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BONE 208 = 2793 CLAIRMONT RO, Nf eum

4 : ES
ROY LeCRAW a oe aa.
Attorney at Law ence

July 22, 1969

Jew /3etrg

Mr, W. S. McGinnis 4 !
City of Atlanta VV owt SMKES igaly

‘ Department of linance
Revenue Collection Vivision

105 City Hell dwy UAP
Miladte. Georgia 30303 + 7

Re: Lien No. 13h ;
Property: R-297 Prospect Pl. N. &,

Dear Mr, Mettinnis:

<> I am enclosing a photostat copy of the bill you just

sent me,

The facts are this is most embarrassing since the City
went out to this place without my Knowledge or consent
and tore down the building which was a little factory
building constructed of old brick which I could have
sold, I could have had the building taken down without
any expense to me but you in your great wisdom saw fit
to wreck it and take all tne material and now want to
charce 8507.5) in addition.

As a former mayor of Atlente I just do not understand
* things like this and I think it is quite unfair to the

S¢< citizens of Atlanta,
U LeCraw

s aL /mh Investment Holding

is 5 would like to request that tis charge be canceled
a ES if this is not done I suppose ['ll have to let the
City confiscate tne property.


Enc. 7 Corporation
ec: Mayor Ivan AllenW
< Dear Ivan:

This is just one of the little unfair things that
employees sometime do down the line.

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