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All Letters Must Be Signed. Names Withheld on Request.


To the Editor of The Herald:

This Weltner boy, a Repre-
sentative in the House of Rep-
resentatives from the 3rd Dis-
trict of Georgia, and nominee
of the Democratic primary to
succeed himself, has announced
that he will not serve further
as the Representative from the
3rd District of Georgia.

This action of Weltner’s is
indeed a step in the right di-
Tection. It would be ‘just fine
if every office holder in the
United States who holds to the
philosophy such as Weltner’s
would follow suit.

It is quite easy to understand
the reason back of Weltner’s ac-
tion. I refer to the true reason;
not the reason he made public.
Had he seen fit to adhere to
the truth, he would have said
that he is taking this action be-
cause he has been a miserable
failure; that he is seeing, day
by day, a disintegration of all
that he has worked so hard for.

Weltner forfeited the respect
and confidence of all white peo-
ple and a majority of Negro
people in the section of the
country he calls home, because
of his activity in favor of Civil
Rights legislation. Now he
finds himself a man without a
country; a man without a
friend. Quite naturally this
state of affairs has caused him
to become despondent, which he
now evidences by his action in
refusing to try to go on as
Representative from the 3rd
District of Georgia.

I believe that the reason
Weltner gives for his action is
the flimsiest I ever heard, and
it has no semblance of truth
in it. He says that he has to
take this action because of the
loyalty oath which the Demo-
crats require every candidate to
take, and which Weltner took.
Weltner seems to want people
to think that by the action
which he is taking, he is no
longer bound by the oath he
took. He swore that he would
Support every nominee of the
Democratie party, and he af-

fixed his signature thereto, Any
subsequent action by him can-
not in any way affect an oath
which he had previously taken.
If Weltner is looking for a
job, I suggest that he apply at
a broadeasting company for a
job as news commentator. They
might appreciate his talents
Albany, Ga.
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