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October 20,1966

Mayor Ivan Allen
Atlanta, Georgia

Dear Mr. Allen:

Sometime ago, in regards to the outcome of the runoff between
Ellis Arnall and Lester Maddox, you had some very unkind and unwarranted

Statements to make.

Since I am not a Republican it left me in a very limited category. I
can choose one of the following according to your statement.
1l- Ignorant, 2 = Prejudice, 3 = A reactionary. According to Webster

I do not believe I can fit into either category. If I measure my-self
with your "Half Bushel" I probably fit all three.

If being for Law and Order, insisting a man should be able to control
and use property which he has worked for, and pay taxes on, if believing
in the American system and Freedom, Real Freedom, puts me in one of the
categories, then I am glad to be called either.

I simply cannot understand why you, Mr. Johnson, and many more of your
kind cannot be satisfied with the progress and success of the United
States. According to what I can find out, we are the greatest Nation
in History. The most free, the most honorable, the most compassionate
not to mention the most successful. It is too bad that the great men
in our past have been so dumb and self centered,

It is a shame that we did not have men like you and Mr. Johnson to draw
up our Constitution. I can just see it now. J know that you and

Mr. Johnson are both great and compassionate that you are willing to share
everything you have with everyone else. This is the reason you are both
millionaires, If you had not have been so senerous, understanding

and so willing to help others, you, no doubt, would be able to enjoy
working each day as I and many others are doing.

Yes “pr, Allen, I appreciate men like you who sit back and say nothing
when Julian Bond says no one should go to fight in Viet Nam and people
who do are murderers. He should have this right. It is one of the
Freedoms but it is not right for Lester Maddox to protect his property
and the right to say who uses that property. He should have let the
negros use his property just like they used Leb's.

Mr. Allen, the most important Christian trait to me is "Compassion"

"The Ability to put one's self in the other man's shoes." When you

made statements in the paper, did you put yourself in my shoes? Can

you not believe that Lester Maddox is an honest, sincere man just because
he does not agree with you? Do you believe in your convictions enough

to hurt yourself as badly financially as he did just to stand up for

what you think is right? You and your kind have been accusing people
like my-self of being ignorant, prejudice and full of hate for a long
time. If you are really interested in right and finding out the truth
why don't you spend as much money and effort to find out as Lester Maddox


Mr, Allen

ou ever supervisec a negro worker? Have you worked side by

Have you

side with one? Have you been in school with one? Why don't you get out
and really find out whose fault this mess i8?

No Mr. Allen, you don't want to find out. Due to much noise and half
truths put out by psople of your kind, the average Southern person

has been rediculed, cursed, abused and mistreated because the real truth

— +
= +

as not know: Thanks to increased Communication, Working together and
personally imow ing a few decent Southern people. The Northern people
are beginning to Pind out the truth. This is only the beginning. I have
worked for Northern people for thirteen ReORS s The South isn't changing
but the North is. They are beginning to realize the propaganda you

"Do Gooders" have been spraying these many years.


When I read of the excuses you and your kind put up for the various

riots in cifferent Cities I really became worried. I don't curse you

and start making a bunch of untrue statements like you. I try to under-
stand and tell my-self it is because you have not lived a life similar

to these people. If poverty and hardship is justification Tor these
riots, the South would have been under Military rule for tne past 100
years. Hven during the depression, crime did not approach the heights

it has risen today. When School desegregation came about you and yours
yelled, OBEY. Its the law of the land. Did you remind Mr. vVarmichael

or the law of the land? Did you remind Mrs. Arron of the Law of the land?
Or did you compromise? Yo you think Lester Maddox would have compromised?

No Mr. Alien, I do not think you have the right to call any Maddox
supporter names of any kind. I think you shovld take a good long look
at yourself and your beliefs.

Just a word in parting, I am sure you are well set whether the Ivan Allen
Company stays in business or not. You could think of the people who are
working in that Company to make a livelihood for themselves and their
farniiliesS when you start throwing wilful, hateful statements. These
statements do not hurt you near as much as these loyal employees. I

just hope all the Ivan Allen Customers are as understanding about this

as we at Jasper Rubber Company.

Very truly yours,
i c : Re “| fel

J4E. Ingram

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