7 ll s erve only to whe t the a ppetite s of
Carmichael and other leaders of t he mob f or bigger
and be tt er "demonst r ations " by t he lawl e ss el eme nts
a mong t he negro e s and unles s I mi s s my gu e ss - - t he
n ext time the mob will blast y our city with Molotov
cocktails, arson, looting and anyt h in~ el se t hey can
You should know bett er t han non-re sidents
of Atlanta - - t hat t he el ement you are de aling with
is t he same type if not th e s ame pe opl e who " picke tted"
your lo cal U. S . Army I nduction Stations some 1 0 days to
2 weeks a go.
I doubt - and very much - Mr . Mayor, if the "Harl em voten
i s worth your e f f ort at a ppea sement as exemplif i ed by
your pos t-r iot statement as present ed v ia the TV camer as
this morning .
Very s i nc erely yo urs ,
ii.t rt~Ak
Apt . C-10
Myrtl e Beach, S. C.

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