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All Letters M1Jst Be Signed. Names Withheld on Request.
To the Editor of The Herald:
This Weltner boy, a Representa tive in the House of Repr esenta ti ves from the 3rd Dfstrict of Georgia , and nominee
of the Democratic primary to
succeed him self, has announced
that he will not serr-ve furth er
as the Repres entative from the
3rd District of Georgia.
This action of Weltner's is
ind eed a step in the ri ght dir ection . It would be 'just fine
if every office holder in t h e
United States who holds to the
philosophy such as Weltner's
would follow suit.
It is quite easy to unders tand
t he reason back of Weltrier' s actfo n. I r efer to the true rea son;
not the reason he made public .
Ha d he seen fit to adhere to
t he tru th, he would ha ve said
that he is takin g this action bec ause he has been a miserable
fail ure ; tha t he is seein g, d ay
by day, a disintegration of all
tha t he ,has worked so hard for.
Weltner forfeited the respect fixed his signature thereto. Any
and confidence of all white peo- s·ubsequent action by him canple and a majority of Negro . not in any way affect an oath
people in the section of t h e which he had previously taken.
country he calls home, because
If Weltner is looking for a
of his activiby in fa vor of Civil
job, I suggest tha t he appl y at
Ri g h ts legislation. Now he a broadcas ting com pany for a
find s himself a man without a job as news commentator. They
coun tr y; a man wi thout a, might appreciate his talents
friend . Quite naturall y this there.
state of affa irs has caused him
to become despondent, which he Albany, Ga.
now evidenc,es by hiis action in
refusing to try to go on as
Representa tive from th e 3rd
District of Georgia.
I -b elieve t h a t the rea son
Weltn er gives for his a ction is
the flim siest I ever hea rd , and
it has no se mblance of truth
in it. He says that he has to
ta ke this action becaus e of the
loyalty oath which the Demoh ats require eve r y candida te to
t ake, and which Weltner took.
Wellner seems to want people
to think tha t by the action
which he is taking, he is no
longer bound by the oath he
took. He swore that he would
suppor t ever y nominee of the
De)llocratic party, and he af·

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