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Denald Le Jacksen

494 Masten Avenue
Burfalo, New York 14209
August 1%, 1966

Henerable Iven Allen Jre
Mayer ef the City ef Atlanta
68ty Hall

68 Mitchell Street Se We
Atlents, Georgia


Dear Fellow Citizense

My dear brothers and sisters I am greatly grieved at the display of ignorance by
mexbers of my race in Atlentae There are problems in every village, tem and
city ef this great Republice These problems ean only be solved by Negro end White
people expounding good common sensée

I eam a Negro, I attended college in Mississippi, Alabama and Kentucky, I spat
considerable length of my military training at Fort Benningse I had the epportwmity
to travel through most of Georgie.

Civil righters cry is for first class citigenship, however alanag with first class
citizenship goes responsibility, which never is mentionede Viewing the conduct on
television Negroes throwing rocks end bottles at your police, which was showing
disrespect for lew and ordere Cheering an hoodlum that displayed contempt and
disrespect for your duly elected Chief Executive of Atlenta, Mayor Iven Allen Jre,
is more than any intelligent people can stomache Your conduct is clear, unless

the Negro people come forward end denowmce these hoodlums it will be considered that
you all are in the same boat, not responsible citizense Throwing rocks and bottles
at your police must not be toleratede

Demonstraters emg singing Comumists songs, shouting “black power" is hurting the
Negro masses not helpinge The money spent on foolish. demonstrations, bail bonds

end other agitation, it would have been better if this money had been invested in
the Negro economy whereby it would make jebs for Negroese

The Civil Rights Law ean help the Negroes providing they apply themselves lawfully
and intelligently.

Negrees that want “Black Pewor" these are some of the things that mist be done nowe

le Graduate from Highschool and eollege.e 2 Stop getting drumke 3 Save your moneye
4, Individuals join together and forms corporations and enter various businesses

5e Stop breaking glass in tho street. Ge Clean up your home

6e Be axkewxobident to the lawse Te Have respect and pride fer your home, mmm

school and commmitye 8e Young wemen stop having babies out of wedlock (Unwed mothors)e
9e Leam the true wor of the Lorde 102 If you have a false preacher in your church
boot him oute ll. A preacher sent by the lord will preach God's word that is love, a
preacher sent by the devil will preach civil rightse 12. Denounce those self

appoimted civil rights leaders fer they are fraudulently claiming that you have

given them the right te represent youe This is the seme as giving someone a blank check
to sign your name. These civil ritgts erganizations have a very few memberse

13 Report to your place of employment ready willing and able te work, snd be


When you have dene all these things you then will have “Black Pewer"s

I really wished that I had the eppertmity to converse with you all on the tepie
Comiunists using Negfoese The masses ef Negroes read very little therefore they are
not well informed.

I commend the fine jeb that the Atlanta police perfoxmed in bringing racial diseréer
te & quick ende

I commend Meyer Ivan Allen Jr., for taking immediate action against suspected
individuals for attempting to incite a riete America can do without such ae= people
as Stekely Carmichewl.s



August 11, 1966

Page 2

Unjustifiedcritism has been made against the masses of Negroes all over America for
the irresponsible action of Stokely Carmichael, Williams and King and ethere
professional treuble makers that are using the Negro people for publicity-ané- te got
money for themselves. Even if some named were absence from Atlenta, their agitation
doctrine reference was made to it end these people are responsible fer the lost of
life end for those persons that were injured.

Stekely Carmichael was a foreigner and became an American citizen on April 17, 19586
I am certein all will agree that The 4mmigration end Naturalization Service made
an error in grenting this agitator American citizenshipe

Jemes Forman, Stokely Carmichael and Dr. Martin Luther King Jre, SNCC, NAACP,
SCLC end COREe these organizations end individuals do not speak for the Negro
massese 1t is evident that they do not even speak fer the handful of members
withing their organization. Since the liberal press give these individuals and
organization uncessery news coverage and imore those Negroes that eppese these
agitstors viewse This gives the impression that the Negro communities have no
objections to these self appointed agitatorse

These professional agitaters tt travel all ever this Republic looking fer the

dirt ef any comunity never finding anything progressive about any er all of the
Negreese Take for example Negro teachers in many cases in Alabama, Tennessee and the
Carolinas are paid more than White teachers. Negroes who are qualified are employed
in industry througheut the South.

There are approximately 22 million Negrees in America while there are about

307 millien Negroes in the rest of the World. The American Negre standard of living
%64- 70% higher than Negroes in other parts of the world. The American Negro life
expetancy is almost twice that of Negroes all over the world. Reports show that the
American Negroes had a total income around $21 billim in 1960 which is an average of
$1,100 per year for every Negro man woman and child, while Negroes living outside

of United States income is barley 20% of the American Negro Incanee

American Negroes owm more than 4 half million automobiles this figures to about

1 automobile to every 4 Negroes. Negroes in other parts of the world have nonée

In Russia there is one oar te every 545 people.

The 1960 Census shows about 2 million Negroes ewn their own homee In 1960 and
1061 there wore 33 Negro savings and loane association in United States valued at ever
$10, millien 53 Negre owned life insurance compenies worth about $230 million and
15 Negro banks with a total worth of $40 million. “here are 26 Negro millionaires
in UnitedxStakaimx Steatese There are 400 Negroes earning between $50,000 and
$100,000 per year and 10,000 Negroes making between $10,000 and $50,000. What group
ef ibleck pee tg.emShe.f eg _t tke AopthoMayorRshhgTttasy onhsye PRERST caMeENaSa BE tore
ghey were 35 ect olds ;

r society is not perfect however progress is not mersured by colore, but progress
depends upon the individual desires end ability will measure his success in
business and industrye No Black Nation on this earth can offer black people the Rae
seme opportunity to achieve “Black Power" as this group has work hard and obtainede J

These progressive Negroes that have earned their success by being intelligent and
hard work ignore these simple simons thets demonstration demanding freedom now.
These dupes implant the ideal sth that the masses ef White people should give
them speoiel laws and consideration and that they want White people te give them
Freedem on a silver platter. These successful Negro businessmen were not concem
with the coler ef one skin they hired Negroes as well as White workerse These
self appointed civil rights leaders feel whatever a Negro produces is inferier to
whet the White people produces, they expomd the ideels that everything must be
interracial er its taboce It is evident these sp called civil righters have been
@ommunists oriented te the point that a Negre-make- male must have his anns around
some white prostitute, and enter a white omed beverage store to purchase a bottle of
Wine er be served at a white club or restaurent where white prestitutes end dope
addicts mingle freely with Negrees te be eonsidered a first olase citizens

How stupid can civil righter be owning nothing and advocating owning nme of our
economy, why because it makes Commmish look bade for a Negro te become successful
or publicing the fact that Negroes have suceeded in businesse “he Communists went
the publie to believe that ail Negroes are peer and dow trodden

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August 11, 1966.

Page 3

Here in Buffaio, “ew York, CORE, has less then 20 Negro memberse Most all of the
male members are either married to white girls or date white girlse Now pick up

on this a civil rights evgimabatien-- organization that claims they are fighting
for Negroes rights end they don't think enough of those people they claim they are
Zighting for te associate with. The Negroes have a beautiful brow skin woman,

also a beautifyl smooth face black woman, and a light brown woman and a women se
light she could pass for white, and these so called phoney civil righters feel our
lovely women arent go enough for theme Give @ civil righter a decesent job if he is
“mast married to a Negro woman he will divorce her for a white girl and move into the
white neighborhoods The worst thing that ean happen to him then he thinks fer the
White people to move away and another Negro family moves next doore This is ignorance

Mayor Allen, civil turmoil the Communist want it to increase to such a point that
rioting will occur and that local and State=-aw- law enforcement will not be aisle to
maintain law and order so they the ory will be to bring in Federal troops and
declare Martial lawe

IT am the editer of a monthly magazine named (WIRE MAGAZINE) I am also President of
the D. Le “ackson Foundatione Yur fomdation doesn't have any money in it at this time
however I do contributions will be comming in soone Last month I filed for our

tex exemption certificate with U. S. Internal Revenue Servicee the purpose of

my foundation is to have speakers as well as myself to go into areas where racial
agitation is taking place te by invitation only te educate the masses of Negroes

of the Communists conspiracy to use the Negro to create mrest and violeme including
looting of stores and to weaken a given commmity wees at a given signal whereas

this will occur in mmy cities with hopes to create panic wherepy if possible the
communists migh be abje to seize authorityy since they cannot get themselves electode

Meyor Allen, i hopé your courage will stand and that you will continue to use
your good judgment in dealing with these agitators. I pray that the Federal courts
will not interfere with enforcement of local lawse

of law abiding citizense
should support their police deparimente

onald L, “ackso
Editor, Author and
Wire Magazine
President of De Le Jackson Foundetione
Mgr of Buffalo Let Freedom Ring Station.
Pe S. Our foumdation will grent eeceler- scholerships alsoe We have number of
members of Board of Directors that has not been appointed as yete

‘nelosed are some copies of KA&KKX WIRE MAGAZINE.

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