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Memo to the Mayor:

No one doubts your courage -- but there are
reasons to question your wisdom.

I never have voted for Lester Maddox, and
after the first primary I decided that if
Windbag Ellis and Axe-Handle Lester were
the best the democrats could offer I would
vote for Callaway. I still expect to do so.

However, your fiery blast, following fast on
the dolorous pronouncement of Martin Luther
King, gave Maddox an immediate advantage and
a fast start.

Now all Lester needs is for Ralph Magill and
the Atlanta newspapers to take out after him.
You Atlanta boys will persecute him into
another landslide victory!

You seem to forget that Atlanta is not all
Georgia. If enough Atlantans publicly become
"ashamed of Georgia," and line up against
Maddox, the rest of the state will gleefully
elect Lester and feel no remorse about your
shame and sorrow.

Remember Georgia voted for Goldwater (rather,
against LBJ and the national democratic party)
-- and can go for Maddox. Every attack like
yours, coming out of Atlanta or Washington,
will make thousands of votes for Maddox!

Maddox carried some 130 or 10 counties. If
you make | the voters mad enough, they will
vote for him again.

Mayor Ivan Allen Jr.
City Hall

Atlanta, Ga.

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