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507 Andrews Build ing
Octob r 1'0-;1966
Phone 582-5086
a yor I van Allen
M~yor of Atlanta
City Hall
A tla...r1t , Ga,,
r e cent nomination
Dear ~o?., Allen ;
f Hon Lester Maddox by
t he Demo crats of G or l a was t he gre t es victory
Sta t e of Georgia
had had in many a day. I t means t hat this Great State
ag in be contr~ll d by the gr at Cons rvativ
f G orgia will
t hlnkin · that so l ng has ,
in the past made this State as well as the Old Democratic Party so gr at.
I do not think for
h~ve ~y troubl
will now g t sol dly
lected .. I hop
behind this man
mom nt t hat
th t th
ood peop
prior to thats
to direct tr ,ffic Rt
owe saw all
had only f w
did not lilt
Lib rals 1n this country hav
tri d to t'
with who one pl ases r gardl es of wh thers
it. The passage of th
man who had sp nt
bus1n ss to serv
because they tri d
_undemental rights that have always be n Am rican to hir
fire and to associat
offic rs
f thr
ball gam ...
away th
riots in your City.
o_ G orgia
and win a gr at victory.
It was only a short f w we ks
America by way of TV th. horibl
iaddox will
nergy in the building up of hi
p rsons he did not d sir
th rs
1964 Civil Rights act r quir d thio
much 0f his time and
me to s e all this talk
to s rv. It is disgusting
f int grati n which has and n v r will w rk.
Father who practic d law hr
f r 58 y are was
rais din Laur ns Cou.nty,s.c. with Bish p Full r Sr. who was a col rd
Bio.hop in Atli!lta did fwy ars ag. He
stablish d church s fr m Ohi
P&ge 2
Phone 582-5086
ere in Spartanburg visted our
to Florida . He al ways when
office oHe became
e lthy man
nd probably the
11 c olored meno When sued in l ate 1950's
there in the 1950 1 s of
for a million dollars h
c alled my F .th rand requ sted-we
r epr ,sent h i m. H was high y respected by the whit e peopl e
but at no time did he advoc at e th
mixing of the r a ce
I was related to several of th
Glyns. Professor Lawson one of the founders of
Th re are tho s
as Gov rnorsi rwin
in th
5 t ate
Governors of th
of Geor i a and Glyn County Geor ia is named for my
was rel ated to us as
c.mily of
of G orgia
nd Towne s.
Lib ral c mp who to be
moderat son the r a ce issue by t her e i s no such thing as a
on th
race issu
you ar
either for th
f the
rac s or against it~ I happen to be against the mixing as i s
case of most S utherners .m
~ft r s elng what it bringso
it now app a:rs most
I w~nt no part o
very ne
b l ack powero
W s e throughout the South this y ar t he d fat
S nator Bass of T nn.,Senator Russ 11 of
Ellis Arnall of G orgia. Evrywhe~e we not
d feat of
the trend back to
great C nservative principle.
I for one ~m thank ul that the Gr at peopl
St ..,te of G orgia finally wok
up to th
Mr. Maddox n ed not f ar th
peopL.. ar
f r him.
f your
id als.
�Farmington , Geo rgia
October 12, 1966
Mayor Ivan Allen
City Hall
Atlanta , Georg ia
Dear Sir :
As one of the vast army of ignorant persons you
referr ed to in your recent sour g rap es speech on television, I am wondering if pe rhaps , \\hen your Negro
friends jostled you down off that ca r, you hit your head
against somet hing on the way down .
Yours very truly,
�Mr. Ivan Allen, Jre Mayor
City 0£ At lanta
City Hal l
Mi tchell Street SlW .
Atl anta , Georgi a
Dear 11a yor Allen:
In regard s to the rece n t vi c t or y of Mr. Lester
Maddo x , i n the election f o r Gov e rnor of o ur fa ir State ,
I believe you have mad e some rather unfair remarks towa rd
this man and cast a bad reflectio n on about 400,000
Georgia Citizens who voted for him.
You call your sel f a Democrat , I c all y ou a fr aud.
You h a ve no right as Mayor of this Cit y to put yourself
in the positicn you h ave by these remarks , simply because
your choice 0£ candida t e did not win .
You called Mr . Maddox "incompetent, and unqualified"
£or this office , you also added a long list of o ther
ad j ect iv es , to describe t his man , the choice of the peopl •
I call on you sir , to show the public , any list of education al ,
standards , or breedi ng that a person must have to run £or
public office .
Our Country was founded on one thing , "the vo ice of
the people;" whereb y we have the fr edom of choice to run for
office , to elect , any person, regvrdless of race, creed or
color , or educational background to any office.
I personal ly £eel that even though I may not have th e
social position , educa ti on , or financial security that YOU
have , I am by no means "ignorant and irresponsible".
I am
thankful that I have the Grace of God in my h ~art and will go
along with the way the majority votes because it is the voice
of. the people.
You must remember that it was a vast majority of these
so called "ignorant" citizens that voted to put you in office
and I don't remember hearing you c omplain then. Furthermore,
if you had thought that f\Ir. Maddox was going to win, why didn't
you have the guts to resign and run yourself , and s ? e how the
"ignorant" people would have voted o
�Continued - Mayor Ivan Allen , Jro - page 2
I t h ink , you a s Mayor of the Ci ty o f Atl a n ta should
in all due respec t, retract your st atements and issue an
apo logy. Not only to the man that t he people have elected to
run , but a l so to the people of the Statee
I have not signed this letter because I have re l ativ es
who work for the City o f Atlanta and I know what sort of
t r ouble it could c ause t h eme Let's ju s t say that I am on e
i r ate citi zen wh o is appalled at your present outlooke
Le st er Maddox
Atlanta Journal
At lanta Consti tution
�8132 Carr Place
Springfield, Virginia
October 1, 1966
Mayor Ivan Allen, Jr.
City Hall
Atlanta, Georgia
Dear Mayor Allen:
The other evening I watched on a nationally
televised ne ws pro gram as you expressed your feelings
re garding the nomination of Lester Maddox for the
democratic candidate for governor of Georgia.
was born and raised in Georgia, went to college in
Atlanta, and still consider myself a life-time citizen
of that state where I frequently return to in order to
visit my old home and relatives and friendse I have
lived away from Georgia, however, for the past fifte en
years , a nd during this time I have t ried to look u pon
Geor gia and the rest of the south a s ob jectively as
pos sible, to lis ten to the cri t i ci s ms and t o try to
un derstand all viewpoints, both wi t h in and outs ide t h e
st a t e. I present ly l i ve in the Washi ngton, D. c. area,
but mo s t of my re c ent years ha v e been spent in t he wes t.
So , I f e el that I am fairly well qual i f i ed t o express
a sound j udgement of y our nati onall y televi sed stat ement
on the Ge orgia nomina tion of Maddoxe
If I were curren tly l i ving i n Ge orgia, I do not
know whether I would even be supporti ng Maddox. I
learned long ago that outsid e t h e s outh i t is extremely
diff icult to get a true pi cture from the news media of
people and e~ents in t he south --on the wholee Consequently; I feel that I know too little about t he man to try to
judge him. However, h e apparently has been a successful
business man, with very l i ttle formal education, and that
is a much greater accomplishment than you can say for a
lot of successful politicians who have had much formal
education. Determination and common sense are of far
greater worth than merely formal educatione You said that
Mre Maddox was "totally unqualified 11 to be the governor of
Georgiae Upon what do you base this? Certainly not upon
the fact that he had the courage--that most people lack-- of
daring to stand up for his legal rights a couple of years
ago at his business establishment in Atlanta. This no doubt
piqued you, as Mayor of Atlanta, at a time when anyone who
opposed so-called civil rights was considered stupid by the
so-called liberal press and other news media. Is this the
real reason you dislike Mr. Maddox?
I truly wish that I
�could learn the answer to that.
Mr. Allen, although you gave Mr. Maddox much
more harsh criticism than I think the man deserves,
the thing that really hurt me in your statement,
and the real reason for my writing this letter, was
your complete condemnation--if not damnation-~ of
the state of Georgia and the people of Georgia. If
you are so 11 ashamed 11 of the state of Georgia after
this nomination, then why don't you leave there? Why
don't you have the courage to back your convictions
as Mr. Maddox has? I have a feeling that you might
have been playing to the so-called liberal elements
of Atlanta when you so castigated the state of Georgia
for nominating a man of such stern conservative principlese If it was not for this reason, then why did
you condemn the state of Georgia such as you did? What
did such a statement accomplish? What good did it do?
You , yourself, were the only one who stood to gain from
such verbal extremism. If it was not to improve your
position at the voting booth in Atlanta, was it to improve or confirm your image before those so-called
liberals outside the state of Georgia, such as Abraham
Ribicoff, Bob Kennedy, Jacob Javits, and others of that
ilk whom you so impressed at the recent commi tte e hearings in Washington? --the s ame hearings that were turned
into a political circus, as witness the questioning of
the Mayor of Los Angeles. Did it ever dawn on you, Mr.
Allen, that you might have only been used at these he arings and that you might have only been bait for some other
political fish being sought after by the politicians who
conducted these hearings?
If you want to disagree with or oppose Mr. Maddox,
then that is your ri ght. But don ' t condemn the people
of Georgia and be 11.ashamed " of them for expressing the
democrati c ri ght to nominate a candida te of their choice.
You are actually condemning the democratic processes of
this country by going on national television to let the
rest of the nation know that through your lofty judgement
you are n ow "ashamed" of the people of Georgi a , even though
a great ma j ority of them think~ you~ wrong.
ill-considered statement hurt the great state of Ge orgia,
and it hurt me , as a Ge orgian, and I want t o l et you know,
Mr . Allen , t hat I am ash amed of you . It is just such
s tatements as th i s t hat i nflame t he rest of the country
against the south . I do not agree a l l the way with Governor Wallace of Alabama , bu t he certainly understands, better
than do you, t he distorted views that others have of the
south , and he is to be commended for trying to straighten
some of the distortions rather than contributing to them
as you have just done.
Believe me, the state of Georgia
is to be praised, not condemned. It is one of the beste
copy :
Mr. Lester Maddox
P. O . BOX 51912
October 5, 1966.
G . L.
Mayor Ivan Allen Jr.,
Thomas Jeff erson, fol.llder of the Democratic party, and Abraham
Lincoln, fou.nder of the Republican :2arty, were both ~hi te men a~d seg~ega tionists to their last breath? Read Jefferson's autobiography written in 1821
a f ev years before his death. A copy is attached herewith.
If God and Nature did not segrega te whit e, blac k a nd yello r aces,
why are there biological differences fro~ the top of the head to the bottom
of the feet, internally and externally, if one race and one color were
There is a mollD.tain of evidence thruout the world---facts not
opinions---pro ving that the b negroid race is a separa te
distinct and inferior race to the white and iellow races. The white and
yellow races stand on their own feet independently, why cant the blacks
do like~ise? Why does a black child have to sit next to a white child
i n order to acquire an eaa.cation? The yellow child does not r eq un-e t hat.
There are no negroes in Japan or China.
~ body
The negro is unq11estionably entitled to EQUAL RIGffTS---BUT SEPARATE
COMPLETELY SEPARATE . Tha t is his birthright under the laws of God a nd Nature,
but it is not his birthright to mix with the white or yellow ra ces.
Men like yo11 Weltaer, LBJ HHH, RFK Ralph Magill et al. are
traitors to the basic law
s of God and Nature, lraitors to the foun ders of
t he Demo9ratic an d Republican. parties 1 an~ every man who s igne~ the
Declara tion. of Ind ependence a no Const1tution---a ll 95 of them includi ng
Geor ge W
ashing ton---were ffiITE ME.N A® SEGREGAT IONI STS . All of you shoul d
be expell ed and you should join the NAACP, CORE, Bl ack Panthers or some
n.egro part y that be fit s your beli ef s.
THE "AR HAS 5UST BEGUN! There can nev er be any compromise with
the vici ous unna tural, unGodly cr i me of raci a l int egr at ion by any white
American worthy of his heri tage !
kt. R. JlrJUV\/
gllhp. Enc .
Exec. Secy.
�A11tobiography of THOM!\,S JEFFERSON
date(d Januacy 6, 1821.{ 51)
died July 4, 1826, age 83)
The bill on the subject of slaves, was a mere digest of the
existing laws respecting them, without any intimation of a
plan for a future and general emancipation. It was thought better that this should_be kept back, and att~mpted only by way
of ....amendment, whenever the bill should be brought on. The
principles of the amendment, however, were agreed on, that
is to say, the freedom of all born after a certain day, and deportation at a proper age. But it was found that th_e public
minawould not yet bear the proposition, nor will it bear it
even at th~s day. Yet the day is not distant when it must hear
~ ~dopt it, or worse will follow. Nothing is more certainly
!0ten in the book of fate; than that these people are to be
free; nor is it I c r i that the-two races
ually free, can~ v.e. m t e same government. N atur€!1 _ _~ - . it 1 opm1on a~
d@_wn· inaelible lines of distinction between them. It is still in
o~~er to direct the process of ema~cipation and deporta~fl_z~ceably, and in such slow degree, as that the evil wil1
V@lr off insensibly, and their place be, pari passu,1 filled up by
~_y.r~i.fe laborers. If, on.the contrary-, ffTsTefr ·10· rorce itself
2-!!i_~an nature must shudd~r at the prospect held up. We
should in vain look for an example in the Spanish deportation
or deletion of the Moors. This precedent would fall far short of
our case.
I consider four of these bills, passed or reported, as forming
a system by which every fibre would be eradicated of ancient
or future aristocracy; and a foundation laid for a government
truly republican. The n
vent the accumulation First p~blished 1829 by
Jefferson's gra ndson
families, and preserve tt Thomas Jefferson rt~ndolph.
more and more absorbro A~in pnblished by Specgeniture, and equal pa ial Act of Congress 1853.
feudal and unnatural di Original manuscript in
r. On an equal bu is.
V. J efferson's Rough Dra ft, page
National Archives ,
Washington! __ .
�-AP WIREPHOTO vi a r ad io f r om Frank f urt.
Russia, second from left, chats with GEN. PAUL
FREEMAN, commander of the U. S. Army in
Europe, on arriving at Heidelberg, West Ger-
many. Soviet Army commander in East Germany, Gen. Yakubavski was returning a visit paid
to him in East Berlin last June by Gen. Freeman.
In backe:round is U. S. honor guard.
ifot t:-U .3 . ;u-my Honor gua r d. ? nEgroes, 2 white.
memorial in West Berlin for ceremonies marking the 45th anniversary of the 1917 Communist
revolution. In the background is a tank that is
part of the memorial.
Note--.dussiau ilrmy in .derlin. No negroes.
George Washington and every man who signed the Declaration of Independence arid
Constitution - all 95 of them - were white men and segregationists?
Jefferson, founder of the Democratic Party, and Lincoln, founder of the Republican
party, were both segregationists to their last breath?
Dr. Albert Schweitzer, who spent fifty years in Africa with the negro, finally
said: "At no time in foreseeable future wi II the negro ever be fit for self-government"?
If God and Nature did not segregate white, black and yellow, why are there anatomica I differences from the top of the head to the bottom of the feet, internally and externally, if segregation was not intended?
There are more negroes in the U.S. than any other nation on earth, including Africa,
with only two exceptions, Nigeria and Brazi I?
There is not one steamship, motorship, submarine, airplane, automobile, locomotiv~,
railroad, bridge, dam, skyscraper, steel or textile mill, chemical or electronic laboratory,
machine tool factory or any other kind of factory worth the name in Africa, or anywhere else
on earth, that was ever designed and built by negroes? Whites and yellows build and design
all these things, independently. Why can't the black race do likewise?
A II the pianos, trombones, trumpets, drums and other musi ca I instruments played
by negroes, were invented and are manufactured by the white and yellow races? There
are no negro musi ca I instrument factories?
All the baseballs, footballs, basketballs, etc. used by negroes, as well as the
games, were invented and manufactured by whites?
Crime, especially juvenile crime, is a Imost unknown in San Francisco 's Chinatown,
a yellow "ghetto". Crime in negro areas are highest in the nation .
There is not one negro nation in Africa, where brick and mortar have bee n p ut
together , without the a id of the white man?
Th e se, a nd ma ny ot her fa ntast ic facts tha t a re being evaded , dis torte d and su ppressed
P .0 . Box 51912 , New Or lean s , La . 701 5 0 .
�2819 Harris Street
East Point, Georgia
October 4, 1966
The Honorable Ivan Allen, Jr.,
Mayor of Atlanta, Georgia
Dear Mayor Allen;
Since hearing your speech after the election run-off on last Wednesday, I have talked to many people. Everyone I've talked to feels that
you certainly stepped "out of place" when you spoke for the State of
Georgia, especially since the people had just been to the polls to
speak for themselves. The number of people who voted for Mr. Maddox
clearly showed. how the people of Georgia feel--and, after all, that is
why we have an election.
The speech you made was not for the people of our state but to further
your own cause in Washington.
I don't recall Mr. Maddox (or anyone else) making such derogatory remarks when you were elected to the office of mayor of Atlanta. Many
people, like myself, felt you were not the kind of man they would want
for mayor, when you were elected, but they accepted the voice of the
ballot and hoped you'd show just what you could do--and you did jus t
that last Wednesday.
When a man, in your position, is "too small" to take the results of
the vote cast by the people at the polls, without using that position
to try to hurt and lower that man, just because he does not agree with
him (and many do not agree with you), then he does not need to be heading a high office as mayor of a large city. Because the majority of our
sta te voted differently, to you and your followers, does not mean that
your vote and choice was the only one that counted and that everyone
else is wrong.
The fact that you came into wealth and prestige without having to
struggle for it does not mean that most of us are so fortunate. Mr.
Maddox earned what he has and through the federal government lost much
of it. Had the same thing happened to you, I'm sure your feelings would
have been the same, but I doubt that you'd have had the courage to
stand up and fight---as did Les ter Maddox •
As our Democratic nominee for governor of Georgia, Mr. Maddox is due,
from you, the same courtesy and support that the people of Atlanta
gave to you. If you are tne man that Atlanta can be proud to call its
mayor, you will apologize to Mr. Maddox and offer your support and cooperation in the up-coming election.
Sincerely yours,
(~) ~ &f-7ctu~~
�1349 orth i gh l a n d Aven e,
tl an t a, Ge or g i a 30 3 06
6 Oc t o er 1966
Mayor Iva n Al len
i t y H 11
tl an t a, Geor g ia
e a r Sir:
I was sh ocked by the vi t roli c d enu nc ia t i on of y ou r a tt a ck
on Lester 1add oxo I, too v oted f or Ellis Arn ol d but I canno t
he l p but be l ieve there must be some good in t he man t o ob t ain
suc h a maj ori t y in the run - offo
our descrip t i on of Mr. Mad d ox was h it t ing below the b e l t-n ot on l y Madd ox, bu t als o t he 4 50 , 0 00 v oterso
The re bas a l ways been mud - s l i n g i n g i n p o l i t ics bu t
a t er
he has been n omina ted , mos t a l l t rue Democra t s wi ll s pp or t t e
n ominee.
brB.h a m Linc oln , also withou t a libera l educa t i on, became
one of our grea t est Presidents.
t hink y our r emarks abou t
r. addox was unbecomi
educ at ed man and J ayor of a ~ea t c · tyo
cc :
Lester add ox
_ tl anta Con s titu tion
�2643 Humphries Street
East Point, Georgia
October 4, 1966
Mayor Ivan Allen, Jr.
City Hall
Atlanta, Georgia
Mr. Mayor:
Thursday evening, September 29, 1966, the Atlanta Journal printed
on page two an article attributed to you regarding the election of
Lester Maddox as the Democratic nominee for Governor.
As a private citizen and elected public official, you are entitled
to your opinion but I must take exception to both your attitude
and published statement.
September 28, 1966, I exercised my constitutional right as a
citizen and voted in the run-off election. You have now intimated
that I am either ignorant, prejudiced, a reactionary or a Republican.
I am none of these, and I have taken your choice of words to be
a personal insult to my judgment and freedom to vote as I see fit.
It appears to me that a written apology is in order unless you can
substantiate your allegations with more than an opinion.
I anxiously await your reply.
Walla McDaniel
Mayor Ivan Allen
City Hall
Atlanta, Ga.
Mr. Allen,
I am writing in protest to a statement that you made on T.V.
after the election runoff.
You stated that anyone who voted
for Lester Maddox was an idiot or very ignoranto
and I am not ashamed of it.
I voted for
I feel that I was very wise
in doing so and all who voted for hi
used good sense.
people of Geor gia had a choice and taey made it.
Who are you
I've always been told
to stand up and call people i gn orant?
I think you
that it take s an idiot to know one.
ade an idiot
out of yourself by proclaimi g this statement.
What kind of Georgian are you to get
way they voted?
ad at people for the
Have you forgotten that thi s is
Maddox will stand up fo r what h e b elieves i
loving people believe in.
and what the
He will not let ~us doWD
as you and all the others who have run for different offices.
akee all kind of pro,ises before they get 1
after they are e1ected they do not live up to the ·r
We do
not f el that Maddox will break his pro iees that ie why
a jority
voted r or hia o
I believe that Maddox will get a lot
El ct io
ore vote s 1
t he Ge er al
ow that yqu _sai d what you di d , and what t h e p apers
You also eaid that you were goi
el ct i o
day o
�Thie goes to ~how AtlaRta and all of Georgia what kind of
De ocrat you are.
What about the pledge?
do like Charles Welt ner.
be happy if you would.
Maybe you will
I suppose a lot of people would
I don't know what you are afraid
of, but it is about tie that Georgia got a Governor that
would back the people.
am thankful that I don't live in the city of Atlanta, but
am also thankful that I a
a Georgiano
You offered a $10,000.00 reward for information leading to
the arrest of the one guilty of shooting the Ne~ro, but how
much did you offer toward the arrest of the oneeguilty of
hurtin g your police en.
It looks to me like you show more
love for the rioter e than you do for your police forceo
you had used the
oney you offered for reward to g ive the
fir emen a rai s e Atlanta would be b etter of f .
would take Kin ~s advice
you've t ake
h is advic
and put the
Look s lik e you
baek to work , sinc e
before .
I think pe op l e lik e you who are agai et Madd ox should giv
a c han c e , then talk about hi• .
Who know e , he
i ght
ake on e of the be s t Gov er or e we have ev er ha d.
1 d
1 ht chan e about a lot of thi
e, he •i ht paee
a lat where your kid of people (Neiroee ) ea
•ov e 1
I believe the peopl
of Georgia are tired of people like
Sa ders, LoB.Jo, and the Coa u 1st .
They wa t eoae r al full
blood d Aaeri us who will repreeeat th
eo eo e who ie
fr edoa lovi
ot afraid to stand up ad fi ht for
v ryoa e
�rights, aad not try to pueh thinge that are u just down their
I am a ~emocrat and will continue to b e on e a e long ae we
have people like Maddox runming for officee, but ehould a
time cone whe
there i e no fit eugj ect runnin g for the·~
Democratic party the
eon rumni
I would vote Republica• if that per-
c could ateh up with Maddoxo
The American Soldier i e fiihti»~ i
Vi et Nam aiain~t Conn-
unieia ad yet there iB a lot of it here in Aaerica.
Com uniet are eettini back 1auc h1n , at ue b ecau ee of p e ople
like youo
Si cerely,
Soneo e from Maddox Cou try.
�Loganville, Ga;
Septo 29tho 19660
~yor ~vall Allen,
Atlanta, Georgia 0
Mr. Ma.yor:I have j ust listened t o your unjust,unwarra.nted,hypocritica l statement
c onc erning Hon. Lest er Maddox a nd his great po l itica l victory in the Sefto 28t h d
primary for t he Gover norship of Geor gia a This was the people of Geomie.1s victory as Mr. 11". addox i ndica.teda I voted for him and have be en working for his election all summef as our customers came to raj farm for peaches and I consid er your
rema rks an insult to the intelligence of we people,who refuse to be dominated by
King, LBJ, Weltner, Little Ra lph,Patters<m9 llugh s. Hartsfield_)) All en and other
integrationist, who with t he help of press and radio and TELEVISION are _ es·p onsi""
ble for the disres p ect for law and order in our country today, since these s0urces have made of themselves professional agitators trying to force conditions
on t h ese citiz ensl who sufported and voted for
o M
addox that you do not honor
in ·your own household and farmily relationso
We would like to see LBJ impeached., since he and his mis g;ui ed 11enchmen
are responsib l e for the ill will and chaos preva.iling between ne 6 roes etid whitss
today and he has fi nis hed bankrupting this c ountry and is now we ll 0n the wayto
d es troying its rranp0wer in the mud ho les of 1Jiet-Namo Guess you notic ed that his
popularity had de clined to a mere 50%~ Just for the r ecord it has be en O with me
a long timeo He will wind up next e lection day ~~th his demagogues and SOCIAL
EQUAL::; on the one side and good citiz~ns who believe i n oonst ituti ona l go~ernment ( not s upreme c ourt governnent) individua l i nitiat ive and r es pect for ind ividual ri ghts on ' he ot her ar,d we have ·us t expe rienc ~ci vhat t a ppens t o d ic Latoria l inf luences vhen the people s ~~ako
�ganviU •
i ·a e Cit1
n, C-haa . S ortai h
• Ge _r . ia .
t n.

1 66.
�Ron .

l tlllta ,
Ga .
Der 1.r: -

.• "
b lo .

They started with the queere8t ldeara oonoetvables v1zs
that all men are born tree and equal - th111 in the very
teeth ot GRADATION'S laws, so v1sably impressed upon all
things, both 1n the moral and ~hys1oa1 un1veree. Ever,
m•n voted. ss they oslled. 1t~ until At length 1t was d1aeove,-ed that what 1e evel"Jbody'a bue1neae 1e nobodJ'••
an~ that the ·~epubt~• ( eo the abeuPd thing was oalled)
was without a govemment at all~
It ts relatet, however, that the tirat c1roumBtanoe
wh1oh 41eturbed the eelt-complajoenoy ot the ph11oaoi,here
who oon11truoted this "Republio"wae the startling d1ecovery
that un1vereat 'eufterage' gave oppertun1ty tor fraudulent
aohemea, bf wh1oh any dea1red number ot votes m1ght at any
time be poled, without the e11ghtest ohanoe of prevention·
or even 4eteot1on, by any party wh1oh ehould be merely vil~
11anoua enough not to be afraid ot the fraud.
A little rerlect1on on th1a diecOYer, euttered to
Nnder evident the eonaequencee, wh1ob wer-e, that raeoa11ty
muat predominate - 1n a word - that Republican Governaent
could never beonme anything other than a
Wb11• the philoso~hern, however, wereeed 1n bluah•
1ng at the1r own atup1d1ty 1n not having foreseen th••• ln•
evitable ev11e and intent ui,on new theoriea, the matter waa put
to an abrupt 1eaue by a fellow bJ the nne or MOB, who took
every thing 1n h1a own lulnda and set up a deepoil'am 1n oom-par1eon with wh1oh those or the tabUloua ZEROS and HEU,OFAGABA•
LTJSE8 wew'r both ~eepeotable and delectable. Thia MOB, by the by,
s toretgnep, ls es1d t9 be the most odiua o~ All men who ever
encumbeNtc! the ea'l"th. Re was a giant 1n~)neolent, rapat1oua, ...;i
r,h11thy; had the gnll of B bullock. the..v . _
ot an bJ•na and (he.crrt;
the• of a peaooak. He d1ed at la• by dint ot th1a own
"More remarkable atlll 1s that Poe
waa praoticallJ the only American
writer ot his age who toreeaw aome
or the inevitable weakneaeea inherent
1n the demoaratio theory and boldly commented
t.Jf-'<D 1 ) ~ . "In .MELLONTA TAUTA' .. a oonveraat1on au~poaed to take plaoe 1n A. o.
~4A.Poe mak a the aboYe obaervat1on on
demoorao7 1n the United Ststea•.
Harvey Allan, srthur.
Are you w1111ng to hazsat"d ·a dime that, with oond1t.1ona
ae 1e tn this N,.t1on or OUN-. todaJ where~ 11 a teetering eor• at ever by paaa and ·vot1nf 'en mass' is an
1nnovat1on, glaring, and th• 'tail just sbout begins
to wag the iog, 1000 yeara will elapse ere Poe'e prognoet1Qst1on 1e a reality?
PtE•'·1 1' 1\TIQ/':EN,..,ES
,..,, _

There-sat at my dad's su0Der table on a Sunday Afternoon whE-11
I was a lad an old retired L~theran minister, by the name of Carrol.
Doctor Carroll had snent the bulk of his ministeral carreer in the
State of Pennsylvania, and was then living with a married dau3hter
here in our midst. He and dad had become quite friendly. The topic
of conversation just then happened to be 'polit):,,c.;,~and Doc}~~roll
says accross the table to me, "John ~ do you know.-\Benjamin--\nappened
to be elected nresident over 3-rover Cleveland in 1888 11 ? My answer was
"No 11 '. "Well", - says he, 11 I will tell you 11 •
"Mr. John Wanamaker, the wealthy Phila. merchant and Sunday
School teacher suddenly acquired political asp~rations so he sent for
Mr. Mathew Stanley Quay the U.S. Senator and republican boss of the
state and be says to him: "Mr. Q.uay, I have 50 thousand dollars here
for Mr. Harrison's campaign and I want you to take and use it where
you think it will do the most good". "Now where do you suppose that
he put it? My prompt reply was: "He put it in his pocket". "No"?
says he, "Not ali of it". "To snend it in Pennsylvanis meant merely
throwing it in the sewer that state being already safe and sound. He
goesover into Brooklyn and gets a ward•healer to line up 5 thousand
repeaters (the woods being full of such cattle in those days) to grow
beards. On election day they showed up at the polls first with a full
growth: some hours later they showed up with side-burns, then ta~er on
with only a mustash and finally clean shaven. The State of New fork
was . Harrison's by 8000 and John Wanamaker, the Sunday-School teacher
became Post Master General.
Thus much on the election of President Harrison so now for
some politics of a local flavor. Who in his right mind would ever
have dreamed that an obscure pursonage by the name of Thomas S. Martin
would ever have defeated one of our Confederate War heroes whose name
was Fitzhugh Lee for a seat in the u. s. Senate? Well, he dia, and
by just such tactics as was used in the defeat of Mr. Cleveland by
senator Quay. The only difference being that the black man's vote
was used instead of that of his be•whiskered_::'b:f other- 1 s. Thie system
was rampant in the good old days beforethe pole-tax and registration
laws were placed on our statute books. Poe saw it in 1844 and he so
vividly described same saying; "A republical government could never
become other than a rascally one.
These laws were not' -ror the purpose of depriving tiiJe Negro of
his right to vote any other than that of the white man whose ballot
was for sale to the highest bidder and they could be ourchased by
the dump•cart load just before sun-down at 50t per head. In plane
language the system was nothing other than cheating Now o~r .Sugr~-1¥£
Court comes along and says that where the U.S. government~a 'naw torthe prevention of cheating in politics is unconstitutional ' ~i
Well, if this condition be so, why is it not unconstitutional
to prevent cheating in her military College out in Colorado?
And President Johnson tells theworld that he is going to enforce this
decision at the point of the bayonet if necessary.
John Milton told us
that; "Who overcomes by force has overcome d but half his foe",
From earliest youth I had been a great fancier of POE both as
a poet and story teller, but all else I could l ea rn was that he was
morally a sot and practically died in the gutter. It was not until I
got hold of his biography by Mr Harvej Allen that I saw a new light.
Poe was a caustic critic of our form of government and his traducers
were many.
· "He who ascends to mountain tops shall find,
The loftiest peaks all wrapped in clouds and snow".
Atlanta--Monday-- 7 P.M.--October
Or All-in, Ivan The Great:
Please announce to the pr ss that you will be the coordinator fer
LeRoy Johnson in his campaign to run for Congr•ess.
Samp Hppkins is our choice for public relations man or the writer
to prepare handouts.,
You helped us smash Ellis Arnall when the At:lanta papers
said you
were pDesent in Newnan for the barbecue.
Thousands of people of
vote getter
Georgia are laughine; at you besides
H<,n •. Lester Maddox,, a Christian ;~entleman.
L~s ter came up the hard w y and had to work when a young man to
help feed the familYe· He I s a good business man ..
Your were brought up in the lap of luxury 9 Never have you been hungry except for power"~political and financial powero
Arnal said nhe shore was dimlf seen
Before the primary
date the ~c ore waa
ffll.iil.lJ seen
Or All-in, YOU, Ralph, Gene, Golds ten, Dick, Martin Luther,
Myer at Gainesvill , enabled
us to defeat the
Newnan Bragger.
Don't welt because Charles saw the score in advance~
��De tr o it , Mich i r; an
Se p tember 29, 1966
, on . I van Al l en
City Ha ll ant a, Georg i R
Dear Sir :
A l oc a l psychi a trist.up on viewing your impassioned
con demn:'3 tion of Lester
adctox. says y ou have lost contact
with y rmr s urrounding s, and show a de eneration of personality.
He ha npened to be l ook in ga t your TV
ap nearance.
He suggests fear.following lorn,; morbid broo ding , base d on.
some proba ble deviation for which you have a guilt dread
caused you to exceed self control in your attitude.
He a leo analyzed one of the subordinate mot i ves ; a s a fear
of r e prisal by tho ~e who e levated you to public off i ce,
shoul d y ou not cont i.nue in the d irect i on you embrac ed in
order to ga in f avor or ig inally.
He SUR;Q_;es ts tha t your f a ilure to recogn ize iJ the mood of
·you r community, an d t ha t with a n all-out abandon y ou h ave
adop t ed a de fi anc e inst ead of c omp liance.
H9 says Atla nta will d8 s e r t y ou an d the n po litic aJ l y des t roy
you an d those who erect e d t he s tructure you er ected there
Your abandoned and mali~nant
attack on the v ouers,he says 6
marks the end of public confidence
in you .
�. M7~,6'1?
c0 . 9 ° ,) l 1~ b

l11;u '-yy)
. ~CVL.>


~·,._~· ~ rt V ~
~ ~ · ~
~ ~~ ~
~ ~~ -h
·~.·~ lit WCLb
~()fa~ ,
~~ ~ CUA_~
\... _,,.__,L ~ .
, ._..___.. u~
VA- ~
. -
.- , CUL
. . , ,,, . _
. ..
~~ ~ 16:42, 29 December 2017 (EST)-cl
~fl ,
~ .~~,.__,,-u ,-
~- .. / ..
. . .____.. . .__.. ' - -
PHONE 2-3200
October 1, 1966
Mr. Ivan Allen
Atlanta, Ga.
Dear Sir:
I am so very dis appointed in you, as I knew
you in your work with Boy Scouts . My opinion of
you was such a good one and I thought you to be a
good Christian gentleman. I think your work would
be harmful to Boy Scouts n ow.
To my knowledge, I have never met nor seen
Mr. Lester Maddox . I heard part of hi s s peech over
WSB, Tuesday before election. I am sure you heard
him or knew what he said.
I h ave talk ed to a number of people today.
Some of them are as fine Christian people as I've
ever kno\-m . After he aring you, t hese pe ople all
say t hey will endorse what Lester Maddox said .
One Christian l ady told me that she and her
husband were a t a ball game in Atlan ta several
nights ago. Two men and a woman on seat behind
t hem were dr i nking with r owdy disturbance. She
said t hey could not en joy the game as we ll as
other pe ople who were seated around t hem . The
woman who sat between t he two men went to the re st
room. Whi le she was gone the men planned s ome lies
to tell their wives. These men were bragging of
their family and pr ofessional standing . One of the
men was an eye specialist .
Another patient from Bowdon was in my office
today and said almost the same thing happened to he
and his wife except t he par t~ was in fr ont of t hem.
I heard a salesman who lives in At lanta tell a group
in my office a few weeks ago that he personally knew
Mr. Maddox and that he was one of the finest Christian
gentlemen he knew and t hat Mr. Maddox would get down
any time to help an unfortunate up.
I wish you could visit the Carroll County Prison
with me and see the results of what has happened to
homes as a result of wrong leadership.
Do you consider it honorable to endorse what
is going on there? Are you pr oud of ·what you said
about the good people who voted for Lester Maddox.
I don't think you and the Atlanta paper s have
any ri ght to call the one third million good people who
voted for Mr. Maddox such low types as you are doing.
�, --,
/ near Sir:Did you really say this? If you did, I answer you thus:
The state or Georgia is its· people--not,
necessarily, its politicians.
And it isn~t up to the politicians to tell
the people how to vote.
When you say that the "seal or the great State
or Georgia~ lies- tarnished," you are maligning
the people of Georgia~
For the people are the ones who voted for
Lester Maddox ..
Like most politicians of your ilk, you smugly
believe in the old saw "papa knows best."
This time, my friend, the people decided they
best ..
Bust your gut at your convenience; the people
couldn•·t care less.
Walter Mi tty •.
Mr.Ivan Allen, Jr.
City Hall
Atlanta, Ga.
My Dear Sir;
Prior to your stateement about the Democratic
nominee I would have addressed you as Honorable Mayor, but
the statement that you made has reduced your statue in the
eyes of many. Your statement was so similar to the one made
by Dr. Martin Luther King, and came after his statement I
wonder if he did not direct your statement.
Mr. Allen, I cannot see how you can call approximately
490,000 voters in Georgia ignorant, and not responsible
for their actions. I am afraid that your statement has
done a lot of damage to the business people of Atlanta,
as the remainder of Georgia looks to Atlanta as an ideal
shopping center, and no one likes to be told they are
ignorant, and irresponsible.
Could it be that you are still hurt over the irresponsible
Democratic Nominee securing more white votes than you aid
in The Mayors election??o
The fish will be biting good in November, and you will be
making another mistake if you do not go fishing while the
irresponsible people of Georgia go to the POLLS. If the
fish keep their mouths closed, as you should have done
you will have to go by the fish market before you return
�0 ~
/ - l t,
�October 1, 1966
Office of the Mayor
City Hall
Atlanta, Georgi.a
Dear Mayor Allen:
I have held off writing you concerning your statements
regarding the recent Democratic run off, hoping you might
possibly make a public apology.
Over 400,000 Georgians voted tor Mr. Maddox. He is one
or the few who has taken a stand against the so-called "Great
Society" and has worked his way to this point without any help
and with a lot of opposition.
I am amazed to have read these
comments made by you.
Mr. Mayor, what were your qualifications for your present
job, before your election?
The experts seem unable to understand how Mr. Maddox won.
It is my personal opinion that the public suddenly became fed up with
the Cox newspapers and radio station WSB trying to influence them.
Then after the selection, came Mayor Allen"s comments and they are
now sure they did the right thing.
We have had enough.
I am glad I am a resident of Sandy Springs and that we voted
against joining you in your City of Atlanta, because if there ~ have been
been any "tarnished seals" you have certainly brought disgrace to the
City of Atlanta.
�Atlant a, Georgi a
October 1 , 1966
Mr . Ivan Allen, Mayor
City Hall
68 Mitchell Street ,
Atlant a , Georgia
Dear Mayor Allen:
No doubt you have al ready heard of the people ' s unfavorable reaction t o
your speech on T. v., l ast Thursday night , agains t our newl y- elected
Gover nor , cal l i ng the people who voted for him, 11I GNORANT 11 • This wi ll
not s oon be forgotten.
I r ode the bus into Atla nta, Fr i day morning , and t he t opic of conversation,
among nzy- f ellow- passengers , was your speech and your derogatory r emarks
agai nst Mr . Maddox . One woman passenger, who appeared to be i n her middle
seventies, s a i d "I n all nzy- l ife, I have never seen as much venom in a manr s
eyes as you had in yours during your speech agai nst our choice f or t he next
Govenor of Georg_iaV As in the case of the Atlanta Newspapers, w. s. B.,
every knock, the people reacted the s ame - EVERY KNOCK TO MR. MADDOX WAS A
If f ormer Mayor Hart sfield saw all the hat red , bi t terness and jealousy displayed during your speech, he will change hi s mind about 11 THE PEOPLE OF
Mr . Mayor , instead of your worrying abput the seal of our great state of
Georgia being tarnished, by the people• s choice for our nex~· Governor of
the s t at e of Georgia, you had better be worrying about the tarnish to you,
due to that unjust speech you made against Mr. Maddox and the people of
the state of Georgi a , which ,u ll not rub off , even if you used one of
Mr . Maddo~ 1 s pick handles.
Mr . Mayor, you should have 1 t Martin Luther King make his own speec\J. if
you intend to ever run f or public office again, because the speech in
question neither won you a.ey vot es nor influenced the people . You left
out part of Martin ' s s peech - the part where he said t hat Mr . Maddox •s being
elected Governor made him sorry that he is a Georgian. Thousands of Georgians
share his sentiments - for we, t oo , are sorry th the is a Georgian.
I have never had the pleasure of meeting M;r . Maddox, but I feel sure that
he is a Christian, standing up for what we all know in our hearts is right.
Mr . Maddox is the Horatio Alger-type , having worked hard all his life to
make this world a better place in which to live. I have always voted for
Mr . Maddox, and will continue to do so.
Mr. Allen, you have shown the firemen of the city of Atlanta no consideration
whatsoever. All the firemen I know have to work at t wo jobs to earn a l i ving, but
you wouldn•t know anything about that, would you?
Happy fishing to you and Martin Luther, come voting day, NOVEMBER 8th.
Mr . Maddox will have enough votes without yours and Martin•s to win.
I would like to sign off, for now, with this little poem:
Think about this poem when dealing with our city firemen, won•t you?
,) ~ ~
LMrs.: Grace Rice Atlanta , Georgia
Mre I.Allen
~ ynr nf Atlanta.
Atlanta, Ga .
Dear Mr. Allen.
If Ynu knew how ri iculnus Ynu snunded, when Ynu spnke l"l f
,r .
Maddnx, Ynu
ould nnt have dnne same.
Miny or us feel, that You n~t only owe an apology t o .Mre
~ddoX, but also tn many that prefered him 9 to any other oandidate.
1hile nobody is trying to t ake away V r r ~-::---~
ddox and many of us think, that white people have soilli rights a lsn,
hich he will try t o preserve for us .
Am enolos1Dg to nf
ddnx 's autn stickers, one f or
Your car, and one for Your FRONT DOOR, use them.
A fine demncrat You turned nut t o Be
Its a pi t y, that Y~ur f ri ends, where not able to stnmp
You prnperly, the nther day at the stadium.
Cnppy t n

EStes Roa, Rt2.,
College Park. Ga.
- -~
- - ~~ ~-
- cw_
~ ~-U-,1
- --=a~
- ~ -·,YJ:-~


�1830 Peachtre e Road N. W.,
At l anta , Georgia, 30309,
October 2 , 1966.
Honorable-Ivan Allen Jr.,
City Hall
At l anta , daorgia.
Dear Mayor Allen :
If I coul d h a ve my choice Mr . Maddox would not be Ge oPgia 1 s- next Governor ~
but t hank s to you and Elli s Arnall, I am a lmost certain tha t h e will b e
occupying the new mansi on next year .
Mr . Arn~ll's strike below t he belt
gav e him many thousands of vot es which n o doubt was responsible for his
l ar ge vict o1~y i n t .. run off, and followed by a similar b low on y our par t
is sufficient to pl nce him in the Governor ' s chair.
If I understood you correctly, y ou als o saw fit to clas s ify all of the
p e op l e wh o voted for r,'l:r . Maddox as extr emist , b i a s ed and i gnorant. It
has in the past s eemed to b e very proper for a bl ock of i gnor ant and
bias e d p eop l e to v ot e for you .
If I would hazard a fsUe ss y ou would h a ve
ne ver been Mayor of Atl anta h a d it not b een f or the n cgro block vote., which
c ertainly can b e cla s s ed a s bias e d if n ot i gnorant.
They may h a ve h.a d a
p erf e ct ri ght t o vot e a s they d i d, but this s ame ri ght, without criticism,
sh ou ld b e gr ant e d to other pe ople.
Ther e s eems to
voting for Mr.
b e e n r eversed ,
hav e b een much
be a gr e at deal of criticism a lso about s ome r epublicans
Granting t hi s to be t r ue, if the sit.uation h a d
E' nd t h e se r epublic ans h a d voted for Mr. Arnall would there
criticism by his follo wers-- I doubt it.
I h oar a great deal t h0se days about extr emism.
Ju st wha t is an oxtr emistt?
An e xtremi s t s ems to b e a nerson t hat h ns vi e~sof h i s own a nd opp osite to
th person who ye lls ex.'bremist.
If I r ememb er corr ectly, Chr ist h ad no
p a ti ence with a lukc warm person or y ou mi gh t s ay a middl o of t h e r oader.
I am just an i ndividual with no ax to grind-- just sitting on the s i de
l ine s a n d t rying to t ake in vrhat tr a n sp ir e s dai ly, and t he above in a
de gr e expr e sse s my reaction.
PHONE 361-7524
October 3rd, 1966
· Mayor Ivan Allen, Jr.
-City Hall
Atlanta, Ga.
Your Honor the Mayor:
I consider your remarks concerning the election
of L0ster Maddox highly insulting and to use your
own remarks, 11 irresponsible 11 •
I have as much education, just as higher morals,
and as an American Indian, I consider just as high
a background as you have.
I vot ed for Le st er Maddox and if you wer e anything
at h eart but a dictator you would b e content for
p eopl e to vot e as they pleas e .
Sinc erely yours ,
L.C. Stuart
"A going church for a coming Lord"
�----. ---~------;
~~------=-----_---=------- -
ST. ,
875 - 7169
N. W,
October 3, 1966
Mayor Ivan Allen, Jr.
City Hall
Atlanta, Georgia
Dear Mr. Allen:
From your recent press conference, you implied that this is
not a fr ee country. You were v e ry upset and made a lot of
nasty remarks becau_s e the people voted of their own chorl:: ce
for Mr. Maddox in the primary election. Further, you said
the majority of the people who voted for Mr. Maddox were
illiterate and ignorant.
This is simply to advis e I voted for Mr. Maddox, and e v e n
though I do not have a 180 I.Q., I don't b e li e ve I ' m ignor a nt.
The peeple of Georgia do not respect you very much , and every
time you and the Atlanta newspapers talk against Mr. Maddox,
you are just adding mor e votes to his election.
You me ntione d tha t Mr . Ma ddox wa s not qua l i f ied fo r the job.
Howe v er, if you wi ll r e c al l, I don 1 t th i nk you were qua l ified
for the May o I{ 1 S job when you went into office .
I r e aliz e you were under duress by y our Negro v oters and wer e
t ryi ng to paci fy th e m b y r e mark ing as you did. Howe v er, the s e
remar k s we r e c e rtainly uncalle d f o r.
�September 30, 1966
His Honor The Mayor
Ivan Allen, Jr. ,
City Hall
Atlanta, Georgia
De a r Sir:
Your tyrannous reaction and statement to the press,
radio and TV on Lester Maddox's sur prising victory
in the Democratic Pri mary Run-Off on Thursday was
malicious and very unbecoming for a high public official
to make.
It is indeed unfort unate you cannot and did not accept
the "will of the people" as graciously as did our
Governor, Mr. Sanders and other high Democratic officials.
Thank God for the ballot box, we Georgians can still
make our preferenc e k nown, and I fo r one, don't conside r
myself stu p id or ignorant. I voted for Mr. Maddox · a nd
am proud of it and sh a ll do so a ga in come Nove mber .
Ann R . Br oo ks
1 503 Nor t h Deca tur Roa d
At lan t a 7, Ge or gi a
�.• ......
Atlanta, Oeo1..gia
September 30, 1966
.:v-·. ..~' ·.
,(,( t ·.;.
.. . ...
. ·.·,
.. ,
, • . '(•'"" •'
A atl ve Geor 1.a n


,•t: ••.i:~ ~

Honorab le ~ ay or Ivan Allen
Mayor , City of Atl a nta
Atl an t i:, , Geo r g i a
Dear Mr . Mayor :
I vi ewed with i smay your cornn1Pnt s on C:i3S
Whi te Bae ~l ash , 1 TuesdBy ~ef, t € 27 , 1966 .
re 1-ort:::
Bls ck
ower -
Your remark th a t Georgi a W€nt i epublican in 1964 "entir€'ly"
bec au~e of tbe whit e back l sh was a most unf crtuno t e , un-c · llcd f o r,
i r res ponsible statement of t hs rankest sor t.
s~ch a sta t ement does gre Gt injustice to tbe hepub lic G.n 1- ar ty
of Georcia in gener~ l 2nd th e peo~ l e of Geo~gi a in particul ar .
You ~ i nfer en ce seems to be only th ose votes with rLcia l overtones
were cast for BpPry Goldwater . Th i ~ it wha t ~11 doctin~ire liber a l s
woul d li ke to think . I pe r8on~ lly fe e l you owe the peo~ l e of Georgi a
an apology for you".' i rn:inu ·- tion that th ey a_e not c.iiscernin[ voter s .
I sugr est to you Geor1:, i o. went Frn1,, ublican in 1964 "~ntirc ly 11 i n
repudi .., tion of Lyndon B2ines Johrn::on ur~d Hubert Boru.ti c Lumphrey and
their t>c ~ tic , we lf are , [ iv away .:; Cherne~ of the 11 Gre ot Society . "
I tru s t you rea lize the · e1,uolic " nism borne i n 196~ b2s &l :::c
spawned hundreds of Rep ub lic 9 n c ~ndidt: te E th r·out..hou t Geori:,ie includ~n[
the le ed in[ gubernatc~ i o l c a ndid a te.
The full imiort oft.~ 1964
birth of Rei-ub lic r: ni sr:i u ill be f e lt C' V. 8 , 1966 '1 t the 1,olls .
you there .
.., i nc erely,
,,alt Davis
1 . $.
In vie·,1 of rece n t Der,1o c.: rc:i tic nomini ticn, suu_e~ t you
vote e ub lic ·-n 1 v. 8.
�I consider this defamation
of my character. I am a
Democrat, a college graduate
with highest honors and a
successful business man and
I voted for Maddox.
Lester Maddox built a $500,000
business on his own. J-our father
gave you a. job.
Your statement is beneath the
dignity of the Mayor's office.
Here is another display of
your temper. I recall the time
when you turned on the manager
of the Henry Grady Hotel in
a burst of anger.
I voted for you but never again!
~ ~ ~
~ ~
\ •
~.,. -,-
\ '
(!;d__ I Y
~ --•
U~ ,
-fuA- ~ :L/2UL ~
~J:!ii ~.Ao v ~
~c/4 ~ } " .
~ ~~
, - - -~
e/4 ~
/_J L d"VI)_
· ,};-·~
�Gr eens boro, Ga .
Se pt. 30, 1966
Ivan Allen , Mayor
City of Atlanta
Atlant a , Ga.
Dear Sir:
I believe you owe an apology to Gover nor-nomine e Le st e r Maddox
and t he s everal hundred t hous and Geo rgians who voted for him.
Your pos t el e ction stat ement wi th its intempe r ate , contemptible,
and s lurring r emarks wa s deplora ble and c e rtainl y l a cking in
wisdom, justice , or mo der ation .
The fact t hat this r eckless st at eme nt wa s carri ed on nationwide t e levision i s a blot on t he good name of the City of Atlanta .
It woul d h ave been fa r better to have suppressed your a pparent
bitt e r f e eling of r e s ent ment t hat another Atlantan woul d bea t
you to the gov er nor ' s mansion .
Yours truly ,
w.r , ~
W. J. Thu r mond
�September 29, 1966
Mayor I van Allen, Jr .
Atlanta City Hall
Atlanta, Georgia
Dear Mayor Allen ;
I t appears from your statement of this date that you have stooped
to a depth of hate mongering that few leaders have matched in
recent times. You are of course completely out of step with the
wishes and desires with the great ma j ority of Georgians. I
believe your action of this da t e need a reconsideration and an
apology to the people of Georgia and to our next overnor, Mr.
Lester Maddox.
Decatur, Ga.
DI 7-9140
JA 7-1213
September 30; 1966
Mr. Ivan Allen
Office of the Mayor
Atlanta, Georgia
dear Mayor:
On yesterday, Thursday the 29th, I listenend with amazement t o the
television broadcast and read in the Washington Post this morning of your
statement concerning the nomination of Mr. I.ester Maddox as the Democratic
candidate for Governor of Georgia.
While I am not a resident or a voter in your state, I cannot refrain,
as a United States citizen and a voter of the State of North Carolina and
one who all his .life bas been interested in and supported the Democratic
party, from writing you to express my feelings with respect to your comments.
In my hU11ble opinion, you have slandered and case unfair aspers i ons
on the intelligence, sense and honesty of purpose of over 425,000 citizens
of Georgia who cast their votes fDr Mr. Maddox.
It is unfortunate that a public official such as yourself would take
such an attitude and speak out in the manner that you have in the face of
the strong mandate of the voters expressing their choice.
Your hasty and unwarranted expressions give a new insight into your
extreme views and you certainly have disqualified yourself from any further
public service by such derogatory comments about your own citizens.
I shall look forward with pleasure and anticipation to the time when
you next seek re-election as the mayor of the fine city of Atlanta in the
sincere hope that the "idiots, rabblerousers, fools", etc. as you described
them, will pass j udgment on
�September 30, 1986
Bear Mr. Mayor,
Shame on you for such an out-~urst on NBC Television yesterday.
Mr. Mayor I have seen you time and again braving the brick-
bats of the mobs in Atlanta, trjing to restore order to your beautiful city.
You have my complete support, and respect.
But goodness!
Lester Maddox is not that bad!
The entire
country took their hats off to him for standing up to his consittutional rights in his battle with the Federal Government.
would lose.
He knew he
I drove down to see a man who would sacrifice so much
for his freedom.
I talked with him a long time.
We may not agree
on e v eryth i ng, but God knows he was on solid legal ground.
Incompetent you say .
Study the life of the great and r espected
Sen. Georg e, of Eugene Town send, and even Herman.
Such e pithets
h a ve bean hurled at t h e m, REJ a nd b y men of greater statu r e th an the
present Mayo r o f At l a n ta.
Were all 45 0 . 009 ignorant?
Calm down, sir.
I gno r an t people voted f o r him , you cry.
Not many n egro s i n t hat crowd, Mr. Mayor .
It is some times bitter to see a political ene-
my rise to the top.
Leste r was right, your statement sounded more like Bro ther
Ki ng's.
. Braly,
�Septemb r 30, 1966
.Augusta Oa.
MaYOr lTan Jllen
City Ball
Atlanta Ga.
Dear Sir;
In reference to your recent stateaent you aade concerning Mr. Lester
Maddox( Democratic Hombee For Governor), I wish to enter a strong protest
to 7eu personally for your statement 7ou made to the people ot Ga." that
he was elected by the coliibined forces of ignorance, prejudice., reactionisa.,
and the duplicity ot ~ Republican voprs". I wish to inform 70u that 1111'
right to vote 1a ..,- Goel* given right of our Comt1tut1on mcl I consider.,.
self not ignorant but three years of high school edllcation here in Augusta,
and it JUI' be true that I do not ban the political kilo. how in pol.it1ce
u you aa;v possess and I consider it a d1agrace to the people of our good
state ot Oa. tor you to llake a public state..ntn oalling the people of Ga.
ignorant becaue they voted for Mr. Maddu:•. In 111T opiniaa J"Oll owe the people
ot la. an apoloa for aak:Jng a as that. I TOte tor whoa I vaot to
vote tor md I oertainl.y do not appreciate it some one called• ignorant
beoaue I did. not vote tor their hand picked candidate. I • a World War II
veteran and. we fought tor the right to TOte as we pl.ease ad I think 7oa
sh011ld apologise for th• recent statnent you made. Mr. Allen., for your
information I do not clai:a to posses all the bra:lns that are to be had and
I aa certa:lnl.y not a "crank" but a stateMDt nch as this fro• the 11&,10r ot
our capitol city of Atlanta Ga. certainly "shakes me up". '!here are plenty ot
citizens here 1n Auguata also take exception to your stataent and they too
want to inform you that they are not stupid or ignorant u your atataent IU1'
imply. I Toted tor Mi-. aster Maddox 1n the Democratic nn off and i t the good
lord is v1111q., I intend to certainly Tote tor Mr. Maddox 1n the general election
in llOTaber. I do not aq that people· ar• ignorant became rq oand1date lost.
I feel like that i t that 1a what the ll&jority want 1t 1a alr~b.t with •• I a
not a Republican and h&Te alwqa voted the O..Ocratic tick#so do not accuse•
ot :being a Republican., I aa not a rabbi - rouser so do not accuse • ot being a
hate - 110nger., and I a certainly not illcoapetent u I ban a fairly good education,
I would like to suggest to you that 1n the .tuture it your candidate should loae., do
net call the people ignc,rant becau• they did no
. t TOte yaur wq• I w~d like to
know•" Who do you think you are calling • stupid., ignorant., and illcupetent because
I did not TOte tor your candidqe"• I only vish I were a citizen of Atlanta where
I could Tote against J'OU, but according to you., I • ignorant bee.a• I did not TOte
tor you. I nggest yoa handle the
oftiw in Atlanta and let the peo)l.• oC 0a.
Tote u thq please.
Thank You.,
c.c. Mr.
Lester Maddox
Atlmta Ga.
�. RM4 _ 1J.01i 149
A&....~ "' -rA. <.=. ~ -

Dear Friends:
I sincerely wish that I could answer your wonderful
letter supporting my stand against civil disobedience
in a more personal manner. Having received well over
1500 letters and hundreds of telegrams, it is quite
difficult .
Please accept my heartfelt thanks for your words of
encouragement during our City's hour of trial and peril .
I will always fight for the preservation of the rights
of all men r ega r dless of ra ce , c ol or, or cr ee d.
law i s fo r e ve r yone a n d it mus t be r e sp ecte d a nd up held.
Re sp ec tf u lly a nd e ve r g ratef ul , I
n j ian
~'-d ,
mayor of t h e City of Wa u kegan
RS :jc k

�[ _ _ _ _ _- - - ~I f this nati on i s to survive and pr evail duri ng .t he
next cent ury i n its life-oI'-deat h struggl e aga inst Communi sm,
its most vi tal single asset must be the mental and moral
s t rengt h of i ts chil dren . Yet, we are f a ced t oday with the
tragi c picture of call ous , sel fish , nati onal polit icians
bart er ing a ay this pr icel ess possession i n a f ranti c race
to gratify minority pressure groups and to present t o the.
rest of the worl d an i llusory image port raying the United
States as a clas sle ss so ciety.
Despi te t he shameful aft ermath of s ch oo l int egrati on
i n New York City and Wash i ngt on , D. C., despi te i ncont rovert ibl e st atistics s howing that t he per capi t a . cr i me r at e
among negroes i s at l eas t t en t imes. as great as that of the
whit es , the Federal juggernaut ro~l s exexorabl y forward ,
as though fo l l owing a bluepr i nt to mi s cegenati on, gr i ndi ng
Stat es Right s i nt o t he dust and mocki ng t he ideal of government by p~ers derived from consent of t he go verned.
Must the Sout h suffer a Congol ese debacle , must every
whi te girl be ravished, must every white boy be felled by
a s pring-blade kni fe , must the white race be degraded t o
t he mire of sensualism, before the st ark , element al trut h
i s a cknowl edged •• o,o eo t hat there i s a vast differenc e whic h
has nothi ng to do with col or of the ski n?
I had the mis f o rtune of sp end ing th e f i rst twenty years
of my life i n cl ose ass oci ati on with negroes and for f i ve
of those years ours was the onl y white f amily wi t h i n a radius
of a half-mil e on every si de . Tha t, I am sure , i s a more
comprehensive ba ckground than t han of t he nine Supreme Court
justices and Myrdal , the exotic new fount ai nhead of American
juri sprudenc e . Needless to say , I intend to spare my chi ldren
a s i milar unedifying appr enticeshi p , even if it ent ails transfer ring them fro m par ochial. s chools to private s chool s , and ,
if n c es s ary , di ssolvi ng my business and moving to a western
st at e (Cal i fornia excluded }. I t i difficult en ougb t o r ear
children properly today , bes ieged as they are by th e t empti ng ,
lurid f ar e of TV , movi es , nd magazines , ; t h out further
exposing them to per i lous as ·ocia ti on wit oung negroe s who
'ha ve been whel ped in th e s ordid environ o incest , i ll gitim cy ,
unbridl ed sex without l ove , s yphillia and
norrhea , and addiction to
n , m rijuana , muscat el wine , and th e l atest pana c ea ,
he vi ly drugged cough s yrup .
Page 2
The typical young negro male believes that hi s onl y.
reason for exist ence i s the riotous indul genc e of his
geni tal organs . The average young negress is the very
s ymbol of promis cuit y . · I f this genoci dal pro gram of
s chool integratio~ is pursued , you can be sure that mos t
whil e chi ~dren wil l have been indoct rina t ed to the f acts
of life· before the age of t en in t he moust uncouth , vul gar
manner conitei vable . I do not hate the i ndivi dual negrol
but , considered ethni cally , t hey are the dregs of humanit y
and that c onditi on will be changed onl y by pai nfully sl ow
evolut i on , not by r eams of mandat es from Washington , D_. c.,
·pro claiming "ei ali t y"
I have little ouot about the outc ome of the pending
if only because of; the pragmati c reason that the c entral
government has m e t anks and bayonets than the states
and that immense, elastic t arpaulin , "Equal Prote ction
of the Law" , c n always be stretched a bit more . Your
tenure in this world will expire in the next 'tf1enty or
twenty-fl ve fleeting years , at mo.:1t , and you must face
the Supre e rbiter . I devoutly hope that you
n ju~tify
your ruli ngs at that times .
Very truly yours ,
• GALLI mousE
�o. o. s.
cHAS. '-·
1-1, j
ii I

C!!om17lete cfrz.uzrance ~rµz'ce
September 30 , 1966
Mayor Ivan Allen
City Hall
Atlanta , Georgia.
Dear Sir:
Your recent statements over national television have created
such a resentment in me that I can not help but express to
you my utter contempt for such a statement. I happen to be
one of the half million white Georgians that you denounce
as being ignorant , irresponsible , full of bigotry and prejudice. I think such a statement from the Mayor of Atlanta
shows utter irrespo nsibility. You have done more damage to
the Democratic party and to the cause of the negro in Georgia
by such a statement than anything else.
If you really feel that Mr . Maddox is so unqualified to be
governor of Georgia I suggest you sµpport Mr. Callaway as
governor unless you place all Republicans in the same catagory
as those referred to above. I can not help but make this expression to you direct.
truly ,
H. McKenzi
a mutual life Insurance company
September 30 , 1966
Dear Mra Editor:
Is Lezter Maddox so strong and powerful in his beliefs that he frightens
the Mayor of Atlanta and the great Civil Rights" Leader into making
statements that make "dolts" of themselves?
The Mayors ya the Great seal of the State of G orgia has been. tarnished .
The Civil Rights Leader say~ he is ashamed to b a Georgian .
I think th t the great state of Georgia is ashamed to have to claim the
Civil Rights Lader , and if the Mayor carri s out his threat ancl qoes
fishing n the people of the City of Atlanta should be ashamed of a
"De ocratic Mayor" who refuses to support the party o
'l'he Mayor and the Civil Rights Leader are both showing to the people of
the Great State of Georgia jut how a "sore loser" acts when they can ' t
get th ir way.
It stands tor a on that Lester Maddox surprised the people as to his
"political statute" , and he very well could surprise the people nd
become one of the best governors the great state of Georgia aver haa.
All of the losers blamed Lester for carrying "ax handles and pistols"
to protect his property and r putation. All must remember that Lest r
stood alone, and lost. Let it be aleo re e bered that when the peopl
got b hind him, be won.
I wonder if the Mayor would have won in the a all riot in Atlanta if he
h d stood alone and if he had not h d the police force behind h1m1 would
he have attempt d to take the stand , as did tester Maddox, to protect
his property. The Mayor was under a duty to do aa he did, but Lester
Maddox did hia fighting ~s an individual, but for ll the p ople a
teeter Maddox, in my optnion, will fight violators of the law for the
people lone and not because he has enough protection around bim to insure hi• own safety.
In view of the above , I urge all Qf the people to llaten to the candidate
and vot on theiJr own choice , and not vot aa told by t.he pr
, radio n
aore loa r .
Above all. 90 out nd vote for th candidat of your choice. Plea e don't
follow the aore losers to th "Ole Fishing Hole
0 •
A fr e
�-----t------'-A~ -ii ~
__ _
~ ~ -._.. i' ~ \ ,I
~ o\ Y\ o
- - - - - 1 ~~ ~
~ t)
�September 30, 1966
Mr. I-van Allen
Mayor Of Atl a nta
Dea r Mr. Mayor:
According to God' s word he does the condemning and I
believe it would be wise if you would make a n a pology
to Mr. Maddox for sa ying on television tha t he is unfit
for Governor, becau s e when you a nd Mr. Maddox returns to
dust it would be ha rd to di s tinguish your dus t fro m
Mr. Maddox .
May we a ll think to Pray for one a nother instead of
condemning , a nd I believe our lives will be "Enriched".
s~nj _e..;c}YM ~ - . / -~~t £ ~
203 Houston La k e Blvd .
Centervil le , Geo r gi a 31093
�November 17 , 1966
Mr. J . E . Ingram
General Manager
Jasper Rubber Company
250 Ridgewood Road
Jasper , Georgia 30143
Dear Mr. Ingram :
I have enjoyed reading your kind letter of October 20th
in regards to my stand concerning Mr. Lester Maddox.
First, I hope you will exerc ise no concern over the Ivan
Allen Company employees or customers . Ivan Allen
Company has just finished its greatest year of growth and
continues to thrive under its present able lea.dership.
It is regrettable that you disagree
o strongly with Mr.
Maddox' s neighbors. Mr. Maddox lives in precienct 8~1,
which voted 1,926 for Calloway and 154 for Mr. Maddox.
Precienct 8-1 i part of the 8th Ward, which voted 15, 000
for Calloway and 1,. 400 for Maddox.
It appears that tho e who live next door to Mr. Maddox and
know him be t, voted the he viest against him, in one of
the la·. rge tall-white r a of the State .
I am enclosing a copy of the published returns from
Thanks again for your interest.
Sincer ly.
Ivan Allen. Jr.
bich I
�October 20 , 1966
Mayor Iv a n Allen
Atlanta, Georgia
Dear Mr. Allen:
Sometime ago , in regards to t he out come of the runoff between
Ellis Arnall and Lester Maddox , y ou had some very unkind and unwarrant ed
statement s to make.
Sinc e I am not a Republican it left me in aver; limited category .
can choose one of the following according to your statement .
1- I gnorant, 2 - Prejudice, 3 - A reactionary. Acco rding to- Webster
I do not believe I can fit into either c ateg or y.
If I measure my- self
wi th your '·~Half Bushel 11 I probably fit all threeo
If being for Law and Order, insis ting a man should be able to control
and use prop e rty which he has worked for, and pay taxe s on, if believing
in the Ame r ican system and Freedom, Re al Fre edom, puts me in one of the
c ateg or ies, then I am g lad to be called e i ther.
I s tmpl y cannot under st and why y ou , Mr. Johnson , and many more of your
kind cannot be satisfied wi th the progress and s ucc ess of the United
St ates. Ac cording to what I can find out, we are the g r ea test Nation
in Hist oryo The mos t free, the most honorable, the most compassi onate
not to mention the most successful. It is too b ad that the great men
in our past have been so dumb and self centered.
It is a shame that we did not have men like you and Mr. Johnson to draw
up our Constitution. I can just see it now.
I know that y ou and
Mr. Johnson are both grea t and compassionate that y ou are willing to share
everything you have with everyone else. This is the reason you are both
millionaires. If you had not have been so generous, understanding
and so willing to help others, y ou , no doubt, would be able to enjoy
working each day as I and many others are doing.
Yes 1"1r. Allen, I appreciate men like you who sit back and say nothing
when Julian Bond says no one should go to fight in Viet Nam and people
who do are murderers. He should have this right.
It is one of the
Freedoms but it is not right for Lester Maddox to protect his property
and the right to say who u ses tha t property. He should have let the
n e g ros use his property just like they used Leb 1 s.
Mr. Allen , the most important Christian trait to me is ncompassion 11
The Abilit y to put one 1 s self in the other man• s shoe s. 11 When you
ma de statements in the paper, did you put yours e lf in my shoes ? Can
you not be l ieve that Lester Maddox is an honest, sincere man j u st be c ause
he doe s n o t a g ree with you? Do you be l ieve in your convictions enoug h
to hurt y ourself as badly financially as he did just to stan d u p f or
what y ou think is ri ght? You and y our kin d have been accu sing p eople
lik e my- self of being i g norant, pre judice and full of hat e f or a long
t i me .
If y ou a r e reall y int e rested in rig ht and f inding out the tru t h
why don't y ou spend as much money and effor t to find out a s Lester Maddox
�- ---------
Mr. Allen
Have you ever supervised a negro worker? Have you worked side by
side with one? Have you been in school with one? Why don't y ou g et out
and really find out whose fault this mess i s?
No Mr. Allen , you don't want to find out. Due to much noise and half
trut hs put out b y people of your kind, the average Southern person
h a s been rediculed, cursed, abused and mistreated because the real tru th
was not known. Thanks to incre a sed Communication , working together and
personally knowing a few decent Southern people. The Northern people
are be g inn ing to find out the truth. This is only the beginning. I have
worked for Northern people for thirteen years. The South isn't changing
but the North is. They are beginning to realize the propaganda you
'·'Do Gooders 0 have been spraying these many years .
Wh en I read of the excuses you and your kind put up for the various
riots in d ifferent Cities I really becQme worried. I don't c urs e y ou
and s tart making a bunch of untrue sta t ements like you .
I try to understa n d and tell my-self it is because y ou have not lived a life similar
to these people. If poverty and hardship is justific a tion for these
rioys , the South would have be e n under Mi litary rule for the pa st 100
year s . Ev en during the depr es sion , crime did not a ppro a ch the he i ghts
it has rise n today . When S chool des eg re g ation c ame about you and yours
y elled, OBEY.
Its the law of the land. Did y ou r emind Ivlr . Llarmichael
of the l aw of the land? Did y ou remind Mrs. Arron o f the Law of the l and?
Or did y ou compromise? Do you think Lester Maddox would have compromised?
No Mr. Allen, I do not think you have the right to call any Maddox
supporter names of any kind.
I th ink y ou s hou ld take a g ood long look
at y ours elf and your beliefs.
Just a word i n part ing , I am sure y ou are well set whe ther the Ivan Allen
Company stays in business or n ot. You could think of the people who are
working in that Company to make a livelihood f or themselves and their
families when y ou start throwing ~ilful, hateful statemen ts. These
statements do not hurt y ou near as much as these loyal employees.
just hope all the Ivan Allen Customers are as unde rstanding about this
as we at J asper Rubber Co mpany .
Very truly yours,
l f _ ~--J~E. Ing t am
Gen. Mg ro
r 17, 1966
Mr. J . E . Ingr am
Ja per Rubber Com ny
250 Bidg wood Ro d
Ja per, Ge orgia 30143
Dear M r . Ingram :
I have enjoyed reading your kind letter of October ZOth
in regards to my tand concerning Mr. Le tel"
First, l hope you will sere i e no cone rn over th Iv
Allen Company employ
or cu tomer • Ivan
Com ny
just finish d its gre test ye r of gro th and
continue _ to thrive under it pre ent able J.. dersbip.
It i
r gr ttable that you dis gr e
o strongly itb r .
ddox li e in pr ci ct 8 - 1,
y and 154 for r .
ddox•• uei hbor • Mr.
bich voted 1, 926 for Callo
Pr ci net 8 - 1 ia
rt of t
8th W rd,
for Callo ay and l, 400 for
hicb voted 15, 000
ddox . d
t him, in one of
I am clo ing a copy of
pu i hed returns fro
quo d.
,....._ gain for your interest.
c r ly.
, Jr.
hie I
�-r~- ·- · ---· -... --~- -··- -·
08tober 20,1966
May or Ivan All e n
Atl anta , Ge orgi a
Dear Mr. Allen:
Some time a e; o, in regards to t h e outcome of the runoff between
Ellis Arnall and Lester Maddox , y ou had some very unkind and unwarrantec.
st a t ement s to make.
Sinc e I am not a Repub lic an it l eft me in a v ery l ir.1.i te d c a teg ory.
can ch oose one of th e following a ccordi n g to your stateme nt.
1- I g nor ant, 2 - Prejudice, 3 ~ A react ionar y. Acco r di ng to.Webs ter
I do n ot be lieve I can fit into e ither c ateg oryo If I measure my -s elf
Hith your 11 Ha lf Bushel 11 I prob ably fit all three o
If being for Law and Order, insi st ing a man should be ab l e to central
a n d u se p rop e rty which he has worke d f o r, and p ay taxe s on, if be lie ving
in t he Ame r i c n sys tem and Preed om, Real }'re edom, puts me in one of t he
c a t eg ories, then I am g lad to be c a ll ed e ither.
I s impl y c annot understand why you , Mro Johnson , and many more of your
kind c annot be satisfied with the p rogres s and s ucc e ss of th e United
States. According to what I can f ind out, we are the g r eat es t Nat ion
in History. The most f r ee, the most honorab le, the mos t compa s si onate
not to mention the mo st succ e s sful ., It is too b ad t h at the g re a t men
in our pa st have be en so dumb and sel f c ent ered.
It is a shame tha t we did n ot h ave men l i k e you and Mr. Johnson to draw
up our Constituti on. I can jus t s ee it now.
I know that you and
~ r. John s on a re both g reat and c ompass i onate that y ou are willin g to share
everything y ou have with ev eryone e ls e. Thi s is . t he re a son y ou are both
millionaires. If y ou had not h a v e been so ; e n erous, understanding
and so willing- t o help others , you, no dou bt, woul d be able t o enj oy
work ing each d ay a s I and many others are d oing .,
Yes 1'.1r. All en, I apprecia te men l ike y ou who sit back and say nothing
whe n Julian Bond s a ys n o one should g o to f i g ht in Viet Nam a.:1.d pe op le
who do are murderers. He should have this ri g ht.
It is one of the
F r eed oms b ut it is not ri e;ht for Lester Maddox t o p rote c t his property
and the right to say who uses th a t propF.:r ty .. He should have let the
ne g ros u se his pr oper t y just l ike t hey usec Leb 1 so
Mr. All en, t h e most impor t ant Christian trait to me is "Compassionu
"The Ab ilit y t o put one's self in t he other man's s h oe s. " Whe n you
ma de statements in the paper, did you put y ourself i n my shoes? Can
you n ot believe that Lester Maddox is an hones t , sincere man just because
he does not agree with you? Do you believe in your convict i ons enoug h
to hurt yourself as badly financially as he did just t o star.d u p for
what you think is rieht? You and y our kind have been accusin8 people
like my-self of being i g norant, prejudice and fu ll of h a te for a long
If you are really interested in right and finding out the truth
why don't you spend as much money and effort to find out as Le ster Maddox
�I '
tv1r . All e n
Have y ou ever supervisec. a ne ~ro wo rker? Hav e you worked side by
s i de with o ne '? Have you be en i n school with one? 1,,-Jhy don't y ou ge t
a n( res.lly f ind out whose fault t ni s mess i s ?
No Mr. Aller. , you don't want to f i n d out.
Due to much noise and h alf
trn th s p ut out by peopl e o f your kind , t h e a v er ar:; e Southern person
been r edi cul ed, cursed, abused and mistreat ed b ecause the real truth
~ns not k now~1. Thanl<S to i r..creasBd Communication, wo!'kine; to g ether and
pe rson a lly knowing a few de c ent S ou thern pe ople.
The Northern peopl e
a r e b egi nning to findout the truth . This is only the beginning. I have
work ed f'or Northern peopl e for thirtee n ye ars o
The South isn't chang ing
but the North is.
They a r e b e g inninz to realiz e the p rop &g anda y ou
11 Do Gooders u have been s p rayin g t he se many years o
\,{'nen I read of the excu se s you and you r k ind put t..p for the vario1J. s
riots i n c. i ~'fe r e nt Cities I r eall y be come worried.
I d on't curse y ou
and start making a b u nch o f untrue s t a t ement s like youo
I try to unde rstand and t el l my- self it is ~e cause you hav e not lj_ve d a lif e similar
t o t h ese people .
I f p ov erty and ~ a rd ship is justific a tion for the se
riots, th e South would h ave be e n un d er Military rul e f or the past 100
y e a rs.
Even during the depressi on , c ri me d id not appr o a ch t h e 1:'le i ght s
it ha s rise n to day . 1tJhen School deseg regation c ame a bout y oti and yours
yell ed , OBEY.
I t s the l aw of the land. Did y ou remind 1•.r . Garmi ch ae l
of the l a w of the l a nd? Di d you remi nd Mrs. Arron o f the Law o f t he land?
Or did y ou compromi se ? 0 o you think Lester Madd ox would have c ompr omi s ed?
No ~ r. Al len , I d o not think you have the ri ght to c a l l any Maddox
supporter na,nes of any kind.
I thin k you shou ld take Fl. g ood lon,s loo k
at y our se l f and your beliefs.
Just a word in parting, I am sure y ou are we ll set whether the Ivan Al l e n
Compan y stay.::, in business or n ot. You could think o f the p eople who are
worki rip; in that Comp any to make a liv eliho od f or themse lve s A.nd t..h.e ir
faGilies when y ou s t art t h rowi ng wi lful, ha teful statements . The se
statemen ts d o not hurt you n ear as much 8.S these loyal employees.
j 1.1St ho p e a ll the Iv a n All en customers are as unde r s tanding about this
a s we at J asper Rubber Company.
Very truly yours,

J{E. IngJam
Gen . Mgr.
Mr. Mayor,
Oct. 10, 1966
Enclosed are t wo bumper stickers which express the feeling I s of the 11 BROAD NI ND D PEOlJLE OF GEORGIA ". The future of
Georgia, and the Unit ed St ates of America lies in the hand 's
of this type government, government by -t he people, and for
the people for whom i t il/as established f or.
The ma jority has spoken. But the so called Leaders turn
their backs on the party's selection. They had r ather go
fishing than support t he peop-le 1 s choice for governor, or
for any one else running for a public office.
These ·stickers can be obta ined t his organization.
�801 Woodland Avenue
Rossville, Georgia 30741
October 12, 1966
The Honorable Ivan Allen, Jr.
Mayor of Atlanta
You would have done well to have remembered and heeded these words of
M. Henry, Wise anger is like the fire from the flint; there is a great ado to
bring it out; and when it does come, it is out again immediately."
As far as we are concerned you lost the dignity and respect of your
office and the above title, but were afraid that if we didn't use the proper letter
form that you might consider us one of those ignorant Georgians. And we're referring to your quote in an AP article appearing in the Chattanooga Times on Friday,
September 30, 1966 and we quote, "It is deplorable that the combined forces of
ignorance, prejudice, reactionism and the duplicity of many Republican voters have
thrust upon the State of Georgia Lester Maddox, a totally unqualified individual as
the Democratic nominee for gsivexnor.•'" We cannot permit our state's progress to be
stopped and reversed by yesterday's mistake." Unquote.
As taxpaying citizens of Georgia , although not of Atlanta, we strongly
resent your statement and implication. From the terms you used all of us could be
classed under one of them. We are not taking issue with the qualifications of Mr.
Maddox but we think that if you would stop and ponder for a moment you would realize
that voters weren't voting so much •for" Mr. Maddox as they were in voting "against"
existing conditions. Whether we voted for or against Mr. Maddox is unimpontant but
of great impoDtance is the fact that we are guaranteed the right to go to the polls
(at leas t at the present time) and vote for whom we please. We should be allowed
thi s right without criticism from anyone. And we will continue to exercise this
right until such time that it will be taken from us .
We would like to submit a question to you, "If the election had been reversed, would you have made the same statement or was it because your candidate
lost? After all, we would have been the same peoples going to the polls."
Charron once wrote, "Despair is like forward children, who, when you take
away one of their playthings, throw the rest into the fire for madness. It grows
angry with itself, turns its omi executioner, and re~enges its misfortunes on its
own head.11 You must have been in deepest despair or most angry to have made such a
statement, attributed to you, against the peoples of Georgia. We believe it did
accomplish one thing, it started many citizens to thinking, who before, had been in
complete apathy and indifference.
We should like to state in closing that we do not belong to either the
Democratic or Republican Party but have always had enough interest in our nation and
�The Honorable Ivan Allen, Jr.
October 12, 1966
- 2 -
the great State of Georgia to go to the polls and vote for the individual of our
choice and the one we considered to be the best qualified and who would represent
all peoples, not from a political standpoint but for their welfare and bettennent.
If you have read this letter through, thank you.
Yours very truly,
Mr. & Mrs. Thunnan B. Clarkson
�IJ c. i r: e s vi l e <"'.n.1

I 0 - 7 - ""
I1:-r I v 2 r:. rll l e n J r .
City H" ll a ·. _ t ;;.i G

De::1 r Sir:
th ous a nd
of the four hundre d .. nd forty1 white Geort;i &r:.s who vot ~ f or
Le ster M- ddox Ga S the lesse r of t V1 0 e vils, · ft er s eing th e wa y you a nd :,cur hench.'.nen hf.l ndled the Re bs r e ~tura nt me ss a nd . ou viol a ti!l.g your c a th in
showing speci ~l f a vor to the ne~ro ba ll pl a yer wif e fivin g h~r. our perso~s l c;1 poliey.
I am on
T e ool"cemen should ha ve nev er heen susp~na e ~ in th A first tlace ~i th out ~ h ea rine and it ~oe s withous s yine th a t if the negro wa s du e an a poligy the y Rhould not h a v e be en reinsta ted.
If I should be so uncomp imenta ry in m." rema rks a bout :vcu a s yo bav ~
been by ca lling ov er four h und re d th ous a nd fin ~ G~crgi a ns stupid, j_ :nor~ t
i.P1plyine w e we re di slO"'" 1 to th e st~ t e of Ge or.c_:ri 2. , I mi P"h t s a r th &t t you were · n a rrog~nt, egotistica l D3mn fool .
_y Iours
L , K , Sam I
L <


�A. F. TRAP?m.t
netch r Dri
Statesboro, Ga.
September 30,. 1966
The ~tor
The Atlanta Journal
PO Box
Atlanta, Georgia 30302
Dear Slr1
Stupid stat ents o
t:ran the mouths of stupid people.
, Arte• the recent. Ticto17 ot Mr. Lester dd~ oYer
• Ellle Arnall
70r of the wonderful cit;, of Atlanta dlsplaJe(l and Nl•sed sane
ot bis atupid1t7 1n h1 etat
t bout th thousand .. of IGNORANT people
ill GeoPgia.

Hie statement seated to ccme directq t.ran the ma11ths ot
King, Stoke~ Carmichael and Ellis Arnall• .
ot tho e l
rt1n Luth r
1 be 1n political omnpa:lgn 1a th tutun and thouaanda
T people w:Ul
th opportunit7 to vo tor or a
et .
Respeotful.q 70ur ,
• IYan All , Jr.
�Toombs County Democratic Executive Committee
39th Precinct :
F. A. CLIFTON, Route 3, Lyons, Ga.
R. T. ZORN, Route 3, Lyons, Ga.
43rd Precinct:
J. H. BURKE, Route 1, Uvalda, Ga.
Uvalda, Ga.
51 st Precinct:
G. H. GIBSON, Vidalia, Ga.
NAT CARTER, Vidalia, Ga.
1192nd Precinct:
J. V. LEWIS, Route 2, Lyons, Ga.
DURWARD MOSLEY, Route 2, Lyons, Ga.
1403rd Precinct:
W. B. HART, Route 4, Lyons, Ga.
A. S. NEWTON, Route 4, Lyons, Ga.
1521 st Precinct:
YELTON ALEXANDER, Route 5, Lyons, Ga.
T. F. FULLER, Route 5, Lyons, Ga.
1.,536th Precinct:
W. E. CLARK, Lyons, Ga.
T. ROSS SHARPE, Lyons, Ga.
1715th Precinct:
C. S. DAVIS, Route 3, Vidalia, Ga.
CANNIE ROCKETT, Route 3, Vidalia, Ga.
1770th Precinct:
C. H. FRANKLIN, Route 1, Lyons, Ga.
NEWTON THOMPSON, Route 1, Lyons, Ga.
1823rd Precinct:
W. D. GALBREATH, Route 2, Box 210,
Vidalia, Ga.
T. H. TIPPETT, Route 2, Vidalia, Ga.
T. ROSS SHARPE, Chairman, Lyons, Ga.
G. H. GIBSON, Secretary, Vidalia, Ga.
September 30, 1966
Mr. Ivan Allen
Mayor, Atlanta, Georgia
City Hall
Atlanta, Georgia
Dear Mayor Allen :
I have never in my life agreed with anything
t h at Martin Luth er King said , b ut h e was certainly eminently correct nigh t before last when he state d t h at
" Georg i a is a sick state " . He was aboslutely correct ab out
this, b ecause :
He is sick of t h e Ma y or of Atlanta and in s p ite o f
all he has done for the Negr os, and says so pub licly .
He is sick of Atl a nta news pap ers, for though t hey
hav e p rostrated t h emse lves f or t h e Ne g ros i n Atl a nt a ,
he wa n ts t hem to do more .
He i s sick o f Gove rnor Arnall , bec a use he t r i e d to
s tand i n t h e mi ddle o f t he road and it i s a well
known fa ct t hat i n South Georgi a t h e y v o t e d agai n st
Arnall .
The y a re s ick of t he pove rty p rogram b e c ause i t
hasn ' t given t hem a lot, hou se, f urn i ture a n d farm ,
to each and e v ery Negro family i n Georgia.
They a re s i c k o f Ly n do n John son and t he whole s heba ng
bec a use t h e y h ave give n them onl y a little more than
three billion dollars to sit around Harlam a n d t he
West and l oaf .
There was a g r eat deal of sympathy d u r i ng y o ur mos t r ecent r i o t
but unless I am badl y mi s t aken you t o ok an oat h t o s u pport the
Democrat i c Nominee , as you are an office holder under the Democratic Party. We are not supprised at the Congressman, because
he is absolutely beholden to the Negros o f Fulton county - for
electing him o
I knew you and your father many years ago, having lived in
Atlanta, and I always regarded him as a very high type honor able gentleman. If you go back on your oath to support t h e
De moc r a tic Nominee I would bet my right arm that Lester Maddo x
�Page Two.
will beat 11 Bo 11 Calloway by the largest majority of any campa ign
in Georgia.
Though these matters are simple, , I thought I would call them to
your attention that you may give careful consideration to them,
and Georgia will be waiting for your announcement as to whom you
are going to support.
Wishing you success, I am
T. Ross Sharpe, Chairm
Toombs County Democrat #:,
Executive Committee
cc :
Honorable Les ter Maddox
Honorable Ray Harris
State Editor, Atlanta constitution
�Augusta , Georgia.
Sept ember 30th, 1966. lwg
Mr. Ivan Allen.,
Mayor of Atlanta,
Atlanta, Geor gi a .
Dear M'r. Allen :
I h ave read with int er est your statement with refer ence
to the maj ority of the r egist ered voters of the St ate of Georgia. electing Mr . Maddox a s thier nominee of the d emocr atic party for the Gov enor
of Georgia .
For a man of your position I would s ay tha t you are the
one wh o is illiter at e and in addition
personal opinion
pur e l y i gnor ant
to put your
gainst th e ma jority of the pe opl e of Georgi a .
me say a lso., for a man in your position to make such a s t at ement to the
press., there seems to be quite some doubt a s to your qualifications for
the position to whi ch you were elected .
Apparently the people of Geor gia who elect thier off icials
to represent them have had jsut
bout enough of the
people like you who up-hold it.
You should be in Washington in bed with
great society
Lynd on .
Street ,
Augusta ., Georgi e
Cy to:
The Atlanta Journal.,
Atlanta, Georgia.
�September 30, 1966
Mr. Ivan Allen, Mayor
City of Atlanta
Atleijita, Georgia
Dear Mr. Mayor:
May I take this opportunity to express to you an opinion of your speech made
last night to the television audience of WSB-TV.
What small respect for you that I had became nil with the remarks ymi made to
the public that night. For your information, it was not the "stupid" people
of Georgia who voted for Lester Maddox and elected himthe democratic nominee
for Governor, as in essence you did imply that those who voted for Maddox were
stupid. In my opi~ion, and the opinion of many others, it is you, Mr. Mayor,
the Atlanta newspapers and the WSB-TV officials who are the more stupid of
the flock. Had you left well enough alone, and sat quietly in your padded
seats, the voting majority of this state would not have voted previously, and
would not :srote in the General Election for Maddox. It riles people (stupid or
otherwise) to be told by a public service organizat ion or a "public servant" what
to do, and that my dear mayor, is exactly why the old proverbial "worm turned".
There are many smart, intelligent and fine people in this state who voted for
Lester Maddox. It is not the same in Georgia as when Eugene Talmadge ran for
Governor and was elected by the old county unit.:-system.. People know what they
want, and they don 1 t want you or any other public official telling them they
are too stupid or ignorant to know what they want. You were elected as mayor
of the city of Atlanta by :aome of these same stupid voters. What s wrong1 Are
ymi perhaps a little jealous of the man you trampled in that election, as being
elected to a higher office? It could mean that in the very near
future you might have to call on the governor ~f Georgia for help in quieting
down a little skirmish such as the one we had in Atlanta not long ago. Wouldn 1 t
it be rue to come down off your soap box and take a long leek in that direction?
As a voter, (and perhaps one of the clan as labled "stupid'~ I would like to
say to you, aw the mayor of our fair city," I really believe that you have
11 mest in your nest" ..
Good luck to you in your future enaaavors.
Sincerely yours,
~. ;t>-U ~
From one who did not vote for Maddox,
but will the very next chance I geto
�Do uglas , Ga .
Sept. 3 0 1 96 6.
! r. J a ck Spal di ng , Editor
~ At l ant a J ournal,
At l ant a ; Ga .
Dea r Mr. Spal d i ng i
I n a nswer to Mayor Ivan
l en ,,a press con:ferenee hel d re•
centl y in your city,. :re v·o ul d like t o t a ke t hi s op]>Ort it-y
t o expr es s i n our unl e t tere d ignora n e e ., prej udice, rea oti.ona li sm ..i nd dupl icity tha t we voted f or r , Lest er gddox.
It is our consi dere1i Qpinion nea rly h lf mil l ion others WAre
a :t'fl i cite d wit h the s ame d sea se . I t s eems t o us the v otes
cast f or Mr. Arnall ha d to be t a ken b y the hand a nd shown
v1 here to ma r k .
The Hon . Mr. Allen al s o stAted in his press conf P.r nee that
Sen, Herman Talma dge and Sen. Rio r d Russel l ou.ld be sprea d
from Geneva , Swi tzerl anQ , · t o San Jun , Puerto Rioo, on the
Nov. 8th Gen r 1 El otion • . r. Allen stated he mi ght sprv a
his butto~k on a f ishing pond come that da t .
s to the Rev. artin Luth r Kin~ bei~ a shamed to be called
a Georgian , we think we have enough S - H trading stamps. t ha t
can be turn d ·into a ticket for him to be sent into a ny count ry
of his -ohoice , or he ca n t k up room a nd board ~-1th the Hon,
M yor Iva.n Allen of your ei ty .
Your pap er is idely re cl in South Georgia and held in high
est eem, but Ye do not lik to be dicta ted to a s to our cho ice
of p ublic offici ls to serve us ·nd du to the f a ct your p pAr
ond the Hon. r. Allen·• s gla sses a re tinted we doubt t his ~ 111
ction .
be conde1:1s d and published in yo ur l ttA ra to th Ed itor
to :
yor Ivan Allen
Atlant e , Ga .
futJP-1° ~. Ga. R 3 Box 44
31 53~
~~ .~ -
���HA~KINSVILLE GA. SEPT . 29 th 1966

r-rR . LESTER MWDOX ~ R. ALL.ZN i s ure wish i could tell you s ome thing . but i, m afraid i

cant. our country i s in ve r y bad shape . we o f GOD kno'f what is taking pl a ce . and who it
is clbmi ng throu gh . the BIBLE says we are not i gnorant t o t he DEVIL, S device s. a nd i
have ben tol d directly from GOD. AUG. 4t h 1956 . J AN . 17th 1961. APRI L. 12th 1961 . FEB .
1962 . just what is t aking pl a ce . and i am sure i di d not misunde rstand GOD . t hi s i s
the END OF TIME . t his GENERATIO N i s the GENERATION that will see i t all full f illed .
whether you belie ve i t or not. I am a very poor . disabl ed man. 60 years o f age. but GOD
s aved me JUL Y 6t h 1955. and call ed me t o publ ish the GOSPEL. NOV. 15th 1955 . AND I B GAN
writing . that da y.· i we nt to t he 4th grade i n a common school. but GOD gr a dua ted. and i
have loaned him my hand. he does the writing through my hand. GOD has given me many
r evelations concerning the END. JESUS ! coming. t he roll we the U .s . A. rlll play i n the
e nt time drama. and i a ssure you it would shock you. f or it is very bad. we are on the
loosing end. "GOD t old me to tell the PRESIDENT. i did. EISENHOWER. KENNEDY. JOHNSON.
PARTY HEADS. and many others. in all walks of life. all races. f or i know it is true.
and will come to pass without fail. and i have challenged L.B.J. to prove me wrong.
i challenge the world. GOD told me what the space program meant. who would pl ay wha t
roll. who would win. and who would loose. there is only t wo main players. RUSSIA and the
UNI TED STATES.(the DEVIL AND GOD.)the world will believe the DEVI L is GOD. he is work .
i ng t hrough the RUS SIAN COMMUNIST. not RED CHINESE COMMUNIST. RUSSIA will not f ail i n
anyt hing t he y a ttempt . fe will come out seco nd be st every time. he is u sing t he NEGRO.
espe cially the CIVI L RI GHTS . lea ders. the YOUTH. THE STUDENTS. AND TEEN AGERS . and they
will pre pare the way f or t he DEVIL t hrough RUSSI A t o defe at u s and take u s over .
we are pl a ying the r oll of a f ool. when such bl ind men as you (appear to be)have destr.
oyed our country. think not that you shall escape . he that leadeth into captivity shall
also go into captivi ty. as i tol d MARTIN LUTHER KING . we are very tired o f being sub ,
jected to the rule of MARTI N LUTHER KING ascUiis henchmen. he is not a man of GOD. GOD
does not make a mockery of anything . these men that the DEVIL is using have almost all
taken on names of former great men. to deceive us. i know who they are. JER. 51.11.
we are destined to suffer great humiliation . be pushed out of the markets of the \ORLD.
find ourselves in an ECONOMIC collapse. this f aulse e conomy will not stand up. long.
INFLATION ce rtainly is destroying us. an d we are too greedy to see it. please shake
yourself and wake up before its everlastingly too late. i have l e tters from most of these
great men i have written to . and my words are being fullfilled. and will be. for they
are GODS words. and GOD doe s ndl; lie . its a pity that our so called gr eat men that are
supposed to be smart are such ignorant men. they dont kno1 the first thing about what
is taking place . f or if they did it 1ould be alto gether a different s tory. they do
not know or un1erstand this IAR . and we cant even win a pocket sized war. what will we
do 1hen it becomes a ma jor war. ?we are corrupt. and rotten. worshiping the inflated
dollar instead of GOD . power hungry. but we will loose it all.because we refuse to
recognise GOD.this is our testing time. being weighed in the ballance. found wanting.
if you think 1 , m a faulse prophet i challenge you to file this letter. if you are con .
cerned. and GOD will let me 1 1 11 be very gl ad to tell you the details. but if you
think,me to be a faulse prophet . and are not concerned for the welfare of our countrye
GOD forbid that i tell you anything. just what i told L. B.J. when he rejected the word
of GOD. 1 know the very roll he is playing. and he cannot avoid it.he must play it.
now if you reject. or ignor this 1arning. my hands will be clean. for i have told you.
and GOD forbid i ever be afraid.or ashamed to tell it.for that is what GOD called me to
do. that is my ministry. i am a 11.cemsed minister.
�/V/F;J111c 1 ~ L J4
.. J . . . . - - - -
±-~t- r1
- -__ _J_t)o~ ~
- ~
- -----
-- /i9oJ. ~ -~
... -

P . 0 . B OX
9 12-82 4-47 35
Se p tember JO,
Ivan Al l en, Mayor
City Of Atlanta
Atlanta City Hall
Atlanta, Geor g ia
Dear Mr. Allen:
I think it is mighty litt l e in any
elected public official to make such a statement as
you did c a lling approximately 419,557 Georgia
citizens ignorant and duplicity for the nomination
of Lester Maddox for Governor.
Wh en it was a pp arent that Lester
Maddox had won he made a sta tement at his table t hat
"there are no cronies to favor, and no enemies to
punish 9 All Georgians are welcome at our table. 11 I
wonder, Ivan Allen, could you have made a statement
li k e this?
��September 30, 1966
Mayor Ivan Allen
City Hall
Atlanta, Georgia
Dear Mayor Allen:
Are the people of Georgia really so ignorant as they have
been accused? No:!! We are just now beginning to wake up
from a long sleep to find that something has been taken
away from us which we want and will regain - - FREEDOM.
Last week we, the people of Georgia, were urged to "go out
and vote for the candidate of your choice". WE DID!!!
I once read an article which went something like this:
"Don't tell the world your troubles. Half of the people
don't care to hear them and the other half are glad you
are finally getting what you deserve". Hasn't this saying
been appropriate since last Wednesday????
I am very anxious to see who will be our next Govenor - Mr. Lester Maddox the segregationist or Mr. Howard Callaway
the Republican. Either will be an excellent choice - - and
I am positive that neither of these men, being
the high type people they are, would ever be stupid enough
to call Georgians "ignorant" .
We look forward to our new leadership.
We wish everyone did.
An intelligent voter,
Mrs. Reba Cain

�Mr. J. D. Pumphrey
11 Pryor Street, S.W.
Atlanta, Georgia
Mayor Ivan Allen
68 Mitchell Street, S.Wo
Atlanta, Georgia
Dear Mayor:
I noted with interest, yesterday, the strong statement you made about the
recent election. I am sure you received ~uite a sting from the victory
of Lester Maddox, after all, how many votes could you get in a state-wide
election? And didn't you beat Lester Maddox for Mayor because you got a
block vote? Actually, in your ill considered and irresponsible statement
ye sterday, you we re hidi ng behind t he protection of thi s block vot e.
Why don 't you run for a state-wide office? Many of the voters including
myself would like t hi s . We would be delight ed to send you along the road
of Marvin Grif fi n and Ellis Arna ll. Maybe you could t a lk Congres sman
Weltner i n runni ng state wide too, as he seems t o enjoy making strong state ments whil e protected by a block vote and I am sure you know whi ch one I
refer t o.
Maybe Lester Maddox wi l l be our next Governor and t hen Atlant a will have
a Mayor and a Governor in Georgia of t he same caliber.
Your fri end, Mart,in Lut her King, says that he i s ashamed to be a Georgian.
Many Georgians are ashamed he is a Georgian too. Martin Lut her King stood
on the streets of Atlanta and openly advocated breaking the l aws. I did
not see any response you made to thi s, but Wfilat woul d you say i f Leste r
Maddox did the same .
There is one thing for sure, your statements yest erday, while made for your
local block vote, will go a l ong way to elect Maddox as governor . This is
unfortunate, but you are as much responsible for the state of affairs in
Georgia at the present time as any one I know.
If you want to be real honest, you coul d say that the vote in Wednesday's
election was a more conscionable vote than the vote that elected you Mayor.
�I-~ 2738 Canova Street, S.Wo
Atlanta, Georgia 30311
September 30, 1966
Honorable Ivan Allen, Jr.
Mayor, City of Atlanta
City Hall
Atlanta, Georgia
Dear Mayor Allen:
Your irresponsible and sarcastic remarks to the press,
radio, and television on Thursday, September 29, regarding
the recent election remind me of a childl
Whether or not you or I like the results of the election,
Lester Maddox was elected by the people of this state, not by
the press and immature public officials who pout when things
do not please them.
Sincerely yours,
- -....7-~.
Fred. A. Rheney
�September 30 , 1966
Dear Sir :
We were never as shocked in our lives as we
were when we read the cruel , childish , bigot remarks of
the Mayor of the "great" City of Atlanta in your statement about the election of Lester M ddox as Democratic
Nominee for Governor .
You know by now that you are among the minority who think the nomination of Lester Maddox for Governor i "deplor bleu , and as for the "seal of the great
St te of Georgi• being tarni bed , such was th cas~
when you were el cted Mayor of Atlanta . On that d t ,
the "seal of the City of Atlanta w
t rnished" upon
your becoming Mayor by the "colored" vot
th t elected
you . The White P opl of th State of Georgia h ve poken
and you r~fuse to list n . Your opinion is only on
again t million . You re denying all Georgians the choice
of electing who they want to head th St te. Th t , in our
opinion , i di
If you and Martin Luther King
re ash ed to be c lled Georgi n , 11 we can~ y to you
i thi , "Th r is no f n
around th St t of Georgia
and you are free to 1 v whenever you want to',
d we
are sure no one would b sen crying hen you go , xc pt
your n gro support r . M yb you cant k th
with you?
�We do not appreciate being called ignorant !
We make up our own minds , as do the majority of the
people , for whom we wi sh to vote . You have the same
right , but just because your "Golden Boy" didn ' t win ,
you act like a selfish child . We lost our votes when
we voted for Mayor , too , but we didn ' t act like selfi sh
ch i ldren about it , like you are doing now . Mr . Allen ,
if you plan to "go fishing" on November 8th and Lester
Maddox wins , which he has a very good chance of doing ,
you should keep your mouth shut and leave the choice up
to the voters . This is what you should have done this
time ! We all know there is nothing worse than a pol i tician who is lost , except a politi cian who sells his
soul for a vote . We realize you are in a vulnerable
position and that if you do not scream loud enough for
the colored voters to support you in a bloc type vote ,
then you know you re lost as a politician .
YES, MR . ALLENe we read your statement to
the press , and you have h d your .. say". Now , we , a
an independent group of people , not 0 backed 0 by any
organiz tion , f 1 we h ve the right to our opinions
and to our choice s to who we want for Gov rnor , AND
r d.
s. w.
, I ask you wha t good is forc ed i ntegration\bussing etc gofng to do. Many
negr oes dorr 1 t wan t i t . Just our overlords and the Commies. A slave race
' will be easier for a dicta tor to control i n y ears to come,- in the UN World .Governmen t etci!
Ar e we go~ng to sit quietly while dictators ensl ave us???
Or s hall we pass t h e LI ~E~TJ ¾~~D~:tiT*li,.~ *AJ ericans s h ould.Our only recours.e
3601 Merri ll Ave. , We s t Pal m Beach , Flori da:.
May or Al len ;i
Augusta , ~e orgia
Dear Mr. Mayor :
It may c ome a s n ews to you but there are millinns of Americans
who a re fe d up with this enfor ced i rutegra tion. Why should the U.S . be t h e only
naiti.on wher~ this burden is pushed onto t h e people ? As· ;wou we l l kn.ow the
Sou ther n whait e pe ople h ave helped the America n ne gro more in t h e las t 100
years tha n any other peopl e on t h is ea rth . This a ction of inte gra tiolf ha~
its well planned beginning i n England and the Communi s ts- h av e jumped ~n the
movemen t. Moreover the SllipremeCourt which r ul ed this to be ft h e law of t h e
land• took a huge step towa r d dictatorsh i p , meaning they had no r ight t o seize
the most pr e ci ous pos s essi on t h e pe opl e have i n t heir l ive s, theirj:)ff spri ng
as t ho t hes e childr en belonge Ei. to t he Sta te i n t he U. S . Se c·o ndly it wa s. a
mo s t unf r i endly ruling caicul a t ed to en cour age racia l intermar r i age when t h ese
chi l dren be come of marriagabl e age . Th:i:ttlly t h ei r deci s i on was- not made on
ap prove d s ci entif:i,.P:~is , but on a pol iti ca l ba s is . It wnll se t i n pr ocess
a n irr evers ible p-r#fl8J.#,s so tha t by i nheri t ance mi lli ons of U.S . Cit izens 50
-1 00 years f r om n ow wi ll find our s t andard of moral s, a bil i ty and behavior
definiteLy lowe r than i t is to day. This is not t o say t hat t he Whiie rac e
is perf ec t . Far f r om it . Bu t we have a far great er re cord of a chie~ement
than the Africans who never inven t ed even a wheel barrow or a calendar or
time piece in all t h ese hundr eds of t housands of y ea r ~ sinc e the caveman era.
Have they any writ ten lanqua ge ? I bel ieve not. And y ou ca n n:.ot blame environmE!'tJ
People or animals unf old like flowers a c c ording to what t hey inheritlargelye
And will you not agree that t his unpreced ent ed spendthrift Administration and determination to take over the State t s- and the peopl e 's ri ght ffi
which is quickly chan ging us i'nto a Socialis t State as well as our foreign
aid is changing the rest of the j,lorld into the same outmoded ideology of
Socialism, had a strong par t in the outcome of your election in Georgia 2
Frankly, the only way to stop this waste and absol ute Uilllee,cH~·ss~rily
squan dering the har d earned money of the American t ax payer, is to take it
away from Wash i ngton, - by passage of the LIBERTY AMENDMENT Re aulu t ion by
34 State Legisla tures (six legisl a tures have already pa ssed t hi ffi Resol~tion)
Thi s wou ld restore t h e effect of our Constitution an d would deny no e ssena
tial servi ces t o the people. Our Governmen t would be money in . They woul d
have l e s s national debt to pay irr~erest on each year. And the 700 governmoo t
bus i nes ses wh i ch are now tax fr e e and interest free woul d be sold to private
enterpr i se where they wou ld help greatly the loca lit i es wh ere t h ey ane by
paying tax es like all other businesses(except governmen t businesses).
s i nce money is power, t h i s power would be restored to the people wher e i t wou l d
be safer a nd f ar more appr e ciated by the p•ople who s we at t o earn it, an d
t he refore would make it go f urther in this wor l d an d do more good . Fore i gn
g overnmen t s ha ve come to believ e Uncl e Sam is go~ng to part ial l y suppor t them
for ever . Trley are jus t a s well a bl e to work as we are e And t h ey wi ll re s pec t
our for m of governmen t t remendous ly more if t h ey ar e wean e d of f fro m our conti n,
aid. Or do you want t o squeeze along wit h everyon e getting pooer and poorer
and depen dent on Wa shington, which is a di c t ator alr eady wher e t hey have for
ye a rs ende avored to make us de pe nden t on t hem f or a l l th e ben efi t ~ in this
life . Typical of all dictarotships ! Kennedy a nd J ohnson belie~~aitft~~bt ~0 bi 0 lffi'
Everyone is broke but t hos e who wo rk f or t he Fe dera l Government e tc. And
isn't it about t ime Americans stood up and wer e counted to stop this suon
complete t akeover? Tha t's wha t this vote waso. .,, A~ _w~ _, ~ e a ma_:;-~}th guts;.
Sincere ly your~ I <
'-->?.¥ ~
�Atlanta, Geor~ia
September 30, 1966
Mr. Allen, Mayor
CFty of Atlanta
Atlanta City Hal I
Atlanta, Georgia
My Dea r Sir:
Just a comment regarding the present political
confusion resulting from the selection of Mr. Maddox
as the Democratic Nominee for Gove rnor.
It is strange to me, that since this situation was
directly brought about bv the stupidity of the higher
echelon Democratic Party members, you should be so
upset at t he results.
I am unable to understand and was not able to comprehend
the support of Mr. Arnal I by yourself, the Atlanta news
papers, Mr. Mi I Is Lane and numerous other influential
DemocratQ when certainly there must have been someone
younger, more wel I known, and actually more capable to
support during this campaign. Atlanta and Georgia have
chanqed conslcerably In the past few years. It ls evident
to myself even though I have been a Georgian for only
the past si x years. Georgia is a v igorous, ambitiou s ,
young state with considerable influx of this same type
people into the state. Certainly they did not want to vote
for t his unknown to the relativel y new forces in the state .
Thev were look Ing for a young, vigorous, young man to
pla ce in the governors offi ce. Why, were you and the othe r
for ce s not able to offer them someth i ng better ••••••••
the n Lest e r would not have gained so much . I am lookin g
fo r wa rd to f ol lowinq t he campaign c los e ly, t rust ing tha t
Bo Call oway wi I I now step forward an d offer this state
exact l y wh a t you and other s shou ld ha ve help prov ide •••••
no t s it ba c k In yo ur stew and r av e a nd ran t .
Th e vote f o r Mr . Ma ddox· r e fle ct s t he fe e l ing of a great
part of t hi s co untry, in c ludi ng t he pre si dency e Peop le
are dis t urbed , mi s led , f o r ced i nto not onl y soc i a l , but
also business s i t ua tio ns t hey do n ' t wa nt a nd don't believe
to be truly Amer i c an . So, you and others t hroughout the
State and Cou ntr y can l ook f or more upsets i n the pol i t oca l
f i elds because t he peop le a re upset e Yo ur standing on the
top of a car to plead with a group of wi Id ones was not
couraoe • •• a i t was stup i dity . Th i s same thing is what is
bringing about the unrest, not the fact co l ored people
are being given the Ci v il Li berties they deserve • • • • it
Is just rid i culous leadership and the condescending 0 weak
kissing of elbows when actually they are break i ng lawsa
�Paoe Two.
I think It time a lot of us stood and took
stock in what is happening , in Georgia, in
the South and particularly in our ent ire
Mr. Dirksen would not support another Clvi I Rights
bll I this year. He is beginning to see the I ight.
Othe rs throughout the North are also ••••• why not
right here where it has been going on for years?
One thing ih cl osing , Mr. Mayor, you yourself shoulc
think ••••• for I do ubt, if you were up for re-election
tomorrow that you would win.

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