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Sept- 30-1966

Mr.iIvan Allen, Jr.
City Hall
Atlanta, Ga.

My Dear Sir;

Prior to your stateement about the Democratic
nominee I would have addressed you as Honorable Mayor, but
the statement that you made has reduced your statue in the
eyes of many. Your statement was so similar to the one made
by Dr. Martin Luther King, and came after his statement I
wonder if he did not direct your statement,

Mr. Allen, I cannot see how you can call approximately
490,000 voters in Georgia ignorant, and not responsible
for their actions. I am afraid that your statement has
done a lot of damage to the business people of Atlanta,
as the remainder of Georgia looks to Atlanta as an ideal
shopping center, and no one likes to be told they are
ignorant, and irresponsible.

Could it be that you are still hurt over the irresponsible
Democratic Nominee securing more white votes than you did

in The Mayors election??,

The fish will be biting good in November, and you will be
making another mistake if you do not go fishing while the
irresponsible people of Georgia go to the POLLS. If the
fish keep their mouths closed, as you should have done
you will have to go by the fish market before you return

Truly Yours.

D.H.Blanchard Ofiard __

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