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Honorab le ~ ay or Ivan Allen
Mayor , City of Atl a nta
Atl an t i:, , Geo r g i a
Dear Mr . Mayor :
I vi ewed with i smay your cornn1Pnt s on C:i3S
Whi te Bae ~l ash , 1 TuesdBy ~ef, t € 27 , 1966 .
re 1-ort:::
Bls ck
ower -
Your remark th a t Georgi a W€nt i epublican in 1964 "entir€'ly"
bec au~e of tbe whit e back l sh was a most unf crtuno t e , un-c · llcd f o r,
i r res ponsible statement of t hs rankest sor t.
s~ch a sta t ement does gre Gt injustice to tbe hepub lic G.n 1- ar ty
of Georcia in gener~ l 2nd th e peo~ l e of Geo~gi a in particul ar .
You ~ i nfer en ce seems to be only th ose votes with rLcia l overtones
were cast for BpPry Goldwater . Th i ~ it wha t ~11 doctin~ire liber a l s
woul d li ke to think . I pe r8on~ lly fe e l you owe the peo~ l e of Georgi a
an apology for you".' i rn:inu ·- tion that th ey a_e not c.iiscernin[ voter s .
I sugr est to you Geor1:, i o. went Frn1,, ublican in 1964 "~ntirc ly 11 i n
repudi .., tion of Lyndon B2ines Johrn::on ur~d Hubert Boru.ti c Lumphrey and
their t>c ~ tic , we lf are , [ iv away .:; Cherne~ of the 11 Gre ot Society . "
I tru s t you rea lize the · e1,uolic " nism borne i n 196~ b2s &l :::c
spawned hundreds of Rep ub lic 9 n c ~ndidt: te E th r·out..hou t Geori:,ie includ~n[
the le ed in[ gubernatc~ i o l c a ndid a te.
The full imiort oft.~ 1964
birth of Rei-ub lic r: ni sr:i u ill be f e lt C' V. 8 , 1966 '1 t the 1,olls .
you there .
.., i nc erely,
,,alt Davis
1 . $.
In vie·,1 of rece n t Der,1o c.: rc:i tic nomini ticn, suu_e~ t you
vote e ub lic ·-n 1 v. 8.

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