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Student Nonviolent

Coordinating Committee

360 Nelson Street, S.W.

Atlanta, Georgia 30313

Education Comuitte
Program Dupartment

Dear Torres Strait Islanders

THE Education Committees of the Studemt Non-Violent
Coordinating committe met Febuary 4th,to the 6th,in
Atlanta Gaoe

Sience Kingston Springs where Stokley Ca michial
was elected chairman, The Student N n-Violent Coordinating
Committee has been working to devel Spe new and meaningful
programs around the slogan “BLACK POWER"

These steps were necessary when it became apparent
that the nature of the struggle must changee Let's not
forget that the edonimic,political,housing,education and
cultureli conditions of white racism still exsiste

Your support and cooperation is needed nowsmore than
evere Demonstrate your continueing commitrents ( 1) by
letting us know whét you think of these changess(2) by
devoting a small portion of your time doing something for.
SNCC (39 Pass this letter on to some of your friends: (4)
And by sending a contribution to SNCC's EDUCATION COMMITTER

Yours in the Struggle

Fred Meely
Education Coordinator

“One Man > One Vote 7

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