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1830 Peochtres Road Ne Wes
Atlanta, seOrg) as 30309,
October 2, 1966.

Honorable’Ivan Allen Jr.,
City Hall
Atlanta, Georgia.

Dear Mayor Allen:

If I could have my choice Mr. Maddox would not be Georgiats-next Governors
but thanks to you and Ellis Arnall, I am almost certain that he will be
occupying the new mansion next year. Mr. Arnallts strike below the belt
gave him many thousands of votes which no doubt was responsible for his
large victory in the run off, and followed by a similar blow on your part
is sufficient to place him in the Governor's chair.

If I understood you correctly, you also saw fit to classify all of the
people who voted for Mr. Maddox as extremist, biased and ignorant. It

has in the past seemed to be very proper for a block of ignorant and

biased people to vote for you. If I would hazard a guess you would have
never been Mayor of Atlanta had it not been for the negro block vote, which
certainly can be classed as biased if not ignorant. ey may have had a
perfect right to vote as they did, but this same right, without criticism,
should be granted to other people.

There seems to be a great deal of criticism also about some republicans
voting for Mr, Maddox, Granting this to be true, if the situation had
been reversed, snd these republicans had voted for Mr. Arnall would there
have been much criticism by his followers-- I doubt it.

I hear a great deal these days about extremism. Just what is an extremist?
An extremist seems to be a person that has viewsof his own and opposite to
the person who yells exbremist. If I remember correctly, Christ had no
patience with a luke warm person or you might say a middlo of the roader.

I am just an individual with no ax to grind-- just sitting on the side

lines and trying to take in what transpires daily, and the above in a
degree expresses my reaction,

Very sincerely,

hte aniele ak

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