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STATEMENT BY: Sunday, September ll, 1966

I promise every citizen of At lanta that the full forces of the City
government will be used to apprehend and convict the person or persons guilty
of shooting and killing Herbert Vorner and the shooting and wounding of
Roy Wright.

I further promise and pledge that Atlanta will continue without
any lessening of its efforts to eliminate racial discrimination and provide
full and equal opportunity to all its citizens.

I further pledge that in this city we will enforce the law and demand
orderly and lawful conduct from every person.

After having made these commitments to every Atlanta dtizen,
and especially those who are here today and live in this neighborhood, I would
remind you that Atlanta's efforts which have exceeded the efforts of any other
American city to eliminate racial prejudice and insure the Negro citizen of
equal rights and opportunity, cannot be accomplished or carried out except
under the authority of law and order. These two are inseparable and neither
can succeed without the other,

With full realization of this, I assure each of you and every other
Atlanta citizen that we will not tolerate racial discrimination, injustice,
lawlessness or disorder. Neither will we allow to go unpunished those
responsible for such deplorable and dastardly acts as were perpertrated
last night.

I am today posting a reward of $10, 000 for information that leads
to the arrest and conviction of the person or person s guilty of the shooting

and death of Herbert Vorner and the shooting and wounding or Roy Wright.
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