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Box 19, Folder 11, Document 28

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Mre I.Allen
~ ynr nf Atlanta.
Atlanta, Ga .
Dear Mr. Allen.
If Ynu knew how ri iculnus Ynu snunded, when Ynu spnke l"l f
,r .
Maddnx, Ynu
ould nnt have dnne same.
Miny or us feel, that You n~t only owe an apology t o .Mre
~ddoX, but also tn many that prefered him 9 to any other oandidate.
1hile nobody is trying to t ake away V r r ~-::---~
ddox and many of us think, that white people have soilli rights a lsn,
hich he will try t o preserve for us .
Am enolos1Dg to nf
ddnx 's autn stickers, one f or
Your car, and one for Your FRONT DOOR, use them.
A fine demncrat You turned nut t o Be
Its a pi t y, that Y~ur f ri ends, where not able to stnmp
You prnperly, the nther day at the stadium.
Cnppy t n

EStes Roa, Rt2.,
College Park. Ga.

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