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Box 3, Folder 4, Document 60

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A TL AN T A , GEORGI A o 30302
October 20, 1969
Mr . Dan Sweat
Mayor's Office
City Hall
Atlanta, Georgia
Dear Dan:
It was a pleasure to see you at the Atlanta Jaycee Political Rally
at Plaza Park October 3. I was glad to see that you had the chance to
stop by. From all we have heard, it was successful in every respect.
Your ideas and assistance from the beginning were very helpful, and
we certainly are appreciative. Jack Delius was very cooperative and the
Showmobile worked out very well. Also, Superintendent Royal with the
Police Traffic Division worked with us in handling traffic problems_ in
the area in an efficient manner.
The Atlanta Jaycees and myself appreciate your assistance in helping make the Political Rally a success. You may be interested to know
that some film from the Rally was shown on the NBC Today Show on October
7. We, of course, were very glad to hear this. Thanks again, and if
we can work with you in any way in the future, please let us know.
Alfred K. Barr
Research Manager

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