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September 30, 1966

Mr. Ivan Allen, Mayor
City of Atlanta
Atlanta, Georgia

Dear Mr. Mayor:

May I take this opportunity to express to you an opinion of your speech made
last night to the television audience of WSB-TV,

What small respect for you that I had became nil with the remarks you made to
the public that night. For your information, it was not the "stupid" people
of Georgia who voted for Lester Maddox and elected him the democratic nominee
for Governor, as in essence you did imply that those who voted for Maddox were
stupid. In my opinion, and the opinion of many others, it is you, Mr. Mayor,
the Atlanta newspapers and the WSB-TV officials who are the more stupid of

the flock. Had you left well enough alone, and sat quietly in your padded
seats, the voting majority of this state would not have voted previously, and
would not wote in the General Election for Maddox. It riles people (stupid or
otherwise) to be told by a public service organization or a "public servant" what
to do, and that my dear mayor, is exactly why the old proverbial "worm turned".

There are many smart, intelligant and fine people in this state who voted for
Lester Maddox. It is not the same in Georgia as when Eugene Talmadge ran for
Governor and was elected by the old county unit: systém. People know what they
want, and they don't want you or any other public official telling them they
are too stupid or ignorant to know what they want. You were elected as mayor

of the city of Atlanta by somé of these same stupid voters. What's wrong? Are
you perhaps a little jealous of the man you trampled in that election, as being
elected to a higher office? It could possibly mean that in the very near
future you might have to call on the governor Of Georgia for help in quieting
down a little skirmish such as the one we had in Atlanta not long ago. Wouldn't
it be wise to come down off your soap box and take a long lo#k in that direction?

As a voter, (and perhaps one of the clan as labled "stupid) I would like to
say to you, aw the mayor of our fair city, " I really believe that you have
"mest in your nest", Good luck to you in your future endeavors.

moo Sinc@rely YOurS 4

From one who did not vote for Maddox,
but will the very next chance I get.

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