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Atlanta--Monday=-=- 7 P.M.-=-October h, 1966
May Or All-in, Ivan The Greats:
Please announce to the press that you will be the coordinator for
LeRoy Johnson in his campaign to run for Congress,
Samp Hppkins is our choice for public relations man or the writer
to prepare handouts,
You helped us smash Ellis Arnall when the Atlanta papers said you
were pbesent in Newnan for the barbecue,
Thousands of people of Georgia are laughing; at you besides ‘the
vote getter Hon, Lester Maddox, a Christian “entleman,
Lester came up the hard way and had to work when a young man to
help feed the family. He's a good business man,
Your were brought up in the lap of luxury, Never have you been hun~
ery except for powere-political and financial power,
Arnal said bhe shore was dimly seen

Before the primary date the score was ###thEY seen

May Or All-in, YOU, Ralph, Gene, Goldsten, Dick, Martin Luther,
LeRoy, Sylvam Myer at Gainesville, enabled us to defeat the

Newnan Bragger,.

Don't welt because Charles saw the score in advance,

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