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Ootnber2, 1966
Mr, IeAllen
Mayor of Atlanta.
Atlanta, Ga.
Dear Mr, Allen.
If Ynu Imew how ri@iculous You sounded, when You spoke of
Honourable Mr. Maddax, You would mt have done same.
Many or us feel, that You not only owe an apology to Mr.
Maddox, but also to many that prefered him, to any other candidate.
While nobody is trying to take awaylosae cee fne. e a
Maddox and many of us think, that white people have somg rights also,
which he will try te preserve for us.
Am enclosing two of Mr. Maddox's auto stickers, one for
Your car, and one for Your FRONT DOOR, use theme
A fine democrat You turned out to Be
“The a pity, that Your friends, where not able to stomp

You properly, the other day at the stadium.

Cappy to Mr. Maddox CKkSccssrricentn,
Estes Road, Rt2.

College Park. Ga.

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