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Or.en Letter To Mayor Allen
Dear Sir: ,
CHILD. We lost our votes when we
voted for Mayor, too, but we didn •t
about it, like you are doing now.
Mr. Allen, if you plan to "go fishing" on November 8th and Lester Maddox wins, which he has a
very good chance of doing, you
should keep your mouth shut and
leave the choice uo to the voters.
You koow by now that you are . This is what you should have done
among the minority who think the this time! We all koow there is
nomination of Lester Maddox for nothing worse than a politican
Governor is "deplorable," and as who is lost, except a politican
for the "seal of the great State of who sells his soul for a vote. We
Georgia" being tarnished, such realize you are in a vulnerable
~.was the case when . you were position and that if you do not
elected Mayor of Atlanta. On that scream loud enough for the
date, the "seal of the City of At- colored voters to support you in a
lanta was tarnished" upon your bloc type vote then you know you
becoming Mayor by the "colored" are lost as a politician.
votes that elected you. The White
People of the State of Georgia YES, l\.ffi. ALLEN, we readyour
have spoken and you refuse to statement to the press, and you
listen. Your opinion is only one have had your "say."Now,we,as
against millions. You are denying an independent group of people,
all Georgians the choice of elect- not "backed" by any organizaing who they want to head the tion, feel we have the right to
State. That, in our opinion, is our opinions and to our .choice as
dictatorship. If you and Martin to who we want for Governor,
Luther King are ashamed to be AND WE ARE GOING TO HAVE
called Georgians, all we can say IT IN NOVEMBER!! !
to you is this, ~·There is no fence l\.ffi. ALLEN, WHAT ARE YOU
around the State of Georgia and AFRAID OF?!!!
you are free to leave whenever
you want to," and we are sure no
. Mrs. G. Gilley
one would be seen crying when you
go, except your Negro s upportMrs. C. Moore
ers. Maybe you can take them with
We were never as shocked in our
lives as we were when we read
the cruel, childish, bigot remarks
of the Mayor of the "great" City
of Atlanta in your statement about
the election of Lester Maddox as
Democratic Nominee for Gov·ernor.
We do not appreciate being called ignorant! We make up our own
minds, as do the majority of the
people, for whom we wish to vote:
You have- the same right, but just
because your "Golden Boy" didn't
win, you act like a SELFISH

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