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2643 Humphries Street
East Point, Georgia

October 4, 1966

Mayor Ivan Allen, Jr.
City Hall
Atlanta, Georgia

Mr. Mayor:

On Thursday evening, September 29, 1966, the Atlanta Journal printed
on page two an article attributed to you regarding the election of
Lester Maddox as the Democratic nominee for Governor.

As a private citizen and elected public official, you are entitled
to your opinion but I must take exception to both your attitude
and published statement.

On September 28, 1966, I exercised my constitutional right as a
citizen and voted in the run-off election. You have now intimated
that I am either ignorant, prejudiced, a reactionary or a Republican.
I am none of these, and I have taken your choice of words to be

a personal insult to my judgment and freedom to vote as I see fit.

It appears to me that a written apology is in order unless you can
substantiate your allegations with more than an opinion.

I anxiously await your reply.
Sincerely, 3

Malle, Willie

Walla McDaniel

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