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I C. As Perkes Jr=
1224 Tilia-—
Atin- The Mayor of Atlanta- San Mateo, Calif-
September 8, 1966
City Halle

Atlanta, Ga-

Also refer to LIFE Magazine article "A War On"Whitey™ b
Dear Sir- Russell Sackett — June 10, 1966 — Pgs 100 to ple + Eatr'h

U.S, News & We orld Repert, . “Augs8th, .Pgs-38 38, 3Ty 40,7 942,42;435 —
LIFE Magazines May 6th article “Integration véndetta in a northe ee, i" a sensi-
-tive article triumphantly done should be read by all§$ A race issue, yes, but
there is more to it than shown here — has segregation of the U.S.Negro caused
this since being brought here as slaves hundreds of years ago?

Negroes are still segregated in all parts of the world where they exist — Brazil
taking the lead over most S. American countries - the strain of segregation

is less apparent in Cuba (40%-Negro), Puerto Rico & Venezuela thru race mixing
where there is now a muletto Negroid mixture. It will take hundreds of years for
it to becom less noticed in the U.S. Thru cruel Southern ways many U.S.Negroes
still are indifferent to moral standards emeshed ina transmitted African culturel

Of course if you were a typical U.S.Negro & knew you were brought here by the
whites you'd have a ill feeling against them especially if they refered to you
as “inferior, a nigger, blackie, a cannibal, savage, an animal or low primate!"

A majority of the U.S.Negroes are more fortunate than any of the other Negroid
races that exist in S.America & especially the dark primitive Cannibal tribes
of Africa which still exist to this day & he is more fortunate now than before
the Civil Rights movement (1954) or even 5 years ago but is now again more in-
~flammead & restless than ever before} Why?

Some people have claimed that the Negro has had as much chance as all the other
races in the U.S. but thru low moral standards, crime, violence, an inkling of
low mentality & I.Q. or even segregation(?) will never make it - a myth, a dogma?
Compare his neighborhoods to the whites or the Chinese or Japanese or Amer—Mexi-
-cans — the Negroes neighborhoods still are as primitive in existance as Africa
& the Africans where pagan-worship, witchcraft, voo-doo & cannibalism exist now
& that country doesn't have a written language or industry, schooling like Japan,
China, Mexico, etc! In Africa there are hardly any whites to practice segrega-
-tion! Unfortunately a Mayor or a leading U.S. city gave in to their demands
before resigning & moved them into new neighborhoods & hi-rise apartments &
immediately created another eventual run down, filthy, ghetto}

From present Africa's population of 280,000,000 to the U.S. where the Negroes are
still refered to as a “minority" race - "this is a dogma — from a handfull between
1725 to the late 19th century they have multiplied to over 21,058,000 (Ebony-Mag)
June 1966! How many Amer-Indians now exist in the U.S.(?) -- 500 , 000; Chinese,
over a million - Japanese, less than a million - Amer-Mexican between 4&5
million! There are more Negroes in the U.S. “alone than Irish in Ireland and
Cannadians in Canada & Australians & Welsh in their homelands! The Negroes areno
longer a minority race - what is being witnessed now is a Negro population ex-
plosion of multitudes over 40% higher than the whites — segregation not only
created ghettos, crime, violence but illegitimacy where many major U.S. cities
are being swelled by ranks in majority of Negroes over any other race — Washing=
-ton,D.C. 4th dis, 5000-whites, 75,000 Negroes; Chicago, over 900,000 - Phil,Pa-
Detroit; Oakland & San Francisco Bay Area almost a million!

The Klu-Klux-Kl & U.
which thy are but apather #4 pet eGus oraen 2a t83n°es Pro MBRETHE SLE a OE swores
are the ack=Muslims - they preach race-hatred - - “the laws are

mans law for him & not the blacks - break them; the Police are for the whites
strike & march against them —- don't back out!" From a Street in Harlem in the
30's they have branched into a majority of U.S. cities preaching their hate &
viciousness against the whites - their paper “"Mohammad-Speaks"® is now distributed
in all U.S. cities & especially Negro areas - only reciently they have taken to
the air on (FM) radio with their spontaneous insults against the whites, white
power structure, Police, Governor & President Johnson, Kennedy, his wife!

Another dangerous organization the “Black Nationalists" have & use the methods of
the Muslims but to eventually kill all whites by numbers & to practice violence —-
“but to first to out-bree€ by numbers the “whites” & we'll “outnumber them & bury
them with guns & fists but first the hated power structure of the whites - The

Police must be first to go" - the Black Panthers use these methods to a similiar
degree - -Wworse tee are Uhuru, Black Arts, RAM, Black Flag, Blk Vanguard!

LeRoy Johes - a militant Harlem Negro trains a majority of Harlems frustrated,
hate, fear, doped, crazed Negro youths to train them to kill whites - in a rented
theater some Negroes dress as whites & the blacks kill them in play fashion
preying for the day “when we can get @ the whites this way & kill them? LeRoy-

-Jones raves. Alse editor Dan Watts "Liberator Magazine” writers,&.8.Neal; R.
. - Snellings$

Watts, Calif— some Mex-Americans were arrested by white Police for drunkness in
June 1962 - nothing happened —- some Puerto-Ricans were stopped for drinking — then
some Cubans — law & order prevaled, nothing happened till August 1965, some
Negroes a mother & son were arrested by Police for the same Offense & within 5
minutes they were attacked by a vicious mob & withing 45 minutes 25 miles of -
Watts, Calif- looked like Hiroshima did in 1945 - the Jungle war persisted by
these young savages} This was planned purposely$}!! A staging ground!

Watts was not Harlem —- many causes were given but one overlooked & the final one
was the Muslims, Black Nationalists, Black Panthers had a lot to do in organiza—
-tion with this - like the Muslims the Black Nationalists have representatives
working in most U.S.(Negro) cities right now with more & worse planned against
whites, Police, Officials, & U.S.Gov't - LeRoy Jones now has agents working in
Negro ghettos back east & L.A., Marin City, E. Palo Alto, Oakland, Calif- Richmond,

Calif- S.F. Fillmore Dis! Robert F. Williams, ex-Marine in Cuba"radios"for Negroe
to revolt & strike Ggaitnst whites!

The Decons for defense in the heavy black south (now majority) have armmed them-
-selves to shoot & kill any & all whites who interfere with them{! The Muslims are
now @ work @ Hunters Point near S.F. They have not been too successfull so far: in
Oakland, Calif- or E, Palo Alto but Marin City almost & Richmond, Calif! ,

A kind elderly, refined, law abidding Negro woman told me -— “you should see whats
happening here - some outsiders probably Muslims or Black Nationalists have come
& got hold of all the young ones & teaching them to get @ whites & Police, tie up
Courts, pressure all Mayors of each city & Governors of each state on up to the
President! Maybe its LeRoy Jones group from Harlem = you should hear what they
say about you whites & what they have planned - I don‘t' hate you whites — just
they de after this hate training - its not natural" she said! Those jobless kids
they teaching to hate, despise, murder instead of education, school & nothing to
_ do they fall victims to this lust" she went on} "I*' wouldn't want to be white for
anything!" She’ wouldn't give me her name - said some would kill her for giving
the "secret" between “blacks*® away!? ;

The Muslims with the Black Nationalists + the Black Panthers + LeRoy Jones out=
| =fit from Harlem plan to after killing all "whites & Police to invade & burn up
white: neighborhoods next time{": She said} She also stated in NYC will have hot
h spell (probably summer) - water will be low in dams & all Negroes to turn on all
faucets during hot spell & when water “runs out" to burn everything down inclu=-
-ding “better parts of town" - "I wouldn't want to be white for Say Shane for whats
planned kaginat’ yon & the white “power structure" she quietly said


Here again false charges of Police brutality to a Law Officer have broken down all
Law & Order = tied up our Courts of each & every City, every Mayor of each city
on up to the Governor of each State being pressurized by mobs on up to the Presi-
-dent - no respect for law & order anymore - a fine University of learning over-
-thrown by rebels; Policemen carried weakly out bodily in arms of tirants, filthy
bearded mobs whom Castro is their hero run the gautlet here - this is how Castro
got his start - when the time will come to overthrow the &.S.Gov't comes is not
known but lack of timing has thrown their timing out of wack} They still lack a
majority — have to recruit more members to make a cre {Cuby first, people with

the revolutionary, SES beliefs! ett ee Neeresace uba} apapms ean eaes for

Russia an Allie up to 1945 - after Atomic weapons were perfected they became a
mortal threatening enemy —’now China — Russia eventually plans to. sneak attack

the U.S! Like the Japanese in 1941 to talk friendly & keep motives hidden but
thru Spies infiltrated in U.S. & Communists still some unknown by the FBI some
decient law abbiding citizens respectfull not to cause suspicion even in U.S.Gov't
they know our missle strength & their doom — their method is better & still
survive — they have directed their Communist, Agent front Organizations into the
young who run a majority especially @ Universitys - the UC campus was a staging
ground & sucessful for them — who defeated the-Gov't @ each & every turn — next
the race issue which has turned the Negroes against the whites thru the Muslin,
Black Nationalists, Black Panthers, LeRoy Jones teachings & his groups working

in each & every Negro ghetto area & creating a Watts or trying to dé! Watts was

a testing ground for each & every U.S. city — Castro defeated the Cuban Gov't

this way but it was not a race issue like being planned here by the Russian
Communists & Agents who have since 1945 surrounded more than 75% of the world &
are only 95 miles from U.S. Viet Nam is a testing ground for them to test U.S.
strength - when U.S. troops reach Chinese border over 4,500,000 Chinese troops
will annihiliate them according to Cannadian observers who told me} China is now
perfecting Atomic weapons to eventually use against U.S. in sneak attack, The
U.S. will have to strike first to survive as what is planned in high Russian
circles -— Missles can be sabotaged —- an air fleet can strike. back but Mr. McNammra
has cut down on the “moveable” vital U.S. Bombers! This shouldn't have been done$
Russian ships are now off the coast of S.F. = this is also a test by Communists
next, not now but eventually when the time is right i will be submarines with
missles which will devastate the U.S. but are lying hidden & unseen - China when
she perfects Atomic weapons will be an Allie with the Russians} Expect sabotage
sabotage of U.S. defense, Military here also & pickets unholding war efforts

Along with the Muslims, Black Nationalists & Panthers & LeRoy Jones groups working
in each, heavy Negro ghettos to strike out @ the whites like Watt's & Negro
Communists who have Representation in each & every Negro neighborhoods for a
planned rebelion next time only worse to kill the Police, break down all law and
order, pressurize each Mayor of each city & each Governor @f eaeh State on up to
the President & kill & burn the whites apart like LeRoy Jones preaches = a
William Taylor a L.A., Calif— Negro Communist leader who now has representation in

eee oe

all RELEY centers to eventually overthrow the U.S.Gov't in “his*® peoples beliefs!
© side with Cuba & Russians! Cuban agents in U.S. & S.America$

Its become so dangerous in nearby Oakland, Calif- especially for white policemen
on some of the Negro sections that they have requested only police of Negro ex-
-traction! Many of these people are not known by even the FBI as are some Negre
Communists working in sections to create another Watts in each & every city with
sponsership of the Muslims, Black Nationalists & Panthers! Negro Communists
backed by Kremlin — Agents in U.S. from U.S.S.R. They are secret & will not
reveal themselves & are so well hidden people are not aware of them or their
beliefs! In being & staying hidden & go undetected is their speciality:

Many white Communists go undetected, Many Negro Communists in numbers unknown?
Another Negro Communist #3 publisher of "The Worker" James Jackson, goes from
one Negro Ghetto to another & with high representation in each & writings slips
around undetected!


The moral decline of the U.S. since 1945 has been alarming in many other ways -
Communist hearings in 1960 in nearby San Francisce te expel & also identify
Communists — what happened there was a riot & people were hurt & all law & order
broke down & the hearings were disbanded! Surely the Senate Committee had a right
- what side was this mob on anyway? Communists: For Russia, Marxism, yes!

Troop trains stopped & the mobs turned to the servicemen & told them to abandon
the Gov't objectives - these troops were on their way to war to fight the
Communists — treason on the mobs part —- but all law & order was broken down like
@ U.C. where a Communist inspired center is now established as a testing GROUND
for eventually all centers of U.S.

What you are now seeing like Cuba & Castro is a eventual overthrow of the U.S.
Gov't & its democratic processes: Using besides above methods anarshy, caos,
tyranny, mobs, communist inspired, yes! They are not known by FBI are hidden,some
when confronted plead innocence of their rights of Sth ammend & have Attorneys

to protect them on side of Communist ways & cause! They deny everything!

Hoodlums & rebels picket General Taylor in San Francisco & created such a scene
most Police were afraid to do anything when mobs of young savage Negroes entered
the scene groups intimidated & trained by the Muslims, Black Panthers & National-
-ists & LeRoy Jones & William Taylor a top Negre Communist! Most of the Negro
Communists working here & also in Negro sections are sworn to silence in the
black world & not to take & give anything for information to whites & that in-
-cludes the hated whites & U.S.Gov’t which is majority white!

Reciently a black bearded Negro dark glasses whom calls himself "Black Jesus" is
active in Oakland to activate against all whites & Police & to threaten a riot
& another Watts if something isn't done pronto “we'll go to the hills & kill all
whites & burn everything down!" He viciously states! This vile, vicious,
sinister, cutthroat is out to do what he says!

Another dangerous Negro Communist who has many working in Negro ghetto areas
thruout the U.S. to create more disturbance for a Communist cause is a Roscoe—
Proctor — & also Albert Lima! A bigger Watts is planned with these individuals
who have people working in all & each U.S. city of heavy Negro populations}

Now since Watts fear from whites who are now buying up all guns & sidearms, rifles
to kill & shoot back is what a Communist inspired uprising can do to the U.S

if it can happen in each & every city thruout the U.S. @ the critical time but

the time element is complicated & has not worked out with the Muslims & leading

Negro Communists too well as yet} They hide behind illusion pe power ts jobiessr
“ness! The Communists (Negro) get by — wa ng Negroes are then foole heir
as astivest

real evil intentions are hidden as well

They weré successful in Harlem sumer 1964 - Policebrutality they screamed & for
the Police Chief to resign which he did — Rochester, N.Y. a city turned into
another disaster - Watts, Calif- - these groups were almost successful in Richmond
Calif- but Police Chief said he would “shoot to kill" lawbreakers if any of the
young hood. savages took to’ lawlessness & the jungle war = Marin City, Calif-
c ntual trouble - when the Negro extremists Muslims (only here) & a James
-Baldwin's visits who is a rabble rouser turned this small Negro community into
shambles but not quite - they demanded a "reduction" of 4 or 5 Police
te 1 or 2 which was done & ths Sheriff of Marin Count

ear from tough youngsters whom had fallen vict:
Nationalists teachings + Negro CCommunists of William Ta
have unknown & unnoticed even to » revolutionary's here working even un-

geen te all! They deny, & claim 5th Ammend & hire a Communist? attorney who de- —
fends & with pressure, threats, mobs, nothing is done! After Watt ;
: n

Police, Parker & Mayor Yorty to resign - they did not
Ga of nearhy Sai Francisee Hae SZeNvE In each & every

planned violence against the."white" &/or “power structure!" They have a attorney
Vincent Hallinans son who defied the Attorney General of U.S. whom to this date
has backed down for fear of reprisal$?

The FBI also is a planned target ~- some Negro Communists of which nobody knows

or can identify thru others of well meaning whom are all hidden portrayed to have
Martin Luther King talk to J. Edgar Hoover in person - a situation, was planned
but didn't work out as planned to exploitation}

The Negro “Ebony" magazine, has had issued now for several years articles directed
against the "power stmucture® to create more feeling against the whites who some
of the Negro writers ,2re or their background is probably questionable & not even
known by the U.SiGov't or the FBI! .

A weekly TV show & Channel-9 is the evenings “Where is Jim Crow” by Buzz Anderson
a well educated refined Negro seems to contually stress like James Baldwin and
darlems rabble rouser's Paster Duke's & Jesse Grey their hate of the whites but
in a different mood - the Negro audience © home on can be aroused against

the whites by watching the interviews weekly of alienated Negtoes — “your fore-
=fathers were brought here as slaves — not much has changed since —- then, how de
they treat you now?" Each week are another bunch of Negro people, kids or such

& even undetitified Negro Communists(?) their édeals agree very much with Marxism
which they then deny who have same thoughts like Abdeka Abdecker? @ UC who's
father is a leading Communist trying to enlist in Negro areas, trying to stir,
create a worse situation, hate; STelenes, thru mobs, mob violence & all this adds
up in the Negroes frustration for equality & justice which was too late in coming!
In Watts, Police & law & order broke down so much & was so weakened that “Nation-
-al-Guard" had to be called out!

The Muslims, Black Nationalists, Black Panthers, LeRoy Jones & his teachings & all
of them in their wicked hate teachings shouldbe watdhed closely especially in

the coming months & future! This has hurt the poor Negro Civil Rights movement

of the sincere ones who need identification but are severely hurt by these groups
working in théir organizations!

Another one dangerous to the whites & U:S: working in Negro ghettos to the ‘worse
are Ed Brown SNCC - (Negro) Paul Sweezy (Monthly-Review) - Michael Harrison,
Fred Jerome (Progressive Labor Movement) - Rennie Davis (SOS) - A Saul Alinsky

a suspected revolutionist in heavy Negro concentrations to prime the blacks for
more anarchy & future situations! Another one with Marxist progressive labor
movement party “he continuously rabble rouses Negro mobs in many cities "we will
not be free till we smash this state, completely destroy & set up a new state of
eur own choosing, kill all whites, for our own kind!" he tells doped, drunk,
Negro lawbreakers, mobs! - - "and in process of smashing this state we're going to
kill a lot of these dirty cops & a lot of these judges{!" He time & time again
tells the mobs of unfortunate illiterate, drunk, doped, jobless Negroes — his
teachings had a lot to do with the mob violence now being planned in heavy Negro
concentrations = his Marxist & Cuban theories to revolt & revolution is backed
by his defense lawyer whom takes the 5th Ammend for his client & actually believes
his lies so sincerely he actually stands up for them! "William Epton® Mr. Epton
now has agents in all Negro area's!

The citizen should have the right to rent, to sell to whom he pleases without
state &/or Federal interference but now Congress both House & Senate are bypassed
for rulings of the Supreme Court some theoretical but not practical ealinest é

Dorado & Escondide decisions where murders were freed without having first Legal
Advice - now there are thousands of others waiting for the same petition & free=-
-dom! Of course the Negroes (law-abiding) rights had to be defended & maybe not a
by the whites then the Federal Gov't had to enforce some many laws!

Whats mapper to the youngér Negroes thru more militant, extremist, left and
right threatening thru anarchy, caos, tyranny & revolution with Marxist and
treason, thru violence is trajic & will anniliate the decient Negro Civil Bights
movement- - these must be retrained by the U.S.Gov't before its too late as they,
some, indoctrinated the wrong way! A gigantic program but it must be done.

Russian Communists broadcasts on 3lmeg., band shortwave & 25M., band late at
nite sometimes in Russian & also English - typical — "American imperialists
especially the whites have held the Negroes as slaves & mistreated them — you
U.S.Négroes should riot, revolt against the Police who are for the whites" — -
Cuban broadcasts stressing for alI U.S. teenagers & especially U.S.Negroes to
strike out “against their parents & laws which weren't ment for them!?" Didn't
quite get all Cuban broadcast as it wasn't too clear.

Also a Communist broadcast which I heard but couldn't identify as they gave no
I.B. states “we can control all countries - riots & revolts @ all U.S. Embassys

in the world thruout S.America, Japan —- - " see what I mean —- you realize a lot
of these broadcasts are heard in many countries around the world & to be indoc-
-trinated into this listening especially as a foreigner you'd eventually hate

the U.S. if you listened to them too — no wonder there are riots in Japan,Domincan
“Republic, S.America, etc - these broadcasts have their effects - like the Nazis
teaching of hate of Jews & it worked then as now with the Communists broadcasts
against the U.S. Russian 31-Megacycle band - 9.5 = 9.7 — = 25 megacycle band 11,5
11.7 11.9 U.S. overseas radio seem weak ineffective too much music, sports, —
doesn't seem as effective as Communist broadcasts for revolt! Prapaganda!

Moat of the 255,000 Cuban refugees who are newcomers to the U.S. seem to be law
abiding, civilized as well as the almost 1,000,000 Puerto Ricans but have create
quite a job situation back east as well as out here! A leading newscaster +a
magazine affirmed that over 1/2 of the Cuban refugees were Communists sent by
Castro & Kremlin to eventually overthrow the U.S.Gov't when the time is right &
set! Armmed Cubans will attack U.S.Base in Cuba back by Russia eventually! I
eannot substantiaty anymore of this & have not any proof here of that!

Another vile, dangerous party here is the “Minutemen” organized in various parts
of the Pacific Coast heavily armmed$ “Draft Card" burners a new highly organized
group with an inkling thru revolution to defeat the U.S.Gov't thru this purpose
sponsered by the VDO (Vietnam Day Com) who thru subversive front radicals & alse
revolutionists submit the U.S, pull out of Vietnam ~ what is not issued here by
this dangerous organization against U.S. Policy & U.S.Gov't "is for the U.S,Gov't
to surrender to the Communists in Vietnam3" China & Russia also agrees Also a
questionable Communist inspired lawyer to defend them taking 5th Ammend & pleading
also their rights, & innocence! Bt

Just heard about it & the terrified whites who attended — a new Negro Organization
besides the others mentioned in S.F. on Fillmore St- called the “Black Arts*
Theater - sponsered by LeRoy Jones outfit - a typical play seen - "Negroes brought
here as slaves continously beaten by whites (Negroes painted as white) - ="this
is what they did to you = kill them" goes the dialogue —- next, the white police
enter —- attack Negroes — “lets kill allwhite Policemen" & “get the whites" in
"their neighborhoods nextime!" "The whites are no good, we must get @ them and
_ greate a revolution in each Negro community in vest “If we are successfull then
his country will be ours & our Slave masters we'll burn @ burial" — These Negroes
here are branching out te Hunters Point @ S.F. also Richmond, Calif—- Marin City,
Oakland & E. Palo Alto, Calif! Parts of play filthy, dirty! These Negro revelu=-
_ =tionists main determination like the Muslims, Black Panthers LeRoy Jones sortite
are Eitefained to arouse, to create a situation @ Law & Order, Courts, U.S.Goev't
@ white people —- Communist inspired = with Communist motivation it fits well in
with Marxist Revolution theory - they are prepared to fight thru violence - Watts


—— — a

a — . — . —_ 2 a e -

-testing ground to each & every city & have Communist Attorneys taking 5th Ammend
for protection & a good organization of mobs made up thru their teachings most
made up of prison parolees, prostitutes, narcotic addicts, drunks — many of them
release for serving time for felonious crimes including murder, rape & asdultst

The Negro Civil Rights Movement was needed for the U.S. —- The Negro, militant,
extreme right & left, Marxist like Castro to murder, kill, maime, trigger a
planned castrophe race hate for U.S. - These are not the good, law abidding
Negroes trying so hard behind the Civil Rights Movement which the U.S.GoV't spon=-
-sered —- what is planned I'm afraid will hurt the Negro Civil Rights movement very
badly & hamper it} These groupg sponser to obey laws they want & the ones they
don't like - not to —- to make LSD & dope legal & they have attorneys to defend
their cause like the Communist Chinese & Russians}

Law & Order must be maintained - all law enforcement agencys + Mayors & Governors
ef each state must be dispatched information by FBI which is planned target
eventually by these; groups - they have had a difficult time simtaneously with
timing - if they break the law they must pay for it like before the population
explosion of Negroes started like the whites did before them — now the next race
the Negroes in majority - if they commit a crime like a white man they must be
apprehended by Democratic Law & Order - no exception must be made “either” if he
is a Negro or Negro mobs —- here again your not dealing with a sparse few law
breakers of the 30's & 20's but "MOBS® — Law enforcement departments will have
to be enlarged - I hope it doesn't happen down here in the San Francisco Penin-
-sula as we have a “small, weak, Police Department" stressed to deal with a few
troublesome law breakers who go out or a few wild teenagers but nothing like
Watts, Harlem, “ochester, Bakersfield or what may happen if palnned democratic
processes & law & order get out of hand!

A Negro who was law abidding of the old told me a castrophe is planned against
besides all U.S. cities against the Federal Gov't in Washington,D.C. but the
Black Muslims, Black Nationalists, Panthers, LeRoy Jones, Alinsky, William Taylor,
L,8.Con., Paul Sweezy, Midhael Harrison, Fred Jerome have had a difficult time

in timing the situation planned — timing was off which is to suppose to over-
-throw the U.5,Gov't - They have only been successful in determing with 1/5

of the Negroes to “hate whites" & to go against society!

A white Police motorcycle officer told me pitfully that on his tour of duty thru
heavily Negro infested areas that he is viciously, verbally attacked & espeially
spit @"1000's of times a day” & felt worried about his life & job & never saw
a_bunch of people, like savages, animals, acting with uncivilized violence ate,
- its unnatural he said - something comings may quit the Police & retére te
ranch like a friend did in 1964 in Lake County}"

The Communists should be registered like the Nazis & Japs of WW-II & not given
free reign - the dangerous Negro organizations should be stopped & the Negroes
many of them living in primitive African culture gotten away from these dangerous
Negro organizations & a program adopted by Federal Gov't to save them & train,
indoctrinate them to democratic training to save a planned violent bloodshed,
against Police, Officials, Gov't, whites - whites scared now buy guns & shoot back
then what - revolution? éivil War? Planned!

And Negroes living in sub-African culture thru segration or lack should be given
their chance not in only decient jobs by Gov't but decient housing & should have
right to move into any neighborhood providi they are law abidding as any one
else - whites panicky, scared - U.S. Gov't wit have to stand behind housing law

along with U.S. Supreme Court!

A young (24-25) kind, Negro in Oakiand told me the other day a Soul Alinsky with

his group came to Oakland & thru seoret meetings with poverighed slug Ygetggs by

a RE ee

Whites fault” - “they brought you here as slaves & abused you" ~ "it is the
whites fault for your predicament” — the Negro told me the meetings by Mr. Alinsky

ets the Negroes feelings against the whites bitter with resentment — he thinks
fir. Alinsky creates situations “talking this way" also riots like the others -
already mentioned - when asked by a bearded Negro if he, e Alinsky believed in
taking a life - he replied “no, unless that man were‘armed & out to’get me, or
hurt me - & this white power structure is armed against you Negroes, they have
hurt you, the Police are all armed —- lets get them, the source; the white power
structure who have put you people into this predicament!" "This Poverty program |
is no good" — "Sargent Shriver is only for himself = he hides behind President -
-—Johnson & they give you fools money to keep you animals quiet" =- then the Negro
told me Mr. Alinsky went on “you have Watts here - we work in slum areas — like
Woodlawn = the Police & Sargent Shriver & even thé President don't give a damn
about you" - "they just give you fools money like @ Watts to keep the Animals
quiet{*® “Like the Boston tea party you've got - they did, they turned against
the Red-Coats ~- you Negroes, you've got to turn against the power - white power
structure in numbers, organize so you'll be heard, march & don't let them stop
you - you've got nothing to loose - the Police have guns - buy guns — they'll
kill you - you protect your rights - they the Police are for the white power
structure & the Police & Johnsons" “GET WHITEY SCREAMED SOME OF THE YOUNG NEGROES
AFTER THE MEETMING!" We want "black" power! "We want ®black" power$* —

Mr. Alinsky has made friends of these people & thru hate against law & Order,

the whites, & Gov't “white power structure” & thru caos, tyranny, anarchy, and
Marxist beliefs & creating a situation of hate of these unfortunate people whom
are running a majority of mobs making up of lawbreakers, drunks, murders, & other
unfortunate wards of society has created a situation against the democratic
processes of law & order & society of the U.S. & thru revolution & situations & |
protected by Communist inspired attorneys whom take the 5th Ammend like the other
organizations are dangerous to the U.S.Gov't, other races & the decient Negro
Civil Rights Movement — some of his & other organizations must be stopped & broke.
down & the young Negroes retrained by the U.S.Gov't before a planned uprising &
revolution "Castgwe-styled"® & Civil War & thru these processes & other organiza—
-tions plan to.overthro the U.S%Gov't, eventually!

Today a Nalpham plant @ Redwood City, Calif- which manufacturs defense materials
for our boys dying in Viet#Nam to fight against Communist agression has sloppy
bearded cutthroats all over the place —- refusing to let in important truck convoys
for our needed war effort against the Communists! Their tactics are questionable
- WW-II would have not been won in 1945 if we had this — Roosevelt could have
prevented WW-II had he stepped in China 1931-37, Germany 1937-38 - WW-IIlis now
being prevented by our fine President Johnson by his necessary alternatives not
against the Axis & Japanese empire like 1945 but the Communists!

Bakersfield, Calif- Negroes indoctrinated thru organizations to get at, & hate
whites couldn't find any except 2 white law enforcement Officers whom they
attacked with vengence & defiance - Negro kid tells me after some Black National—
-ist meetings blacks look for whites to “get at*® — "kill whitey*® couldn't find
any = panic attacked Mexicans, then 2 white law enforcement Officers whom backed
down for fear not only of their lives but mobs!

March 1961 = a white man accidentally shot by Police taking his wife to hospital
speeding - nothing happened; Watts, Calif- Negro LSD, drunk crazed, or lying -
driving between 75 to 85 mph over 50 blocks shot by Law Enforcement Officer -
created a riot & threatened violence — here again "to create a situation" & thru
Black Nationalist & Muslim teachings hate against “whitey” “power structure" these
groups dwell upon has now thru a situatien planned by them & Negro Communists,

auknown geniited. feeding upon these poor desperate Negtoes have tried and
almost succedded in breaking down all “law enforcement" & thru hate, mobs
vielence & defiance for authority have finally brought a law Office

- the jungle war secceded in Brooklyn in 1964 (Officer attacked, then shot
Negro Been dotenes) - next time it'll be worse - there have been attempts @
local Officials, Mayors & Governors, Press even after Watts 1965 - there was such
harrisment that the Mayor blammed the Police Chief & others critized the Governor
& a situation was created amongst higher Officials — the attempt failed this time
but almost succedded — innocemt City Officials, Police, Mayor, Governor blammed,
but real motivation & evil intentions hidden in this situation! Gov't almost

down, hopelessly things were so severe!

The young Oakland Negro who wanted no part of the growing dangerous organizations
preferred Martin Luther King - Mr. Farmer - & law abidding Father Divine's group

in Philadelphia but showed growing concern how successful these organizations are
menaceingly becoming & also revealed that "they would kill me if they knew I told
a white man what I said!" Several decient, law abidding Negroes already murdered!

A Civilian Review Board places into the hands of these groups their evil desperate
motives & eventually curbs Police Law enforcement too & even out of the juristic-—
-tion of the Chief of Police who origionaly qualified for his enforcement job -

- if it does happen the result would be obvious: Communists, revolutionists hope
for it as well as Russian Agents & Commnists for a foothold here too!

SNCC - not as dangerous as the Muslims & LeRoy Jones teachings + Communist Negre
leaders organizations & teachings thru the frustrated handicapped, unfortunate,
uneducated, segregated Negro ghettos has still some bad & dangerous inkling in
using these unfortunate Negro people whom a majority are still sincere in creating
equality but will fall victims innocently in their neighborhoods & be used as |
victims for the evil intentions of these groups to reach their goals!

SNCC's new Stokeley Carmichael like the others claim themselves enemy of the U.S. —
Gov't - the whites - the Police, Mayors, Governors & contintually insult the
President of the U.S. for their vile, vicious, wicked attempts & thru their un- |
-fortunate, poor illiterate, doped, Negro victims, get voted, eventually expect to
attain their goal with this exhortion! These groups are sworn to secrecy espe-
-cially against any of the "white power structure” & never to give any information
- when you make a statement before the U.S. that it is Communist Inspired - a
majority of people hardly understand & these groups “deny it to save themselves &
evil motives before the public!" And thru even worse subversion & ranks of 5th
Ammend., Attorneys have protected themselves before the public for sympathetic

good favor & even the Police & FBI!

_ = - Zap b (
OS ne = ——s,

P.S. Also Adam Clayton Powell - Harlem Negro leader has been lately lashing

out against U.S.Gov't, Police, Courts & especially “white-power-structure" in-
doctrinating Negroes wrong way! Bad for Negro leader to do this! The Burns
report on University of California is accurate - what happened after(?) —- the
innocent ones denied it & then the Communists (hidden) JOINED IN & also"denied"
it & revolted & shouted defiance which made report a dogma with this caos - again,
I repeat the Burns Report @ U.C. is 100% accurate — U.@. contains — Communists,
homesexuals, sexual deviates & Revolutionists with Marxist beliefs! June 1966 =
Miss, since shooting of dedient, law-abidding Negro James Meredith by “white*®
man Negro Civil Rights movement NOW hampered from racial hate, violence, planned
to use this “episode” the Muslims, Black Nationalists, SNCC, Black Panthers,
"LeRoy Jones" Soul Alinsky, Negro Communists hoped for?

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