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I accuse my
+_ parents oo.

> Millions of lost souls will stand in the judg-
ment day before the Great White Throne
and, hearing their condemnation, will hyster-
ically scream, “I accuse my parents.”

There are thousands of parents who have
given their children everything but God.
They have provided them with nourishing
food, warm clothing and liberal educations
. . . but no Saviour. They have showered
them with gifts and protected them from
harm ... but have not provided a family

- They have read to them Dick Tracy and
Superman, but not the Bible. They have tak-
en them to the movies, but not to Sunday
school. They have cursed before their chil-
dren, but never prayed. Thus thousands of
children have lived to curse their parents
for bringing them into the world and raising
them without Christ.

One of America’s great moral problems
today is juvenile delinquency. The majority
of criminal offenses are being committed by
teen-agers. They have no reverence for God
and thus no respect for authority. Public

schools have instilled their anti-Bible philo-
sophy of “behaviorism” in their heads and
they are expressing themselves to the utter
consternation of educators, statesmen, clergy-
men and police.

Juvenile delinquency is but the out-growth
of adult delinquency. The son will be no
better than his father, the daughter no better
than her mother. A God-less, Bible-less,
drunken father will produce an equally
worthless son. A smoking, beer-drinking,
gadabout mother will produce a loose-living
and pleasure-loving daughter.

God Almighty will hold you parents ac-
countable for sending your children to hell.
Judge Healy of the Juvenile Court of Detroit,
addressing a Young People’s Rally on July
7, 1945, said, “Eighty percent of the young-
sters arraigned in my court came from homes
in which there has been no religious train-
ing.” Bible-less homes produce potential

The breakdown of morals among our
youth is the direct result of throwing the
Bible out of the homes, schools, and churches
of America. Boys and girls who are already
reaping the disastrous results of their sinful
orgies, are already crying, “I accuse my
parents; they never told me about God,
Christ, the Bible, sin or sex.”

To be responsible for the demoralization
of a youngster is a crime of colossal propor-
tions. If your child goes to hell, it will be,
to a great extent, your fault. If you are on

your way to the lake of fire, your child is
following in your footsteps.

Friend, you can lead your children to
heaven or to hell. The sole solution is for
you to accept the Lord Jesus Christ as your
personal Saviour. “This is a faithful saying,
and worthy of all acceptance, that Christ
Jesus came into the world to save sinners”
(I Timothy 1:15). Believe God’s Word and
receive His Son now—and you will be saved.

Then you must begin living for your Lord
in your home by immediately establishing a
time each day when you gather your family
together for prayer and the reading of the
Bible. Then, by God’s help, endeavor to lead
your children to the Saviour, who in turn
will keep them from the pollutions of this
world. “For the wages of sin is death; but
the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus
Christ our Lord” (Romans 6:23).

—Davw D. ALLEN

GOOD NEWS PUBLISHERS, Westchester, III. 2005

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