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Box 3, Folder 4, Document 78

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824 Hurt Building
Atlanta, Georgia 30303
Telephone 523-6074
December 2, 1969
Mr. Peter P. Gil
Associate Dean for Teaching Programs
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Alfred P. Sloan School of Management
50 Memorial Drive
Cambridge, Massachusetts 02139
Dear Peter:
Thanks for your letter of November 26, 1969 and congratulations on
your new assignment.
I checked with City Hall and have been advised that Mr. Bill Bush,
assistant Water Works General Manager, will represent the City of
Atlanta at the Third M.I.T. Program for Urban Executives to be held
in January. Mr. Bush promised to forward his application to you
this week.
In loving memory of Polly Karb, I am enclosing a check in the amount
of five dollars toward the purchase of a painting.
Best wishes for the holiday season and continued success with the
Program for Urban Executives.
Very truly yours,
Howard Openshaw
Director of Redevel opment
HO : pc
Mr. Dan Sweat

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