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September 30, 1966

Dear Mr. Editor:

Is Lester Maddox so strong and powerful in his beliefs that he frightens
the Mayor of Atlanta and the great "Civil Rights" Leader into making
statements that make “dolts" of themselves?

The Mayor says the Great Seal of the State of Georgia has been tarnished.
The Civil Rights Leader says he is ashamed to be a Georgian.

I think that the great State of Georgia is ashamed to have to claim the
Civil Rights Leader, and if the Mayor carries out his threat and goes
“fishing”, the people of the City of Atlanta should be ashamed of a
"Democratic Mayor” who refuses to support the party.

The Mayor and the Civil Rights Leader are both showing to the people of
the Great State of Georgia just how a “sore loser" acts when they can't

get their way.

It stands to reason that Lester Maddox surprised the people as to his
“political statute", and he very well could surprise the people and
become one of the best governors the great State of Georgia ever had.

All of the losers blamed Lester for carrying “ax handles and pistois"
to protect his property and reputation. All must remember that Lester
stood alone, and lost. Let it be also remembered that when the people
got behind him, he won.

I wonder if the Mayor would have won in the small riots in Atlanta if he
had stood alone and if he had not had the police force behind him; would
he have attempted to take the stand, as did Lester Maddox, to protect
his property. The Mayor was under a duty to do as he did, but Lester
Maddox did his fighting as an individual, but for all the people.

Lester Maddox, in my opinion, will fight violators of the law for the
people alone and not because he has enough protection around him to in
sure his own safety.

In view of the above, I urge all of the people to listen to the candidates —
and vote on their own choice, and not vote as told by the press, radio and
sore losers.

Above all, go out and vote for the candidate of your choice. Please don't
follow the sore losers to the "Ole Fishing Hole".

A free voter,

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