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Box 19, Folder 11, Document 35

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September 30, 1966
His Honor The Mayor
Ivan Allen, Jr. ,
City Hall
Atlanta, Georgia
De a r Sir:
Your tyrannous reaction and statement to the press,
radio and TV on Lester Maddox's sur prising victory
in the Democratic Pri mary Run-Off on Thursday was
malicious and very unbecoming for a high public official
to make.
It is indeed unfort unate you cannot and did not accept
the "will of the people" as graciously as did our
Governor, Mr. Sanders and other high Democratic officials.
Thank God for the ballot box, we Georgians can still
make our preferenc e k nown, and I fo r one, don't conside r
myself stu p id or ignorant. I voted for Mr. Maddox · a nd
am proud of it and sh a ll do so a ga in come Nove mber .
Ann R . Br oo ks
1 503 Nor t h Deca tur Roa d
At lan t a 7, Ge or gi a

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