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€07 North Main St.
Poplarville, Miss,
September IOth, 66

Honorable Ivan Allen Jr,
Mayor Of Atlanta,Ga.

Dear Mayor Allen;

Congratulations on you handling of that C.R.
the other night.Think of the disturb»once all this has caused
and the loss to the business people,the very back bone of
of our nation.While our police cuffed about,not allowed to
protect themselves.A,probably designated group linger back
loot and and destroy the lifetime savings of the substantial
citizens of our country .Martin Luthre manages to get thes
riots started then steps in as a non violent,gets it sto-
ped,géts big donations and about the time things cool down
gets it started in sime other peaceful city.All this is a
state anarchy and should be stopped,before this develops into
a war that that might cause the communist to come in on the
front while we have the C.R's ame at our backs.This is just
my opinion that might nt be worth much,but,I think, the situ-
ation is dangerous.

I am just a well wisher and an admirer of your
courage.Very Respt.


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