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Mr. Lester H. Persella, Executive Director
Rousing Authority of the
City of Atlanta
$24 Hurt Building
Atlanta, Georgia 30303

Dear Mr. Perselis:

Subject: Relocation of Site Geeupants from Atlanta Airport Expansion Program

This is s request for information on the steps taken and progress to date in
providing relocation assistance to the subject site + Sinee the
review of the City’s next Workable Program submission will take into con-
sideration the results of relocation from this area (as well es displacement
by all other governmental action), it is important that adequate staffing
is provided end that procedures and methods heve been instituted to assure
that information submitted in the next request for recertification will be
adequate to demonstrate that relocation assistance has beén and will be

Sm this cummestion, plesse let us hove, o¢ « ainiaan, the fotloving taferne-
tion which will assist use in evaluating progress and in advising and assisting
the City as to what further steps may need to be taken:

1. The number of families and individuals displaced to date and
the condition of the dvellings inte which they have relocated.

2. The number of families and individuals yet to be displeced, th-

3+ The supply of housing available or to be available for their

4, The effect displacement has had on housing resources in East

= 2 =

5. The time allowed for families and individuals to relocate after

6. Depending upon the present and future workload, an estimate of
the number of relocation staff persons necessary to assure that
all displacees are interviewed and assisted in urban renewal.
Usually, one relocation advisor can relocate from 10-15 families
or individual householders per month in a program of this type.

7. Based on the above information, your opinion as to the outlook
for successful relocation, in obtaining adequate staff and any
other steps which you feel are appropriate for you, as the Central
Relocation Agency to take in order to coordinate and otherwise
assure relocation objectives can be met.

It is our understanding that many dwellings purchased for the expansion are
resold for removal offesite intact. Please indicate the number of such
dwellings used as a relocation resource for the displacees and if all of the
dwellings relocated are inspected by appropriate local officials to assure
that they meet local code requirements.

Please let us know if we can be of any assistance in this matter.

As “ 5 ck Smith - + Jabiche ier
Assistant Regional Administrator
Program Coordination and Services Office

eyiem 6/18/69

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