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Democratic nomination for Gov-
ernor in next Wednesday’s pri-
mary joined in the condemna-

Ellis Arnall, the most liberal
of the candidates and a elec-
tion favorite, said the

was “sham

“I denounce black power, ra-
cial violence, insurrection and
civil amarchy,” he declared.

Stokely Carmichael, the 25-
year-old chairman of the -
mittee, who made famous the
cry of black power, wag singled
out for severe denunciation.

Mayor Allen, clearly angered,

“If. Stokely Carmichael
‘looking for a battleground, hed
created one last night, and he'll
be met in whatever situation he
cares to create.” :

However, some disputed
whether Mr. Carmichael had
created the battleground.

Dr. King Comments

The Rev. Dr. Martin Luther
King Jr., president of the South-
ern Christian Leadership Con-
ference, who was in Chicago
today, ‘issued a statement
through his Atlanta office.

It said:

“Tt is still my firm convic-
tion that a riot is socially de-
structive and self-defeating. On
the other hand, while condemn-
ing riots it is just as important
to condemn the conditions which
bring riots into being.

“A riot is the desperate lan-
guage of the unheard. What
has America failed to hear? It
has failed to hear that the eco-
nomic plight of the Negro poor
has worsened and that the
promises of equality have not
been met.”

The Community Council of
the Atlanta Area, Inc., recently
studied the area where the riot-
ing occurred and reported that
the chances of an outbreak
were “good.”

It cited poor housing, dis-
like of the police, few recrea-
tion facilities and skepticism
toward the city’s promises of

Some residents of Summer-
hill, the scene of the disturbance,
met today to draft a list of
grievances to present to the
city, Committees will go from
door to door to gather com-

The Rev. Roy Williams, vice
president of the Summerhill
Civic League, contended that
the student committee had
“whip up hate”,
yesterday. But he added:

“I have told our city politi-!
cians we were sitting on a pow-
der keg. Conditions here are
some of the worst in Atlanta.”

The scene of the riot is a
deteriorating neighborhood that
has almost completed a transi-
tion from white to Negro. The

Yesterday afternoon, a city
detective shot and wounded a
he was to
amet pe a sues ee. ef.
everal hun angry Negroes
gathered and soom were joined
by len ot of the student com-
ring the pleas of Mayor
alten, some eo attacked
the police with stones, sticks
and bottles, The police broke
up the mob with tear gas and
by firing guns into the air,
William Ware, the st ent
committee's Atlanta pro.
Festor, was charged with incit-
ing to riot and creating a dis-
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