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Mayor Ivan Allen

City Hall

Atlanta, Ga.

Mr, Allen,

I am writing in protest to a statement that you made on T.V.
efter the election runoff. You stated that anyone who voted
for Lester Maddox was an idiot or very ignorant. I voted for
him and I am not ashamed of it. I feel that I was very wise
in doing so and all who voted for him used good sense, The
people of Georgia had a choice and they made it. Who are you
to stand up and call people ignorant? I've always been told
that it takes an idiot to know one. I think you madé an idiot

out of yourself by proclaiming this statement,

What kind of Georgian are you to get mad at people for the

way they voted? Have you forgotten that this is America?

Maddox will stand up for what he believes in and what the
freedom loving people believe in. He will not let ius down

as you and all the others who have run for different offices,
Everyone makes all kind of promises before they get in but
after they are eleeted they do not live up to them; We do

not feel that Maddox will break his promises that is why

the majority of us voted for him,

I believe that Maddox will get a lot more votes in the General
Election now that you said what you did, and what the papers

are saying,

You also said that you were going fishing on election day.
This goes to show Atlanta and all of Georgia what kind of
Democrat you are. What about the pledge? Maybe you will
do like Charles Weltner. I suppose a lot of people would
be happy if you would. I don't know what you are afraid

of, but it is about time that Georgia got a Governor that

would back the people.

I am thankful that I don't live in the city of Atlanta, but

I am also thankful that I am a Georgian.

You offered a $10,000.00 reward for information leading to
the arrest of the one guilty of shooting the Negro, but how
much did you offer toward the arrest of the onesguilty of
hurting your policemen, It looks to me like you show more
love for the rioters than you do for your police foree, If
you had used the money you offered for reward to give the
firemen a raise Atlanta would be better off. Looks like you
would take Kings advice and put them baek to work, since

you've taken his advice before.

I think people like you who are against Maddox should give
him a chance, then talk about him. Who knows, he might

make one of the best Governors we have ever had,

His mind might change about a lot of things, he might pass
& lew where your kind of people (Negroes) can move in with


I believe the people of Georgia are tired of people like you,
Sanders, L,B.J., and the Communist. They want some real full
blooded Amerieans who will represent the freedom loving people,

someone who is not afraid to stand up and fight for everyones

rights, and not try to push things that are unjust down their


I am a Democrat and will continue to be one as long as we
have people like Maddox running for offices, but should a
time come when there is no fit subject running for the

Democratie party then I would vote Republican if that per-

eon running could match up with Maddox.

The American Soldier is fighting in Viet Nam against Ccmm-
unisim and yet there isa lot of it here in America, The
Communist are setting baek laughing at us beeause of people

like you.


Someone from Maddox Country.

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