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Mrs, John W. Red

1117 Poplar, Apt. 5

Memphis, Tennessee 38105

Mayor Ivan Allen,

Dear Sir:

This is not any condolence -~ you got what you had coming to you as mayor

of the city that was "too busy to hate", implying thereby that every city
that opposed the rioting burr-tops and their counterparts among the whites -
the beatniks and filthy trash really lower than the niggerS they hobnob
with, - were spewing hate on the uncivilized black and white trash,

You took a different stand when the niggers knocked you to your knees. you
learned at first hand just how brutal and uncivilized the burr-tops are.

Too bad Ralph McGill, that un-Amektican lout, was not on top of the car with

you - he should have been because that is where he belongs, with you =~ that

he too could have been knocked to his knees by niggers that he seems to love

so much = so much that it seems he yotld welcome the complete mongrelization

of this nation. Quite an American - he is! Quite an American you seemed to be
until the niggers let you know what they are really like, and gave you a taste of
what they have been doing in other parts of the country.

The nigger = no matter how educated he clains to be = if he belongs to “artin
Luther King's gang, or any of the other commnist-inspireé gangs = would revert
to savagery of the worst kind, and camabilism were he not held in tow by decent
Americans; and be assured the bleeding hearts for the burr-tops and those who
have claimed their city is "too busy to hate" do not belong in the category of
decent Americans, Those who encourage rioting and all of the filthy immoral
conduct of the nigger = raping, killing, looting, burning, etc. etc. = by playing
up to the nigger are not good Americans = they are condoming and in fact encour=-
aging the destruction of this country by the white and blaek trash that should
be in the front lines in Vietnam, and soon in Thailand, where our decent young
men are being killed, maimed and taken prisoner, while the trash is being
protected by the bleeding hearts and hypocrites until they probably have some
sense and patriotism knooked into their heads by being knocked to their knees

as you were,

The MauMaus in Africa are no more savage and uncivilized thah the rampaging
niggers and white trash in this country.

Yours truly, o)

Mrs. John R

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