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Phone 582-5086

Rosert B. PAstay

507 Andrews Building

October 1%1966

Mayor Ivan Allen
Mayor of Atlanta
City Hall

Dear Mr. Allen; The recent nomination ef Hon Lester Maddox by
the Democrats of Georgia was the greates victory the State of Seorgia
had had in many a day. It means that this Great State of Seergia will
again be controlled by the great Conservative thinking that so leng has .
in the past made this State as well ag the 01d Democratic Party so creat.

I do not think fer one moment that Mr. Maddox will
have any trouble being elected. I hope that the good people of Georgia
will now cet solidly behind this man and win a great victory.

It was only a short few weeks ago we saw all over

America by way ef TV the horible riots in your City. We had only few days
prior to that seen the suspension of three officers because they tried
to direct traffic at a ball game.

The Liberals in this country have tried to take
away the fundemental rights that have always been American to hire and
fire and to associate with who one pleases regardless of whethers others
did not like it. The passage of the 1964 Civil Rights act required this
man who had spent much of his time and energy in the building up ef his
business to serve persons he did not desire to serve. It is disgusting
to me te see all this talk of integration which has and never will work.

My Father who practiced law here for 58 years was

raised in Laurens County,S.0. with Bishop Fuller Sr. who was a colored

Bidhep in Atlanta died few years age. He established churches frem Ohie

Phone 582-5086

Rosert B. Pastay

507 Andrews Building

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to Florida. He always when here in Spartanburg visted our

effice .He became a very wealthy man and prebably the wealthiest
there in the 1950's of all colored men. When sued in late 1950's
for a million dollars he called my Father and requested: we
represent him. He was high y respected by the white people

but at no time did he advocate the mixing of the races,

I was related to several of the Governors of the State
of Georgia and Glyn County Georgia is named for my family of
Glyns. Professor Lawson one of the founders of U. of Ceorgia
was related to us as was Gevernorsirwin and Towmes.

There are those in the Liberal camp whe cleim to be
moderates on the race issue by there is no such thing as a
moderate on the race issue you are either for the mixing of the
races or against it. I happen te be against the mixing as is
the case of most Southerners and it new appears mest everyone
after seeing what it brings. I went no part ef black power.

We see throughout the Seuth this year the defeat of
Senator Bass of Tenn.,Senator Russell of S.C.; the defeat of
Ellis Arnall of Georgia. Evrywhere we note the trend back te
the great Conservative principles,
I fer one am thankful that the Great people of your
State ef Georgia finally woke up te the Conservative ideals.

Mr. Maddex need net fear the people are for him.

vie MEG
Robert B, Paslay

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