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1604 Richmond Avenu e
Portsm out h , Virginia 23 704
Sep tember 9 , 1966
To wh om it may c oncern :
Dear Sir:
Thi s .:.s an e~pres s ion of my fe eling o f t _e tr o· bl e you
are having throughout t he nation , in v.rhich y ou are placins the
blame on some l eade r of some group, maki ng yourselves innoc en t
of this great t: ansgres sion . But , the way I see it , you that
a re sitting on the judgemen t seats and running the states are
to bl ame for these race riots and po itical disturbances o
\'/hen I l ook back on the dark pa e s of history , and see
how that men of your r ac e have entered jails, taking out negroes ,
beating them , hanging t hem , draggin e; them t hr ou gh t he stre e ts
behind automobiles , and shoo tin g them dovm lil.;:e dogs , and buryin g them deep in the marsh , under dams , whil e you that are
suppo sed t o administer the l aw sit idly by and doin g nothi ng
about it, then, it is you who are to blame , and n o t Mr. Carmi chael. But , to cover up for yotrselves ,nd the di rt that
you peopl e have s·::ept under the rug fo r years , you 1 11 always
get some outstandinG negro, who v1il l stand u p for hi s ri hts
and try to liberate his peopl e ; y ou v:ill take this man and try
to impose punishment upon him . But, let me ~'Tarn you , yo u V!ill
not get a\'lay v,i th t .is. You may b e able t o take a man , put
him in prison , and keep him locked up f or ye r s, but you can not stop the storms of God. They will come and de:::; troy you
by the thousands and you v1ill not be able to do anything about
it. Bear in mind , it is v1ri tten: " As a man sowth , so shall
he also reap . 11 So , you have so,m conru:ption and you are c;oing
to reap the same . There i s no " maybe so" about it, no getting
around it . You ' re c oin~ to reap what you sow.
I am a rJ.iniste r of Chris t, not of men ; therefore, I speak
freely the thinc;s that are right and are tru e . I don't believe
in violence, neither do I intend to get involved with the political affairs of Lis life, but, knov1 ye this thing, that you
have imposed slavery , hardships , cuffering , nnd much afflictions
upon : :1e so-called ne cro man or appro:rir.-12.. tely two hundred years.
V/hen you broke jail and took h.:.m out, a nd huns t im, i'Iithou t
givinG hi:'! a trial, you v1ere taking away his constitutional
rights; these ;;rea t crimes have i; one unpunished for appro ximately two hundred years , and you blame ~,1r. Carmichael for
�Pac.:,c 2
Scptei: be r 9 , 19 66
rioting , fo::'.'
riot i ,. Geo - ::;i a .
e t :··: c s e-y unto ::,· ou l a;,: - ma.rnrs ,
enf orcer s of th8 law , an d ju~ceG thct ere sittinc on t~c judgo r.ien t sea t s , you have bettcY' ezc.: ·'. ..:._ne •·oursel ves and sec non ,
aren ' t · ou t he bl o.n1c .
•.-. peopl e have served -our c hil dren, ave nursed t _en ,
for theD , an I' ~ sur e soae bl ack 1an _ as ccrea _or
you . They ~~ve even co c: c. •ou: _oo and ~ashed y our cl o thinG ,
and y ou __ ave even raped m;; nomen an c aused them t o bear children fo_ ~ou . ~hen t.e c i ld i s ,orn , he cones here in ocen ,
but , e cau se he is born in t.e _2~~ rcc e , even t.~uGh a \7hi te
man ' s his :at_1er , .1e h s to suffer
sa:1e \'lay .
an _ ca~e
~ru:e up an stop beinc a foo l . It - s God that made ~an ,
an not {a1 , hin self . ~e e~e rnade after the _irencss of Go
tl ere f ore , re~·erdl ess to
c compl e:~ion or
e col or o f t e
s dn , a man i .:; stil l a man
n _ t __at 1 s a l . e i s .
l, .
" n
c_ ai , ccl1c . hie' r ife ' s name Eve becc:-.use s. c v.ras t c
mother of c l J. ivin 6 . " Genesis 3 : 20
1.'/hen yo·: r
.,is l etter , I ope you will un erstand r\y
knov,l c Ge in the __ yster 0 Chri st vr.1ich i n other o.ges \VD. S not
mad e 1:nO\'Jn to t.e sons of men 2S it is IlO\'J revec. e to His
holy prophets an apostles y the Spirit .
LookinG to hear fro n you soon .
I reDain. conten er for the
faith \'Jhich n s once
unto the ts ,
• ~ro~n
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