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Mayor lvan Allen
Atlanta Georgie
Dear Mr. Allen

Sence Prisident dohnson (nOw) and Prisident Kennedy took their last/¥
ride together Kennedy was then Assassinat#dy in Texas.
Meny People mot know the meaning of this assassination it was all
because Kenn lid not hand over this Country to Rome or the (Foye)
as soon as t s (dago Pope) wanted it to be as the (big Pope) had
all the Catholies Nuns get out end vote like never before in history,
4a the Roman Catholic Empire has ben promising for meny years to take
America by Forice or in any they can little every day Catholics Know
Little of this because they wont read anything about the Church.
Sence Kennedy assassination Hahnson went halfbread Catholie and naaed
ever thing he could Kennedy as he went Catholic Crazy and started goir
to a Catholic Church ond got his Gaughtor to marry a Catholic to get
vots but will loose them un less he turns this Country over to Rome
end help the Big Greasey Dago Pope take soon and that is just what heft
is now a douing by letting these Catholic agated riots go on.
Dosent he halfto do this to keep Rome off his back or what step will
the Dago Fope take next on him? President Johnson knows that the dem-
oeratie is a Catholic and Under world Ticket these Democratés like the
Under World end Bank Robers and Dope Peddlers and riot Agaters and all
filt in Unions end many ethers to much to mention all vote together in
other words Birds of a Feather flock together dont they?
When President Johnson gets on the Television and trys to tell the ane -
ican people that America is safe and sound as he did and the people laigh
at him for lieing to us when we know the Bible says Such a time as has
never been is coming upon the Earth, Much worse than when the Romans
kille& one Hundred and Fifiety Million People Who tried to set away
from Popery and serve(God) rather then Man. All Prisidents have been
Killed by Pope loving Catholics dont be decieved or try to decieve
others. We are now fighting a Catholic War think it over. Most any cod
Catholic would just as soon kill another good Catholic to help himself
or further his owne we see it every day in the paper look for it.
This Pope loveing Sargent Shriver gave all our anti-poverty money away
to Catholics around the country Protestants couldent get any they coukl
dent Qoulitify for it thenat lastthis Pope loveing Shriver gave the 7A
rest away to a Catholic Diocese in Mississippi the some of seven mill-
ion Dollars a Church who has more money than America and no one gets
in the end , Sence this is tax free how much did the Catholic “hu-
d- back to the Sergent Shriver as this is no wrong for the Cat-
hi o do is it.All the Agences he had looking were Catholics
catholics are afraid to go at night in dark streets for
es from other Catholics Hoodlums or Pope Lovers.
vo the Dago Pope so much why dont they go toto Km
close to him, and other greesy looking Vatnolics,
ype promise Heaven to the Catholics that killed the
d your history. Catholics dont believe in the Bible
nm men Tull men made law and they believe it all,
shis Edward Kennedy and his silly Catholic talk.
‘ime is and lets get out the word lets not sleep
Gods Commandments and quit the fighting will we
just wanted to get som good honest word out to
will send it on
Thank You John Noor.

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