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September 6, 1966

We are here to protest the latest outrage in a series against
the twelve Bhek people now held captive in the Atlanta Stock- |
ade for protesting the dying of Black men in the racist illeg-
al War in Vietnam.

First of all, the twelve were seized illegally by the Atlanta
Police as they demonstrated at the Induction Center in protest
of the dying of Black men in the racist illegal War in Vietnam.

They were subjected to a "KANGAROO Court Trial" under racist
Judge T.C.e Little who prejudiced himself by saying that
because he had a son in Vietnam who is fighting to defend
the principles of this country he had to give the protestors
maximum sentences.

Thirdly, Dwight Williams was brutally beaten under the orders
of Captain Redding inside the jail. Part of this beastiality
was witnessed by William's attorney, Attorney Howard Moore.

In keeping with this country's scheme to emasculate Black men,
the ten men were forced to shave their beards and mustaches,
We know of no law that Black men wearing beards violate.

We protest the holding of Donald Stone and Simuel Shutz in
the County Jail five days after their bond had been paid.
We demand that the five days be credited to their sentences
at the Atlanta Stockade.

On. Sunday August h, ve were not permitted to see Robert Moore
and Larry Fox because they were in the hole. Both ‘ioore and
Fox suffer from Hay Fever. Both had been assigned to work in
@ dusty area which would only heighten their hay fever miser-
ies. They asked to be transfered to a less dusty detail.
Instead, they were thrown in the hole. This was on Thursday.
Fox, who refuses to cooperate with the beastial and unjust
penal system, has been on a hunger strike since incarcerat-
fon, August 18,

The stockade physician a racist bigot who cannot deal with
Black Men. Therefore if any of the group gets sick, there is
no one to treat theme

The group is completely isolated from the rest of the prisoners.
We charge that this is a form of political harassement just

as the illegal arrest and sadistic beating of one of our
workers, Robert Weaver.

We also note that the City Jail, Atlanta Stockade, and the
Fulton County Jail are blatantly segregated in spite of the
196 Civil Rights Act.

If these conditions are not corrected and we continue to get
reports of cruel beastial treatment of prisoners, then we
will have to return to earlier forms of demonstrations,
including sitting in at the ‘fayor's office.

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