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824 Hurt Building
Atlanta, Georgia 30303
Telephone 523-6074

December 12, 1969

Mr. Charles Davis

City of Atlanta
City Hall

Re: Project No. GAs R-11
University Center
Urban Renewal Area

Dear Mr. Davis:

Enclosed herewith is a letter dated November 17, 1969 from
HUD approving Amendment Ne. 9 to the University Center Urban Re-
newal Plan.

Your attention is directed to paragraph three of the above
letter indicating that no additional Federal funds will be forth~-
coming and that any local funds required to complete project ac-
tivities involving costs beyond the approved budget will not con-
stitute a local grant-in-aid.

The Housing Authority will proceed expeditiously, to complete
all remaining activities within the currently approved budget.

Very truly yours,

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