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Myrtle Beach, S.f.
September 7, 1966

Hon. Ivan Allen, Jr.

Atlanta, Georgia.

Dear Mayor Allen:

After what you and Atlanta had just been through at the
hands of Stokely Carmichael and what a Northern mayor,
Robert Sabonjian of Waukegan, Illinois, so aptly described
as his "scum", "animals", "hoodlums", et cetera it was
shocking to listen to you as you joined Katzenbach, Johnson,
Humphrey, Romney and the Kennedys in your post-riot
statement before the TV cameras excusing if not justi-
fying the actions of the mob because of the frustra-

tions of the mob's members - - they having only recently
moved into the city, - and their being unable to cope

with its "complexities".

Your failing to order the City police to make liberal
use of black pose in overcoming the exhibition of

black power will serve only to whet the appetites of
Carmichael and other leaders of the mob for bigger

and better "demonstrations" by the lawless elements
among the negroes and unless I miss my guess - - the
next time the mob will blast your city with Molotov
cocktails, arson, looting and anything else they can
contrive. You should know better than non-residents
of Atlanta - - that the element you are dealing with

is the same type if not the same people who “"picketted"
your local U.S. Army Induction Stations some 10 days to
2 weeks ago.

I doubt - and very much - Mr. Mayor, if the "Harlem vote"
is worth your effort at appeasement as exemplified by
your post-riot statement as presented via the TV cameras
this morning.

Very sincerely yours,

Lace, I, Bode.


Apt. G-10

Myrtle Beach, S. C.

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