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September 10, 1966

The Honorable Mayor Allen Jr.
Mayor of the City of


Atlanta, Georgia

My dear Mayor Allen:

After reading my newspaper the other night, about the
trouble there in Atlanta with the niggers, I want to tell
you what I think about these demonstrations in cities all
over the U.S.A. They should not receive a permit to march
in any city. If I were a Mayor of any city, I would never
give them a permit to march or have any demonstrations of
eny kind. The time to stop it is at the beginning. Don't
allow any marches at all. Also, I would like to suggest that
anyone caught being in, or having any part in a demonstration
of this kind, if such person is found to be on the welfare
roll, and receiving a welfare check, have the department to
cut all relief to this person forever afterwards. Why?
Beceuse it's just not right for a person to pay taxes to
support any person that demonstrates against anyone, or the
State Government; and that is actually what they are doing.

In these marches, there is one man that could stop all
marches and demonstrations in the future; if he would! That
man is the President of the United States. If he would go
on television one hour and state that they have to be stopped,
and now, or he will order troops to stop it. He could also
give all states the power to put a stop to it at any price.
But, he will not do that because he is now so obligated to
them and their Civil Rights Bill.

The main thing we need in 1968 is a complete change of
government heads in Washington. But, can we white people
stand all these troubles until then? At least it's now time
for the-white race to fight back in every way possible,

Just to let you know who I am, I am white, a former
resident of Fitzgerald, Georgia, and was born at Birmingham,

Mayor Allen
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September 10, 1966

Alabama. I have written to Governor George Wallace of Alabama,
and received very nice answers to every letter I wrote him.

I am now retired, age 67, and I do visit my old home state of
Georgia every year. My wife is also from Georgia. I hope to
go down there in October or November. Perhaps I can stay on
the main highways and avoid having bricks and bottles thown
through my car windows. I hope it never happens, because I
judge a brick to be a deadly weapon; therefore, I'd have to
protect my wife and self against these tactics. I know the
police and all other officers are going to have to learn how,
and have the right to shoot, if attacked when making an arrest.
No person should have the right to interfere with an officer
when making an arrest. Any person, or group of people doing

so should be given punishment to the fullest extent of the law.
We white people know we are superior to the Negro race and lets
keep it that way.

Thanks for taking time to read my letter,

Yours truly,

Alver P. Jones

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