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it Seale | — September 2, 1966

1805 North Indian Creek Drive
Mobile, Alabama

Honorable Frank W. Boykin
Chairman of the Board
Tensaw Land & Timber Co.
205 Government Street
Mobile, Alabama

My dear Mr. Boykin:

I deeply appreciate your action in mailing the Grand Jury Reports from
Cleveland to our friends in an effort to make this terrible guerrilla ware
fare known to everyone. If we as a nation, fail to identify Communist
influence behind the scenes, then these riots can never be suppressed.

If enough important people fully grasp the complete dangers of this prob-
lem, they will assist Congressman Poole and the rest of the House and
Senate to bring pressure on the President to rid himself of the rotten eggs
in his cabinet.

It is my opinion that Attorney General Katzenbach will go down in history
as the worst ever to serve our country, Something must be done about his
refusal to recognize and do something about Communism and its followers,
who openly state their intent to destroy our nation, For example, if you
or I stood on a street corner anywhere in the U.S. and called on anyone to
refuse to serve in the country's military services, we would be clapped in
jail overnight, and we would deserve such treatment, On the other hand,
we see the Justice Department openly supporting und protectihg leaders
such as Stokeley Carmichael, leader‘of the Student's Nonviolent Coordinate
.ing Committee, who recently appeared on national TV (NBC) and enjoined |
all negroes to refuse to serve in the military. The question is: Whose \
side is Katzenbach on?

This man Carmichael should be deported. He is a native of Trinidad and
recently admitted to NBC Moderator, Mr. Lawrence Spivak on "Meet The
Press'' that there is some question of whether he is even a citizen of the\
United States. Regardless of his citizenship status, anyone who preacher
against negroes, or any other race, honoring their obligatory military
service, is obviously preaching treason against our country. We deported
the gangster Lucky Luciano for crimes that were far below the level of |


Please do everything possible to obtain copies of Bobby Kénnedy's
.speeches when he ran for the Senate, New York and defeated Senator
Keating. Perhaps a better description would be when he "purchased"
Senator Keating's job. These speeches will be of inestimable value

to Governor Wallace when he begins preparation for the 1968 presiden-

tial race,

Please call all your friends and try to influence as many as possible to
attend the Governor's speech in Prichard Monday, September 5, 1966.

With warmest personal regards, I remain

Your devoted friend, '




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