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September 13, 1966
1805 North Indian Creek Drive
Mobile, Alabama

Honorable Ivan Allen, Jr.

City Hall

Atlanta, Georgia

Dear Mayor Allen:

Enclosed is a copy of the Cuyahoga County Grand Jury Report concerning
the recent riots in Cleveland, Ohio. You will note on page 3 that the
Cleveland riots were "aided and abetted by -- members of, or officers in,
the Communist Party."

May I offer my sincere and deepest sympathy for the terrible state of
anarchy that has recently been perpetrated by what appears to be "outsiders"
on the great City of Atlanta? You are to be congratulated for your wonder-
ful leadership and resolute courage in the face of tremendous personal as
well as political risks. Seldom have the American people seen such bravery
as you personally demonstrated the past week-end,

Attached are two letters to Ex-Congressman Frank W. Boykin and to
Congressman Joe R. Pool, Chairman of the House Un-American Activities
Committee, concerning one Stokeley Carmichael. You will note that I

am calling on Congressman Pool to investigate ways and means to bring
Carmichael and his gang out in the open, Since you now have him in jail

in Atlanta, perhaps this is an opportunity for a joint effort by the House
Un-American Activities Committee and your efforts in Atlanta to either

put this man in jail for a long term or, better yet, deport him immediately.
I am sure you can count on warm support from Congressman Pool, but

you will probably have strong opposition from Attorney General Katzenbach
since he has publicly denounced the Grand Jury Report from Cleveland both
on television and in the international press.

In the interest of law over anarchy, I remain

Sincerely yours,

dell, py kta Copies to:
IRA V. MATTHEWS, Colonel, USAF Mr, Frank W, Boykin

Congressman Joe R, Pool
Atchs: Cuyahoga County Grand Jury Report
Letter to Ex-Congressman Frank W. Boykin
Letter to Congressman Joe R,. Pool

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